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p. Serana | FD Feb 05 | Skeletal Sanctuary

POSTED: Tue Jan 21, 2020 4:35 am

WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

PROMPT: It's early morning in Skeletal Sanctuary, and the snow has begun to let up. Your character is interrupted accidentally while taking a piss.

(463) For Serana! Forward dated to Feb 5th; hope the location's ok!

All morning long, it snowed. When the sun was barely visible beyond the horizon and the sky turned an icy blue, the big, fluffy flakes began to thin out and let up, giving the city ruins below a rest from their relentless dumping. There was a light coating on the streets and the old cars, barely there, but there all the same. It still turned the old, ruined awnings white and settled on the dusted ruins of broken concrete and cracked asphalt. One might question why a wolf such a Lithia would willingly come to a place like this. One might question why anyone would willingly come to a forgotten place like this.

There was something about old city ruins that comforted her, that quieted her mind of things that didn’t really matter. Maybe it was the memories she reserved from times when she was a child – young, daring, and stupid coming out into these ruins to prove some strength she didn’t yet have, or prove some point she didn’t have to make. So many times she found trouble in places like this. Trouble she didn’t need to find. So many times she found pain in places like this. Pain she didn’t need to find. Old city ruins like this reminded her of her mother – the stories Axelle told them as kids about all the trouble she got into herself from spending too much time in places like these.

There was a strong discomfort in Lithia’s gut as she walked down the steep, cracked stairs of a town square park in the middle of the city. The trees and bushes had overgrown with time, but the flowers had died off. Weeds now took their places and sprouted wildly from the flower pots, planter buckets, and any crevice they could lay their seeds. Lithia’s urethra twitched from strain. She needed to pee, and looking at weeds she could easily squat in and relieve that need was just as bad as looking at running water while having to pee, too.

Lifting her skirt so that it didn’t get in the way, Lithia searched a suitable place for her to lower down and let her bladder go. She found it in the center of the park – behind a bench, though it didn’t really need to be behind anything. As far as she knew, she was the only one there. Hiking up her skirt, she parted her legs and squatted – the sound of trickling water slapped against the concrete underneath her as she let out a stream of urine she’d been holding for a few hours. As she did the deed, she looked down to make sure the swelling stream hadn’t run in a direction towards one of her feet. She hated stepping in her own pee.

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