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POSTED: Thu May 10, 2018 11:02 am

Out of the corner of her eye she swore that the bones beneath the dirty blanket twitched.

She watched him build a fiery pyre that matched the shade that glittered around in his eyes. The mushroom has left her mouth tasting cloyingly of earth and deep dark things that caught between her teeth. He used his hands to cusp the flames (had they been so long and strong looking before) and lit two cigarettes in a masterful way.

No one did that in Onuba.

Her face tingled as she took the thing from him, holding it pensively for a long moment as he spoke. Her eyes felt huge on her face and she grinned at him happily - "Oh yeah, loads of times." The lie hung in her throat with the smoke as she inhaled - and promptly coughed up a lung.

"No." Cough. "Perhaps I haven't." Cough.

Her face tingled, and she raised her free hand to draw it along her jaw - "Whoa."

She glanced at him with eyes that were turning more black than blue - her expression slowly turning languid as she peered at him. Had be always been sitting so close? Odalis tipped the cigarette to inspect the fiery end, her expression ignited with the fiery warmth of the teeny tiny ember there.

She blew smoke through her nose, allowed the smoke to billow through her jaws - she coughed less, but her chest felt like it was burning. Odalis sidled up to him without thinking - the body was twitching beneath the blanket.

"Sadira." She clutched his hand, "You see that?"
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POSTED: Fri May 11, 2018 11:37 am

He settled down beside her, waiting for color and mayhem, watching for the swirls of his cigarette to blossom into another world of unimaginable shapes. His was too broad a frame; it would take time.

She choked on the cigarette beside him, and he began to explain the proper approach when Sally recognized a distancing in her stare, a wonder in her touch and perception. It was far from the first time he had witnessed such a thing, although the effects sunk in faster for the young woman than it did for most. He shouldn’t have been surprised, she was so tiny.

She looked about ready to toss the still-smoldering joint between her teeth but shimmied in close instead and seized his hand in a vice grip. It was, slowly and surely, becoming a first for Salvador Sadira. A rare thing, indeed.

“Sally,” he passively corrected her. His mother’s family name was as useless to him as the members of the family he never met (but were evidently nearby, as she divulged earlier). He followed her eyes to the sheet and the skeleton underneath, untouched by psychedelic effect. “No. Just relax, let it happen. Nothing’s going to jump out at you. Understand?”

Charmed, whether by the start of influence or by the sheer eccentricity of their interactions that day, the Sadira smirked and leaned back against the wall. The drug probably wouldn’t go well for her, he anticipated. Not now, anyway. Perhaps it would in the long run.

He’d raised his voice in anger not seconds ago—minutes? Was it longer? The drug was setting in—and now she had latched herself to his hand and arm and Sally found he did not mind.

What a story this would be. “What do you see?”

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POSTED: Wed May 16, 2018 12:53 am

From up close she could see the hints of red fur that crept around his eyes – each time he moved his head it was like she could see rippling embers. It frightened her. The more she stared at him the warmer she became – her blouse laying damply against her chest. She had unbuttoned it so that it lay half open and as the heat flared again she gasped, her hand tightening around his.

The twitching body was erratic and kept drawing her eyes back towards it. Her free hand nervously set the cigarette against her lips, and she allowed the smoke to waft loosely between her gaping jaws. Salvador seemed so calm, so stalwart in his decision – and as the effects of the mushroom wore on and on and on… he settled quietly against the wall and urged her to relax.

Her heart beat raucously, her long spaniel ears twitching along with the bones she imagined rattling beneath the dirty sheet.

She repeated his name in her head as if she could taste it on her tongue, but she couldn’t say it - her teeth felt too large in her mouth.

She clutched his hand against her clammy palm and shuddered, ”I see fire.”

There were flames licking the edges of the store front – but they were purple and blue and green. She could feel the thrum of her heart beat in her throat and it weighed upon her heavily, tipping her towards him so that she could pillow her head against his angular shoulder.

”Hold me.”


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