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POSTED: Fri May 22, 2020 4:34 am

“The peak isn't much further. We'll be able to get a good survey, since we made it here at high sun,” Zetsubou offered a hand down to Armani after having climbed up a reasonable ledge. When the older female was finally settled, whether she took his hand or not, he couldn't help but gaze out over the expanse of the land they'd traversed to get here. Trees had fallen, water had moved, the land that he used to travel with his abusive father didn't even seem like the place he'd been before. It was, in a way, bittersweet.

A long drawn breath met his scouting companion as he clenched his teeth, a heavy wuff of air pushed from his lungs,” This is... pretty bad. I hope things are okay back home,” The warm word of home sounded almost alien on his tongue, but it was welcome in his heart. While he was definitely worried, there was an inner force within him to move onward on with their mission, a trust that Luca would take care of them all well. Borya and Dusk, especially, rested in his mind as he worried, but he had agreed to a job. They had to finish it before they could get back to their families.

A hand absentmindedly patted bits of gravel and dust from his shirt that clattered on the stony mountainside beneath them, but he was caked from head to tow from their climbing. Dust was pawed across his cheek, over his brow, coated his black hair until it appeared gray and powdered, but he didn't seem to notice it,“ I've only been this way a couple times. It looks so different, it's almost surreal,” He breathed one last time before returning to their Eastern trajectory, ”I-... I wasn't around when the Red Star fell, I was born after... but I remember stories about it. I wonder if it was anything like this,” He asked her out loud, pondering to himself but certainly wouldn't decline anything she might have known about it.

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POSTED: Fri May 22, 2020 4:59 pm

Armani looked up at Zets outstretched hand and smiled taking it. They had been climbing for hours making their way up to a stable cliff to survey the land. She wasn’t sure what they would see once they got there or if they could see anything. If they couldn’t this trip would take much longer as they would have to traipse through the land and hope for the best. Getting a steady footing she hadn’t even turned around when her dark ear twitched to the sound of his voice.

“They are fine, Zet before we left everyone was fine.” She spoke before turning around and seeing the world before them. Green eyes widened as she gasped. This, this was awful, she hadn’t been this far north in months since returning home but this wasn’t what it looked like. Their journey thus far had made her believe that things were rough but she didn’t think the earth was giving out again.

Her mind felt blank as she looked out, water now ripped through the land and what few buildings may have been standing were reduced save for the more sturdy short structures. Though she wasn’t sure if those would hold up if another ground shake came through. “The red star was terrible, this doesn’t even compare to it though this is awful.” She spoke her voice low as she stared out into the open world. Was this how her mother felt when she had gone out with others and found the damage to the south of Casa? “I wonder if there is anyone hurt or dead down there.” The earth shakes had scared her and brought back memories of the red star. Now this would the ocean swallow these lands too? Would Casa be safe? She could only feel her stomach churn.

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