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All things truly wicked start from Innocence

Dahlia had been considering it for the longest time. She knew that nothing bad had happened to Hope, at least not since she had gone to visit her sister and inform her about Faith's passing. She had done her best to get some information when she had come across Clover, though the mood and attitude Vesper had given her had done well to turn her away from learning much. Everyone was so quick to villianize her, even though so much of this had been Faith's choices, not her own.

It was sickening.

The journey itself would take her some time, and leaving the trust in Spitfire to take her all the way to the other side of the mountain and back with someone new riding was not going to be an option, which meant a very long walk. The thought was something she was not looking forward to, but there were a couple of ways to help shorten out the time. With her travels between Salsola and the Cartel's old camp, she had mapped out a clear path in her head, getting faster along it each time she made the journey. One other such shortcut was instead of going over the mountain would be to follow the shoreline to the other side. It was the path she and Faith had taken to reach the kingdom of Thistles in the first place. This would be much easier than trying to find a new way.

The sun hung overhead, the gray coyote having shifted into her lupus form to make for a longer distance with sprinting. There were benefits to a luperci's natural form, as it was her means of hunting as well. It was how she had been taught to hunt, and how she would continue to do so. The heat beat against her pelt, though soon faded as the breeze of the shores hit against her. Good, she had remembered the way.

Green gaze moved about the land as she grew closer and closer to Inferni's old territory. There was no telling where Clover and Vesper would be moving to in their travels, but considering the last encounter she had with them, it was not pleasant. It was just another reminder that she was being blamed for everyone else's decisions when her only focus had been on her family. None of them could understand her hardships.

But one good piece of information had been given to her, and that her second older sibling was still safe in the caves. She was all the younger one had left now.

Padding to the mouth of the cave, Dahlia peered inside, the darkness hitting her with the glare of the sun outside. She called out to her sister, and for some time there was no response. Perhaps Hope had moved on after all...

"Dahlia? Is that you?"

Head moved back up to see the pale female stepping out from the cave, cross hanging gently around her neck. Another reminder of their family's failing, but something that her older siblings would refuse to let go of. There was a mix of emotions in her sister's face, but it didn't take long to feel her sister's embrace along her shoulders, "I've missed you so much. I haven't seen you since.. well.."

"Yeah.. Well I had to be careful with where I was going. But the kids are fine.. still in Salsola though."

"And what about you? It doesn't sound like you're still there."

"I'm not. Long story short I've joined up with Nazario, Boone, and the others with the Cartel. I came to get you. Ran across Clover and Vesper, so I figure there's probably not much reason to be staying out here by yourself anymore."

Dahlia could see her sister pondering her options, her darker gaze moving about the once charred landscape, "Yeah.. you're probably right.."

"It's hard to let go of things.. I get it.. but there's literally nothing left now.. Can I stay here for the night? We can make the travel back in the morning."

Hope gave her sister a smile, leading her back into the familiar cave that once housed their small family, "Of course."

Hope has joined the party. Thread is backdated. +700 words.

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