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POSTED: Sat Sep 29, 2018 9:32 pm

All things truly wicked start from Innocence

Dahlia couldn’t wander away too far from the eastern realms.. not now when someone had to look after her sister. Sure, Clover and Vesper were still around... so was Hope, but she was now her sister’s primary caretaker… just as Faith had been to their mother. It was tiresome at times. She had been raised by her mother’s morality, her faith, something the youngest sister had decided to toss aside. What use was there in praying to someone that was not only not going to answer back, but also couldn’t do anything when something bad happened. Faith’s life had been plagued by such things, yet she still returned to the house of the Lord to seek his forgiveness and guidance. There was no point in trying to tell her otherwise, but she still tried.

The sooner she saw how reality was, maybe then she would start to recover a bit too. There was no Lord looking out for them, only a devil in disguise.

The gray girl padded along the path to the south, the broken state of the concrete jungle looming before her. The two had come here before, the strange male meeting them had set off alarms within the younger sister. He was someone that could not be trusted, and certainly someone to keep away from Faith. In the state she was in, there was no need to take any unnecessary risks. The next time he decided to come around and pestered them, he might end up as her second victim next to Izual…

Next to her own father…

Dahlia paused as she crept along the outskirts of the location. Something had caught her attention. Ears moved up, green eyes moving around the area. Lips began to curl up, teeth baring as her fur began to stand. A crack in the distance, head shifting immediately to the sound. The tan pelt of a mountain lion began to peek from the lines of trees. A couple steps were taken back, the eyes of the large cat turning on the smaller Luperci. As much as she wanted to stand her ground, there was no sense in taking something like that head on with no tools. Her body twisted, heading deeper into the concrete jungle, green eyes moving around the trashed area to try and find some means of defense.

Prompt: It's afternoon in the Concrete Jungle, and it's nice outside. Your character has attracted the attention of a mountain lion. Open for one more. +300 words.

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