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Nergüi made a breathy noise and the Ranger apprentice wavered, uncertain.

Throw a stone, The slave confirmed, and Osrath pulled her arm back for a toss. When she threw it the small round rock bounced off a tree and into the underbrush, scattering a small group of pheasants. An arrow — expertly released by the Mongolian woman — found its mark in the breast of a medium sized hen, feathers skirling to the ground after it fell.

You should learn to use... The older woman hefted her bow in a manner that suggested she couldn't find the English word she was looking for. A bow? The green-eyed Eternity supplied, and her companion shook her head, a fierce glint passing over her face. Osrath's look became hard, irritated as she was these days by the merest hint of orneriness.

Ranged, Was the eventual word she found, and a brief silence fell between them. Like your... like the Boss. As if there was some doubt as to what she meant, Nergüi swung her arm the same way Salvia did when she launched stones using her sling.

For her part, Osrath said little on the subject.

The Salsolan heir apparent had never possessed much personal need for fighting, having always had a brother, a father, and an uncle to rely on for anything combat related and, unlike most, she greatly preferred four legs for hunting.

Picking up the pheasant, she plucked feathers from it on the way back toward the sparse stand of trees where they'd tied the horses off.

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Claudius is riding Raja bareback. His son Laurentin is riding Ash. Whee horsies!

The flurry of movement had scared Raja, but she seemed to calm down after a great deal of stomping and snorting. The horse was far too curious for her own good, Claudius was learning, and it didn't sit well with him. He was used to Gda's easygoing nature, her complete lack of interest in mundane topics, and her numb response to important things. He had always kept his eyes and ears open for potential threats, but with Raja, everything was a source of interest and nothing was a threat. It was even worse than Gda had ever been. Even though he knew breeding Gda had been an excellent decision, he wanted to be selfish and have his favourite mare back. But, all the horses he rode were property of the tribe, so he would have to do what was best for AniWaya. Sometimes, however, that was difficult.

Claudius was able to guide Raja around a particularly interesting-looking human relic and back onto the path they were following. After meeting Vicira, Claudius had decided to continue northwest to speak with other wolves, coyotes, dogs, and jackals to see what he could learn. He had travelled north to learn about the attack on New Dawn, but his curiosity was not yet sated. Perhaps he was more like Raja than he'd like to admit.

Somewhere along the way, Laurentin had caught up with them, having decided that today was the day to start exploring AniWaya's neighbouring territories and packs. At first, Claudius had been uncertain whether it was a good idea, but quickly realized that this might help his son figure out his rank path in the tribe. Still ranked an Itse and wholly uncertain of where he wanted to go, Laurentin seemed to alternate between apathy for the system and an intense desire to find his place.

The duo continued walking and Claudius noticed the scent of other wolves and horses in the distance and let Raja take the lead. They ambled slowly along the path, following the scent of Salsola wolves. Once they drew near, a flurry of movement drew Claudius and Raja's attention, who immediately leapt into action. She plunged forward with three long steps and then screeched to a halt in time to see a hulking wolf take down a pheasant and a smaller, paler wolf pick it up.

Claudius dropped his weight down so that Raja would know to stop and clucked at her disapprovingly.

"Suh-suh-suh-sorry," he stammered, embarrassed at the horse's behaviour. "Thuh-this is a nuh-new muh-mount fuh-for muh-me and shuh-she is bit... muh-more... ah, ex-suh-suh-suh-citable... thuh-than... my, uh, luh-last one," he explained, patting Raja on the neck. "I duh-don't muh-mean a-any huh-harm o-or t-t-to buh-bother yuh-your hunting." He added the last part just in case they thought he was trying to poach their fowl, which he assuredly was not.

Ash, on the other hand, seemed to be wholly unimpressed by the jumpy mare and ambled along easily behind Claudius, carrying Laurentin with ease.
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This was not the first time that the Bay had beckoned to the jade-eyed girl, though it came rare enough these days. As an adolescent she had frequently slipped beyond the border traps into the great unknown, but no longer; there were dangers here both known and unknown, though the latter was more common.

In the later hours what was usually a rolling expanse of hills speckled with stands of trees and sunflowers became an eerie wasteland of dark fog and spirits, for they could wander to their heart’s desire. Osrath did not often come here then, preferring the safety and solitude of her seaside watchtower. From its top — though it was precarious and unstable — she could see out across the bay in truth, watch as the storms rolled in on black seas.

A figure appeared on an excited horse, and her hand went instinctively to the handle of her hidden blade. The slavewoman she walked with looked uncertain, as if this might finally be a chance for freedom. They hunted together sometimes, but her loyalty was divided. Nergüi belonged to what she called the Eternal Blue Sky (a religion which was, in retrospect, likely not so different from the belief system held by Aniwayans) and any opportunity to return to her homeland was one she’d take, no matter how peaceful she pretended to be.

When the rider began to speak, the princess’ eyes narrowed slightly. No on in the Thistle Kingdom possessed anything that could be termed a speech impediment, and her ears strained to catch his stuttered meaning. At long last his meaning became clear, and she moved her hand from the knife back to the bird, pulling more feathers from its neck.

Our hunting is done, She stated with a thin smile, gesturing to her companion. The tall woman stalked off, slightly perturbed. It was not the first time the golden Eternity had claimed a kill from her, and it would not be the last. Eying the mare with some distaste, her eyes followed the animals muscled haunches and examined its hooves from a distance. She had been cared for, clearly. your horse could use some work.

The man’s silent companion went ignored, though she caught his gaze for a brief moment and wordlessly praised his horse’s calmer demeanor.

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