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AW It's midnight in the Concrete Jungle, and it's nice outside storming. Your character has stumbled across an enormous boulder resembling a mythical creature.

Thunder rumbled, echoing off the great slabs of concrete and stone that littered the city's outskirts. The crackling atmosphere made Clover's hair rise, though no rain had fallen yet. She was not sure what she would do if another round of terrible storms blew over the territory; if Inferni could not survive, their tiny troupe of loners could not, either. She would at least have to move Vesper somewhere dry and sheltered if the floodwaters rose again.

She moved through the broken streets, sniffing around, the whites of her eyes barely visible in what amounted to near pitch darkness. It was midnight, whatever light cast from the moon and stars smothered by the layer of dark stormclouds. Clover did not like being out in unfamiliar territory at such a black hour, but the desire for food led her here -- hoping that the rats and cats that still crawled through the overgrown fringes of the Concrete Jungle would provide a late dinner.

It was the stench of cat piss that led her down this trail, though the sharp odor of ozone overtook that of amonia after half a mile. She doubled back, snuffling along the ground and pricking her matted ears at small plinks of scattered, solitary raindrops against metal.

Lightning flashed, and the white light illuminated a massive, draconic form in the darkness. Clover's insides clenched and twisted, and she jerked back with a startled bark --

Then blackness again, and a few beats later the thunder chased its bolt.

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Yet now I'm standing here, my heart so full, I can't explain
Seeking faith and speaking words I never thought I'd say.

Faith couldn't believe that she was slipping as far as she did. She had allowed fear to cling to her so far that the thunder was making her very nervous. Such a contrast from the strong, young woman she used to be before the war broke out. During that point in her life, she would have been more than happy to die if that meant that her family would be safe from those trying to steal the life away from others. She stood in the face of Salsola's army and fought at her uncle's side.

Now it was like she was a complete stranger.

The robed woman had watched the dog leave earlier that day, though once the day began to die down, and she was not back, it began to make her worry. First her mother had become a victim, the last thing she needed on her mind was that another stranger had taken away a friend of the family.

Taking the staff into her hands, she made her way out of the cave system, taking a quick glance over her shoulder to see her siblings resting. She couldn't be the one to drag them into her worries. She made her way out, eyes turning up to the sky as the rain began to fall. She was going to have to move fast if she didn't want to get caught in the storm.

As Faith made her way to the concrete jungle, the sound of the barking in the distance made her shake. Was it Clover? Was it a stranger? Was it something else entirely? The fear took hold of her, but she had to break it long enough to find the source. Inching closer to the sounds, she pulled the wooden staff closer to her body, finally seeing the outline of Clover, "Wh-what.. is it..?"

+300 words.

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