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Word Count: 400+

A silvery wolf could be seen walking around primeval memories, his whitish fur lightly decorated with earthly undertones almost camouflaged with the color of the snow. Two pairs of black wings soared and followed him closely, waiting to receive a command from their master. Light blue eyes scanned the area. There wasn't much to be seen, not much prey roamed the area, and after the destruction that had happened years before his arrival at 'Souls, and even before his birth, there weren't many reliques laying around but bones buried deep in the earth. The place carried the madeleine of an aggressive encounter he had had months ago in the same territory.

This time, the Anatheman had taken precautions. First and foremost, he would avoid digging holes in what could be the grave of a long-gone coyote killed during a fire. He couldn't risk having another murderous coyote after him, his last encounter had almost killed him. He would also have to be careful with what he was going to steal. Although so far, after all his months of thieving, he had gotten away with his crimes, he also couldn't risk having a murderous canine angry at him for stealing something valuable. He would instead ask his feathered companions to do the job for him.

He has spent the last months teaching his two birds, a raven and a crow, simple commands to help him with his errands, that of course with a reward. They helped him with everything and anything ranging from scouting to stealing. Over time they had become quicker, stealthier, and more intelligent, always motivated by the rewards their master gave them. Auspicium's plan would be to test their skills in a territory like the Eastern Realms, especially now that winter had taken over. He knew it would be difficult for his birds to catch or steal anything in the seemingly desolated territory, but he trusted his companions' wit and skills.

After having spent a good amount of miles walking, the silver secui stopped abruptly and gazed around the wintery land. His two corvids soon landed beside him, readily waiting for the wolf's command. His eyes scanned every bit of the territory, but there wasn't much to look at, just the lands turned white by the snow. He then raised his voice and spoke his command in low-speech, loud enough for the pair of corvids to hear, and they immediately flew away into different directions. After watching them fly away, Auspicium decided to explore the area by himself.

Let's sink into these dreams soon as we leave this place
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