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Odalis wept against the horses shoulder, her body rocking rhythmically as Ciprian spurred the horse toward the Concrete Jungle. They wove back and forth to obscure their trail, the bag with the cub bouncing limply against the animals haunch. Odalis couldn’t take her eyes off of the burlap sac and quietly she prayed – something she hadn’t done since she was a child – to the lantern and the light that shone on each of them.

She prayed for Solomon. She prayed that he would find the line of lanterns that would lead him to his place amongst the stars.

He was dead.


She sobbed loudly and she felt the man stroke her head, tucking pieces of the beautiful auburn hair that he so coveted into place with fingers that were cold as ice.

”Shhh. Shhh.” She felt him lean over her, the warmth of his breath fanning against the nape of her neck as he inhaled slowly – his touch dancing between her shoulder blades as he whispered to her. ”He is in a better place now.”

He straightened suddenly, ignoring the muffled whine and the way she struggled against the rope that bound her. ”If you hadn’t fought me…”

He would still be here. Still be alive.

She snapped her teeth, but it was pitiful. From this angle she could feel all of the blood rushing to her head and she felt suddenly sick to her stomach. He jostled her with his knee and the pain centred her. She could imagine him sneering, the crooked line of white fur down his throat exposed as he tossed his head. "He would still be here."

Somewhere along the way Odalis lost herself to unconsciousness.


She awoke to the feeling of cool concrete against her cheek, the rough stone angling uncomfortably into her back. Odalis panted softly and then remembered the girl. She straightened too quickly and felt her head spin. She held out her hands to stabilize herself as her eyes adjusted to the dark.

”Issola?” Her voice was a dry throated whisper, and she felt around with a whimper.

As her eyes adjusted she realized that there was a candle that flickered against a section of rebar. It cast strange shadows against the walls and the flame danced just out of reach. A lump of dark fur lay cast aside in a corner and Odalis shuffled her way toward it, "Issola?" She wiped her face, wincing as she touched the section of her face where Ciprian had struck her. She felt bruised and swollen, out of her element and completely alone.

The cubs dark shoulder twitched and she gasped softly.

She snuck in close and leaned against a cracked wall. "It will be ok." Her lips trembled as she gazed up at a sky unmarred by clouds, "It-It has to be." She balled up her hands in her skirts and willed herself not to cry.

Rated M for kidnapping! Ciprian is keeping them in a concrete pen that is broken in places but still blocked with rebar. They could try to run if they wanted to but Cips camp is right outside the only exit. The top is open to the sky! From their 'window' (rebar section where the concrete has been knocked out) they would be able to see other concrete ruins similar to theirs. :>

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Lupus | Concrete Jungle; night (+500)

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Her head hurt.

That had been one of the first things she realized when she had originally come to. It was only on the one side, and only if she moved the muscles there or put pressure against it. It had made her reluctant to move much. She’d blearily taken in her surroundings from her pitiful position where her body had been deposited.

The world she had woken up to, it was one that she didn’t know. The scent was not familiar to her, nor the cold, stone-like walls of the room that she found herself in. The smell of the bad men was pungent in this place though. Spying Odalis’ still form in the room had comforted the child somewhat, knowing that she wasn’t alone in this unfamiliar place. Like Solomn’s body though…she didn’t move. A concerning observation, but not one that Issola’s foggy thoughts could make sense of.

She had heard them, the bad men, talking somewhere beyond the walls, and hearing their voices only further confirmed that, wherever she was, it wasn’t in the Court anymore. They’d come to check on the room once or twice, and some survival instinct of the pup’s had told her to not move. Not that she felt like doing much of that anyway.

Issola didn’t know how long she’d been awake—or, at least in a state of semi-awareness—but, sleep had called her back into its comforting depths, and Issola had blearily obliged.

When she’d returned to the living world again, it had been to someone calling her name. It was a familiar voice, a warmer voice, something that she knew she needn’t be afraid of, something she knew wouldn’t hurt her or her packmates. Her head didn’t hurt as much this time, and, slowly, the girl picked herself up from the cold ground. Pale eyes shifted to follow the sound of fabric rustling as her fellow Courtier moved closer.

“Odalis?” Her voice was small, soft, quiet. Would the bad men hear them if they spoke too loud?

In the candle-lit darkness, she found the red-haired woman leaning against a wall, her face turned up to the sky. Issola wasn’t sure if Odalis was trying to reassure her or herself with her words. Blinking the last of the sleep from her vision, the Haskel daughter moved over to where the older woman was. Her tail was partially tucked beneath her, her ears were pulled back against the back of her neck. Shyly, she moved to lean against Odalis, searching for warmth in the cold, autumn night.

“Where…are we?” Odalis was an adult. Surely, she’d be able to make more sense of their situation than Issola had?

“The bad men put us in here, I think,” she continued softly, reporting what she’d remember observing earlier. “It stinks of them in here. And I heard their voices earlier…”

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It took everything she had not to tremble uncontrollably. Somehow having the girl there had her keeping her head, and as the little one crept closer she gently stroked the bruise that had blossomed deep-purple across her flaxen cheek. She would stay calm for the Princesse, she would stay calm to ensure that they both were able to walk away from this alive.

In Onuba the Arenas had traded men and women like livestock, checking teeth and eyes with a detached expression that had always haunted Odalis. She had never suspected that Ciprian was like them, and had never suspected that he would come for her. Odalis opened her mouth as if to speak but instead bit her lip, thoughtful and quiet as the shadows flickered around the tiny flame that lay beyond their reach.

She tilted her head back to wipe away her tears so that the girl would not see, ”I-I don’t know.” She sighed, ”I tried to stay awake while we rode but…” Her hands roved across the cool concrete until they found the smooth top of the cubs head. She stroked the girls ears as she continued speaking and bowed her head, ”Are you hurt?”

”I am so sorry that this happened to you.” She growled, ”We will-

Her voice trailed off as the sound of someones approach echoed through the concrete space.

The eyes that stared at them through the re-bar were mismatched blue-brown, a large nose twitching curiously at them both.

”Hello?” Odalis grunted, forcing herself to a stand as she limped towards the boy.

”Here.” He was otherwise silent, but tossed a half-eaten squirrel through the bars so that it landed with a dull sound between them.

”Wait- come back-“

But it was too late.

He was gone.

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She stared up at the red-head, waiting for her adult insight on their situation. Even in the faint light, she could see the older woman quivering, in her hand that reached up to wipe her eyes, in her lips when she tried to speak. It made her wonder…how bad was their situation? It was dark, and the night brought a chill without the warm rays of sunlight or the comforting heat of a fire. The little flame that lit their prison—for, what else could it be?—was hardly enough to keep anything more than maybe a moth warm. The smell of this place was all wrong. Where were they?

Even Odalis didn’t know.

This…this wasn’t good. How were they supposed to get back home if Odalis didn’t know where they were? “…Daddy will find us,” she whispered, nodding as she took a deep breath. “He always knows where Obi and I wander off to somehow. He’ll find us.” She was confident of it.

Or, at least, she wanted to be. She wasn’t sure how well her father’s parent-radar worked outside of the Court. Issola looked down at her paws, moving closer as Odalis stroked her head and ears. “My head hurts a little,” she admitted.

Odalis had been in the midst of apologizing when a sound caused both Courtiers to start. The Princesse’s ears pricked and she felt the hair along her spine stand up. It was the bad men again! Much more lucid this time, Issola felt a protective growl begin to rumble in her chest. Solomon wasn’t here, and neither was her father. She and Odalis were on their own if the bad men came after them again.

A head appeared through one of the holes in the rebar. It was the younger male. He had been the one to kill Solomon! He sniffed at them, and Issola sat up. She would bite him too if he came in there to hurt Odalis! The Duchesse had different approach though, wanting to talk with the man rather than fight him. When she stood, Issola followed after her, pale eyes sparking in anger.

He shoved something through the bars and the Haskel was ready to attack it, only to realize it was a…squirrel? Had he just…given them food? In the time it took for the Princesse to comprehend what he had given them, the boy had disappeared, leaving the two Courtiers alone again in their cell.

Issola sniffed at the half-eaten carcass. Nothing smelt funny about it—other than it reeking of them—so, surely, it was safe to eat? She picked it up and brought it over to Odalis, setting it down at the older woman’s feet. She nosed it to her, evident that she wanted Odalis to eat it. While Issola was hungry—the soft gurgle of her stomach was evidence as much—Odalis was more hurt than she was, and she had an understanding of the world and could do things with her hands that Issola could not. If they were to get out of there, she’d need the food more than Issola would.

Her offering made, the girl waited, her pale eyes searching Odalis’ face before settling on her cheek where she had seen the older male strike her. “Odalis…who are those bad men? And why did they want you and…” She looked down at her paws. “…why did they kill Solomon?”

She felt her anger building again. Her brows furrowed and eyes narrowed, and it was clear that the Haskel was upset. “He didn’t do anything bad. He was just trying to make them stop hurting you…”

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The thought of Ciprian left a bitter taste in the back of Odalis’ throat – one that was tinged with blood that crept from her battered nose and slid down towards her gut. She had never thought that he would have come for her, would have stayed behind in the wake of a winter tarnished with gold… but he had found her and made her his. Even though she couldn’t see him she could feel the places on her arms where his thin hands had held her down.

She rubbed her wrists where the rope had burned her and whined quietly into the dark.

Odalis rolled he squirrel in her hands and thought about the young boy who had thrown it at them. Issola had nudged it toward her without a word – though her blue eyes were large when they gazed up at her. Odalis wasn’t sure how to explain Ciprian. He was a man with secrets, a man who spun tales and managed secrets.

”I met him in Onuba.” She clenched her teeth, ”How doesn’t matter now.”

Odalis tugged on her hair, ”I didn’t think… didn’t know… Oh Issola I don’t know what to do.”

When she was reminded of Solomon she straightened sharply. In the rush of everything she had forgotten that he was gone. It was a strange thing to realize – that there was a world where he no longer existed. Akantha wouldn’t know for months; how would she even relay the message? Odalis felt her lips tremble as she spoke, ”I-I didn’t see him.”

She chewed the edge of the squirrel before realizing that she was not hungry.

"We have to find a way out." Her gaze hardened, "We must."

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