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She had become a healer because it had been one of the only pursuits that Akantha had scoffed at, the golden haired matriarch unperturbed by the sudden interest her daughter had in the macabre. Odalis had always thrown herself into positions that would alienate her mother or force her to question the blood bond between them. Mother had always been distracted just enough, whether it was with Solomon, Lucian or Isandro. She was a powerful woman surrounded by doting men - and she had allowed Odalis to do as she willed, or so Odalis had always thought.

As the man worked carefully on her hands she glanced toward the stuffed satchel that she lay cast aside on the ground near to her. She had travelled with practically nothing save for an extra shawl, a small amount of food and limited supplies that she supposed could have been used to bind her wounds had she set her mind to it.

She couldn't help but offer sheepishly, "I studied healing..." She realized that given the circumstances it seemed ridiculous, "It's different in the real world."

And it was true. The Morenos had expected nothing but calm servitude amongst their pupils, and though Odalis had learned much from them when it came to tending to a rolling garden or calming a frightened child... she had found it more difficult to watch them complete their surgeries or set broken bones. Rust was turning her hands and examining them carefully, flexing each of her fingers to ensure that they all moved properly.

He was methodical, though there was still a certain warmth in him that had Odalis leaning closer to observe his work.

She winced when he squeezed too hard, raising her good hand to gently brush at his own. He was so silver.

Odalis smiled prettily, "I am from the Court of Miracles." She canted her head, "But I was born up North, in Sapient."

"I do not usually wander so far from home... but-" She felt herself blush, "Something told me to wander." Her eyes went hard, "Next time I will not be so foolish."


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“The real world?” This gave him pause, for it was not the first time he had heard such phrasing. For Neith, the real world was everything outside Salsola, as if the Thistle Kingdom were a pocket of society so self-important and exclusive that what lurked beyond its traps and brambles was like something of wish fulfillment. He wanted the real world to match a vision he built for it: Honest labor, truthful families, a good conscience, a tendency away from spirituality. A world cemented in kindness and grounded upon what was real and tangible.

He knew it wasn’t like that beyond Salsola. Even in his briefest of early spring travels, Neith determined the real world to be as harsh and cruel as Salsola, and found context he hadn’t been looking for as to why his home made the decisions they did. They protected their own, for there could be worse outside its walls.

Neith found little that could be considered worse, so far. That man and his son, for one. Starvation and the whims drawn about by desperation. “It is,” he said, “but if there is anything to rely on, it is that there are as many kind folk out there as there are unkind.”

She winced when he squeezed in a particular place, and through sensitive fingertips he palpated for disturbances under the skin. The Heiwa was quiet, at least for a time. When she called herself foolish, he paused and looked starkly at her.

“Foolish? You aren’t foolish.” If he had learned anything from Briarblack, it was that some learned faster than others. For him, it had not been until the war, then illness that stirred Salsola just under a year prior, that he began to investigate and ask questions and find for himself a path forward. “You’re fortunate. You’ve dealt with less of this—you’d know more of healing if you had. Is this what it is like in the Court or Sapient?”

He found only reasonable tension in the tendons of her hand upon further inspection, and so he began to wipe away the disinfectant salve applied, tossed aside the bloodied linen and wound a bandage around the closing cuts. He smiled.

“I hope you will continue to be so foolish, as then perhaps I will see you again,” said Neith, tucking the bandage in to secure it. “What will you do from here?”

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Had Odalis known the truth of Neiths origins she would have questioned everything her mother had written in her journals when it came to the Northern Packs. Salsola had been something deeply unsettling, a nightmare that Akantha had told to her children to keep them well behaving and on time. Everything about them had made Odalis consider sharp toothed villains, men and women who were frightening enough to influence her mother - a woman who Odalis had always considered infallible.

She would have been frightened of him too - but there was a small part of her that craved darkness, craved the danger that came with ferocity and rage. Mistral had been executed before her but there had been a piece of her that had identified with the ambition that had burned brightly within the golden haired wraith. Amaranthes were a noble breed, and though Odalis had done everything in her power to emerge as anything but her Mother... there were pieces of her in everything that she did.

Neith smoothed the fur across the back of her hand and ensured that the wound lay properly - wiping away the extra salve with careful hands. "Mm, you are right of course." She smiled at him, lifting her arm so that he could more easily do his work. He spun the gauze until it came to its end, carefully tucking the end of it against her wrist.

"The Court is... different." She didn't know how to say it, but allowed her uninjured hand to pillow the other. "I joined because Mothers journals said that it would be safer in the South." It seemed silly to say it out loud so she shrugged sheepishly, "There were stories of a place called Salsola which my Mother seemed uncertain about - but she never mentioned it to me. I only read about it in her journals." She glanced at Neith, "Her stories are the main reason I have not returned to the North."

She continued to explain, toying with the hem of her skirt as she spoke. "Sapient is a pack that puts great emphasis on academia and the betterment of Luperci. I started my learning there and continued in Onuba... but mostly I handed bandages to the more experienced Healers."

"The Court was taken over soon after I joined by a group of Mercenaries who usurped the King." She winced, flexing her fingers, "They executed her after she gave birth to her children."

Her expression was suddenly sad, "Seems no matter where I turn there are monsters everywhere." She laughed, "The South is no safer than anywhere else."

She patted his hand, "I am very glad I ran into you Rust. You are good." She leaned forward and gently kissed the silver of his cheek, "You saved me."

She stood and wiped her hands, "Perhaps we will see each other again."

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