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Avinalora was smaller for once. She picked her way through the snow, finding the traveled paths in her painfully tiny Lupus form. She used to prefer this form but it was a pain in the ass when she was so fucking tiny. At least her Secui form was taller and she didn't look like a puppy. But, she needed to use this form more often. Her diminutive form was dressed in one of the things her sister had made. It was fur-lined and went around her body and went around her body but had holes for her legs and head. It was connected at her chest and belly, designed so if she had to shift, it would fall off as her body expanded. She didn't - or hoped - she wouldn't have to shift since the tiny form wasn't able to carry much at all except her cloak she wore in her Secui form so she'd be fucked if she tried to shift into Optime. Also her cloak wouldn't be the easiest to put on and she'd had a couple of minutes where she was freezing her ass off. The vixen moved through the snow on a traveled path.

Flying above the fox-tailed female were three birds, three dark-colored shapes. At the front was a normal sized dark bird with black eyes. The woman's trusted corvid was always leading the new ones and she was proud of him for doing that. On his right wing was a black crow, a female with amethyst eyes. Druzy was slowly becoming a loudmouth and a spunky female. While Moon was more of a brave and prideful female, the dark crow was more of a loud and happy one. On the corvid's left wing was a huge black raven with dark amber eyes. Jet was the quiet brooding one of the flock. The winter wraith's crew of scouts were a team of misfits.

The ghostly jackal was trying to get her newest recruits acquainted with all of the lands around Anathema, especially the lands sepparating the mountain pack from other packs or hubs of activity. This was the land between Anathema and the coyote clan Inferni. Who knew that could come from the lands there? She hoped that she wouldn't have to think that Inferni would want to attack her pack but she had to be vigilant, tragedy had hit her hard, it had changed her family. And with all the pups that had been born in the pack, the grey-scaled Bathin couldn't - wouldn't - lose another. Never again.

The silver jackal still felt the damned presence of something. She was seeing a silvery-blue and grey thing out of the corner of her eye every so often. And she kept feeling something, though not seeing something when she was outside of pack lands. She wasn't the biggest fan of this new presence. She was calling it "Ghost", though there was something nagging at the pit of her belly about the identity of the ghost though she was going to ignore it, deny it. The ice queen wouldn't confront it at all.

The moon-washed mother cursed every single piece of snow and ice she tripped on or had to try and get through. She would turn back since she was sick of this. The birds had flown ahead of her to scout ahead and then the woman was about to call them back when she heard the violet-eyed crow's call of a person approaching. The monochrome fox looked around, seeing that she had entered a small clear patch of ground. It had the advantage of not being an area she would get attacked easily

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Arsinoe was out searching for her brother. He hadn't been coming around since Inferni had moved into the lands of their home. She didn't know where her brother happened to be hiding out now. She hoped that he hadn't gone too far away. And with the snow on the ground it proved more difficult to pick up a scent trail. Every time she stuck her nose down in the snow her nose just got wet and cold.

Smoky had been left behind in Inferni since he didn't leave his tree behind, no matter how much she begged and pleaded for him to come along. Instead she had to leave him behind with the assurance that she would return soon. She planned on trying to get back before it got too dark. She didn't want to leave him alone in the dark, not when he had night terrors sometimes. She didn't want him to be afraid at a time that she couldn't be there to comfort him.

She also didn't want Arkin to be alone either. She would have to somehow convince her brother to comeback with her and join Inferni. She didn't know what she could do or say to make thins happen but she simply had to try.

The sound of a bird calling overhead had Arsinoe glancing up. Dark figures drifted across the sky. They traveled in formation rather than fanned out. These birds weren't acting like birds do. The stranger sight had her stopping and staring and so she didn't notice the pale figure just a short distance in front of her. It also didn't help that the female practically blended in with the snow that coated everything about them.

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