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less finds emma. saves her.

POSTED: Tue Dec 11, 2012 5:42 pm

It was late afternoon when she arrived. Valhalla quivered beneath her as they slowed to a stop, sensing the solemn air she carried around herself. With heavy eyes the woman gazed out over the meadow, noting a particular knot of trees at the edge of it. She didn't want to go further, but she had too. She would have to cross over the meadow, but Less knew each step that drew her closer to the underground den would grow harder and harder. With a sigh she brought her slender hands to her face and rubbed her eyes, feeling worn out already. The sun cast it's warming glow all over the area, and though the ground was still frosty the air had warmed considerably for the time of year. Soon it would be snow, and that's why Less was here. The coywolf knew her sister wouldn't survive the winter, and while Emmanuelle had begged her to leave and never return - she couldn't leave her sister to die after Nevada had passed. While the slim blonde hybrid might want to die, Less wouldn't let her.

She nudged the large war-horse forward, dreading what she might find. It seemed like it took eternity to cross the frosty grasses, and once the pair came to a stop in front of the den Less steadied herself, not sure what she was bringing upon herself. It was strangely silent, it seemed not even a bird chirped and Alessandra listened intently, struggling to find some sort of life. She slid off of the saddle she equipped Valhalla for this occasion and landed lightly. The dark cloak she had donned pooled around her feet and she crouched down, crawling into the entrance of the den. The stench that hit her almost caused her to retch, but still she moved into the recesses of the dark hole. She could hear shallow breathing, and through the smell she could scent her sister - that much was a relief.

A low growl came from the corner, and Less stopped in her tracks, sitting on her knees while her eyes adjusted to the dark. " Get out. " A small voice ordered, emotion attached to the end of her speech. " No. You need to come with me. " Less countered calmly, eyes focused on the unmoving shape gathered in what seemed like furs. " I don't want too. What is the point. They have all left, there is nothing for me now. " The small voiced sobbed, tears racking her sickly frame. " You have me, and I will take care of you. Reykr will take care of you. Vinatta, will take care of you. " She replied, moving forward to gather the surprisingly light load into her arms. It came as a bit of a shock to Less to feel how much weight her sister had lost, and she noticed her fur felt scratchy. The woman was all limbs though, and Less had to push her out of the mouth of the den so that she could get through as well. As her eyes focused to the change in light, and sunlight highlighted the former sun child a gasp left her inky maw. She held a slim hand to her muzzle as she looked upon the broken body of her sister.

Her fur was dull and unkempt, matted in places and missing in others. Her hair was tangled and unwashed for what must have been months, her body just toeing the line between malnutrition and starvation. If Emma had received any food whatsoever, the meals had been few and far in between. The sun colored hybrid moved her hands to her face and covered her eyes - sunlight seemingly foreign to her. Unintelligible whimpers left her tapered muzzle and Alessandra scooped down and with some difficult scooped up the husk that was her sister. Valhalla moved closer and bent down on a knee, seemingly knowing how important but difficult this was going to be. Lessa lifted the woman and placed her so she was leaning over the saddle, then swung up herself. It took some adjusting, but the final product was Emmanuelle laying against Alessandra much like a mother would hold her child. Less shrugged her rabbit-fur lined cloak off and wrapped Emma in it, preparing to nudge Valhalla into movement before she heard something strange. Off to her right there was a loud, insistent meowing. Sighing, she moved Valhalla over to the sound, curiously looking over his shoulder.

Two full-grown, but skinny Lynx appeared and meowing angrily at the trio. The first, and loudest was a chocolate colored cat and the second was a twin but of lighter color, creams and greys dominated his coat. Emmanuelle stirred and reached out a skeletal hand towards the noise, whimpering once more. " Kimbra and Gabriel.. " She said, looking to Less with hope in her sad eyes. It seemed the animals were hers, and that's how she was probably being fed these last few months. Less leaned over and motioned to the two cats to jump on and so they did, nestling on top of Emma. It was a full load, but they would manage. At least it would keep her sister warm through the night, for the sun was setting and they would be traveling through the darkness.

As the black coywolf urged Valhalla forward, they began their journey towards home, Vinatta. “ What happened.. “ Less asked, her tone of voice suggesting that the question had to be answered. A long moment passed, and her ice colored eyes drifted to her sisters to make sure she had not fallen asleep. Finally, the pale coated femme sighed before answering. “ What didn’t happen? I became pregnant with a fellow clan mate in Inferni. I believe it to be a mistake, and I was very distraught about the pregnancy and him being a father. I left the clan land for a few weeks, to clear my mind and hopefully shed some light on the situation. During the time I left I was raped by a wolf that I had previously healed on our borders. “ Here the words slowed to a stop, and Emma trembled. She didn’t want to relive the memories, but she had to continue. “ Upon my return he seemed to snap out of it and to commit to be a father, but he left again. I slipped away quietly and gave birth. I am not sound of mind, I could not care for my children alone... They all died. I know Nevada was too far gone for you to save, but I had hoped that she might be given a chance to live through my mistakes. Carles.. he was never to live, that poor thing. It wasn’t long after he was born that he was carried off by an eagle.. I will never forget the sound of him screaming for help. “

“ Do you think anything will ever be right for me again? “ She asked Lessa softly, her mismatched eyes seeking the answer in Lessa’s. “ We will do our best to make it that way, yes.. “ Aless answered, not daring to look down into her sisters gaze. Tears had welled up in her eyes and she didn’t want her frail little sister to see the weakness. To be so young and already go through so much, it make the black temptress’s blood boil. Eventually, she would track down and make the Luperci who had done this to her sister boil. A hard line was set in her jaw, and Less kicked Valhalla on, wishing to reach the safety of the packlands before first light.

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