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It's afternoon in the Cobequid Foothills, and the windchill is almost unbearable. Your character has found an old broken bridge.

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"Achim, stay here."

The woods they had passed through had been scorched, fog swirling around their grayed trunks. Evidence of regrowth was scarce, winter having claimed what might have been beginning to claim the land.

They had mounted a hill, following the sounds of a brook running in the distance. It was not a brook she had come across, though, rather a dilapidated bridge stretching across a shallow ravine. Tamara peered over the edge at water gleaming in what pale light slipped through a canopy of fog. She stumbled backwards, afraid of falling off the edge.

A hand ran over the metal and splintered wood of the bridge, claimed by fire and the passage of time. Once, it could have held her and the stallion's weight, but not now.

She turned, hand falling from the remnants of one edge of the bridge. A gust of wind made it creak, and she flinched. "Looks like we are turning back," she said, placing a hand on the horse's neck. They had been traveling for weeks and scouring this place for a mere few days. Achim was growing tired, in need of a well-deserved rest, but Tamara had not finished her scouting and he was hardy and strong -- a few more days of travel would not harm him.

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She had followed the ghost of a rumor all the way to a bleak and cold coastline. Tiamat thought she might have felt something by looking at the old haunting grounds of a clan of pirates - ancestors, in a fashion - but she had felt nothing. Lotan had been right. She wasn't going to find the feeling she was looking for in a bunch of rocks and sand.

He would have loved to hear her admit that, and the thought warmed her on the journey back through the old burned city and into the woods. Days passed until the idea of her fruitless sojourn no longer humored her, and the weariness had just about set into her cold and sodden skin when she came to the small ravine. She thought she would need to backtrack the entire way, until luck would have it that she noticed a concrete stairwell partially hidden by mud and moss. With great care, she managed to lead her gelding up the steps.

Since she was already dismounted, she used the chance to brush off some of the mud that had dried on the horse's body. A voice drifted to her as she worked, disembodied and forlorn. Tiamat turned and spied a rider further along the path.

You aren't far from the crossing, she called to the stranger.

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She ran her hands along the horse's neck, moving to mount him again. The stranger's call to her made her stop and turn, sanguine eyes searching the path before finding the wolfdog, small against the wintry backdrop. She took Achim's lead in her hand and led him a few steps closer, if only to get a better view of the woman and her horse.

"Thank you." Tamara turned to look back towards the crumbling bridge she had found, and then to the other side of the shallow ravine, wondering if she still wanted to cross it. She did not know what was on the other side -- perhaps only more of the forest scarred by flames, a place claimed by death with no promise of anything of use to her.

The unfamiliarity of everything here made her wary, cautious of any strangers that she came across. This one, however -- Tamara had let her guard down for a moment, a realization she was swift to come to as soon as she tore her eyes from the burnt woods. "Do you know this place well?" she asked, a hand moving to shift the quiver slung across her shoulder, her bow next to it. She had not used either of them since coming to this place, opting for a more feral manner of hunting because the prey was all weak and starved anyways. She would not hesitate to draw it, though, if the stranger revealed themselves as a threat.

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As Tamara approached, Tiamat thought she had a youthful look to her, but there was a sharpness to her eyes, and she comported herself with the caution of an experienced individual.

The adjustment of her quiver did not pass unnoticed. By contrast, Tiamat appeared unconcerned by the threat a stranger posed. The lessons to survive were different here than they had been in the desert, as they were in Onuba and at sea. She found there were more chances of conflict if she appeared threatening, and so had laid her heavy weapon to rest, swaddled in cloth and strapped with other belongings to the back of her saddle. There would be a time when she needed it, to be sure, but she felt confident enough in her own strength to stow it away for now.

If they wanted to live, it would be foolish to draw any unnecessary attention to themselves.

Her gelding made a sighing noise through his nose and stamped some of the stiffness from his legs. The mud was cold - the whole land was cold, and night would come sooner than they'd like. Giving him one last pat, she stepped up onto the stirrup and mounted him swiftly.

I do not, she replied to Tamara, and frowned at her own unhelpful response. This was her first time exploring the area, and she hesitated to claim knowledge that had not yet been earned.

But if you continue east, you will only find more of this. She motioned to the dead lands, surveying it herself once more before returning her attention to Tamara. The coyote clan, Inferni, has taken residence here as well. Are you searching for something? Her bright blue eyes held the question that was left unspoken: are you lost?

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