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POSTED: Mon Nov 06, 2017 2:15 pm

Helena Troy Lykoi
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There was a bile taste on her tongue and she struggled not to heave her insides outwards. The red woman might have regained her horse had not Till bellowed his rage and the tip-toeing panicking horse bolted away from her, away into the struggled of the battle and Helena's throat closed on itself. The madness was writhing all around and the smell of blood was making her feel sicker.

Beyond the two behemoths that wrestled, Eire was also unhorsed and suddenly all of them were aground and without their mounts. Screams of those dying and the whinny of injured horses. She was not made for war, Helena reflected, she had come to the call anyway.

She edged around Scorpius and the Infernian he fought and brought herself to block her Eire's way, her spear raised up. She saw the same thing in her sibling's wide, panicked eyes. Her breath came in heavy, wheezing pants and she lunged forwards with the spear in a terribly clumsy, and deliberately much too slow attack. She would be easily batted away, warded off by the bladed scimitar.

Would Eire understand what she was doing, with each other they were both as safe as they could be. Helena only wanted the bloody eyed youth to remain breathing. Not for her father but for the love of her mother and the siblings Natalia spoke of when she had been a young girl.

"Speech". Thinking.

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[ 000 ] » Eire's pretending to attack Helena.

Eire turned in a sudden rush of exuberance, but realized the only opponent left was Helena. For a moment she stood there, the background noise of the war droning out behind her. The screams of war, the cries of pain, the whinnies of panicked horses, and the clank and clatter of metallic weapons meeting together for a deadly dance. And Helena.

In the wake of opportunity, Helena came at her with her spear, though her movements were slow and sloppy, and Eire saw immediately where she could have batted away the spear and drove her sword through the woman’s belly at that instant. But she didn’t, obviously. The mission was to preserve her sister’s life, not kill her and get it over with.

Helena’s spear met her sword and Eire easily blocked the attack, though in the spiral motion, her sword hitched a bit on the wood, and the Lykoi girl released her grip and let the scimitar fall to the grass. Both women looked at each other for a lazy second before Eire ran at Helena, attempting to plant a weak punch to the woman’s shoulder, ebbing closer to the woman’s face with intended sloppiness. Pretend we're sparring,” she murmured quickly, moving quickly out of the way as if dodging a hit from Helena.

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TL;DR: Scorpius charges, Shikoba sidesteps and swings with his tomahawk (aim/target up to you, Eve)

He couldn’t help but to notice the similarities from their last encounter. Once more, the beast had pinned him beneath its hulking, Secui form. Always catching him by surprise, forcing itself onto the smaller male. It was clear that the brute’s preference for battle style lied in ambush and overpowering. Pin and incapacitate its prey, and go for the kill. That was where the danger zone lied.

Ivory fangs threatened to take him, seize his throat, spill his life liquid where the creature had once spared it in their previous meeting. Shikoba would not let himself be taken down so easily this time.

With the scars that littered its dark pelt, it was evident that the monster’s flesh and defenses were penetrable, though, at what cost to Shikoba’s own person, he was about to find out.

Between the furious snaps of teeth, the coymutt managed to get a good swing in with his tomahawk. It was with the flat side of the weapon, sadly, but, it was enough to free him from the beast’s heft. The blow was enough to make the Salsolan’s weight shift, anger spewing from it as it shook off the pain. Not wasting his precious opening, Shikoba rolled away from the dark creature and to his feet. He staggered backward a few steps, not daring to turn his back on the giant, Secui male.

The strike with is tomahawk had been enough to give him the chance to even the odds a little, enough to catch his breath and adjust his grip on his weapon. Like an angry bear, the red-eyed demon snorted and retaliated in anger when it had shaken the pain away. It charged him again. This time, however, Shikoba was ready to fight.

He sidestepped, not wanting to end up on the ground again after he had just gotten to his feet. Such a simple move, he knew, would not be something to dissuade the seasoned fighter though. It would likely predict such an action, and, so, Shikoba swung down with the larger, cutting edge of his tomahawk. He needed to figure out how to get past the monster’s defenses without risking terrible injury himself.

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Tl:Dr~ Shikoba lands a glancing blow to Scorpius's shoulder, leaving a flesh wound. Scorpius is staggered again but comes around for a second pass, now extra pissed. xD [ 428 ]

Big and bulky the Beast did not look like a creature capable of the sudden burst of speed he summoned once he collected himself and attacked again. Jaws gaped and another terrible thunderous sound erupted from his maw as he quickly closed the meager distance between himself and his target.

But the scrappy coymutt had finally grown wise to his tactics.

Scorpius stuck to a solid strategy of surprise and suppress. He did not look like a fast or agile thing and as a result often confused his opponents into thinking he was slow and lumbering, incapable of making a quick recovery or swift maneuvers. He used their complacency to rapidly take the upper hand almost every time, and once he had his prey pinned beneath him, only death followed.

The optime male quickly sidestepped the barreling secui as he came at him directly, lunging headlong to snap at anything that came within reach, but instead the loud click of teeth against teeth was all he got for all his effort. He used his momentum to spin around suddenly and when his body whipped about face -- his too long claws ripping up grass and dirt -- the ax came down.

Everything seemed to slip into slow motion.

His jaw clenched and he jerked his head out of the way in time not to have it halfway lopped off but the motion left his right shoulder wide open. With his body going one way and the attack going the other it ended in a glancing blow, but there was enough force in the downswing to allow the cutting edge to bite; cutting fur, piercing flesh, drawing blood.

It was a flesh wound. Deep enough to stitch another scar through the pitch black of his hide. It was twice the Infernian had wounded him and twice too many times. It was time to finish this.

The blow had staggered them both apart and in the pause that followed a horrible fury had flared anew within the monster. It was evident in his eyes, the way his pupils dilated suddenly, and how his flews peeled back away to reveal those terrible teeth gleaming slick and shiny in the sunlight. It seemed as if every strand of fur on him had stood on end and he grew in size, bear-like, beastly, hellish. It was like he wasn't a creature from their world or any other. Not a wolf from earth, not a demon from hell, not an entity from any known thing. Otherworldly.

With an explosion of force he charged again.

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Till Van Ulrich-Lykoi
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The dark pelt of the other had been very useful in the dark of the early morning, but once he moved, Till's eyes were able to pick out his form against the dark brush that he hid upon. He gathered what wits he could and stopped slashing aimlessly and started using his head as his cosmic eyes followed the bulky movement of the coyote man. Till snarled still though, anger still showing on his face and in his actions, but he knew better than to lose control. The last time that happened, things that confused him happened, and he want all sure of his actions, but what he remembered was actions that were not like him. He needed to control his temper, he had always been told that by his mother, re-enforced by his mentor, and then doubly so by himself. He remembered the times right before, and fuzzy memories around the times that he could remember the rage taking over.

A stone was thrusted towards the male, and hit the side of the blade as Till thrusted it to the side, deflecting it and sending it back to where it belonged. "Coward! You can't even face me, not without a rock in hand!" he goaded as the intensity of the cosmic eyes of the male stayed pinned on him and his red masked face. He noticed all of his movements, but knew that he was not to be on the defensive, but rather the offensive.

Till thrusted his sword towards the male then, giving a quick forward jab towards the other but making sure his jabs were quick and precise. He did not want to risk being disarmed - for the man was a swordsman, an archer, not a brawler.

Had Maschine not gotten up and run towards Till's youth who shared their battlefield, Till would have tried to remount his horse to gain some sight on where this shadow male was considering moving to next.

"Come, show me what your pack has! Show me Inferni's Fire and Brimstone! Show me their brutality, coward." Till goaded on, but still kept his target in his sight completely.

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Sally hadn’t flair for the dramatic, and responded to goading with a rise of the brows and little else. How funny it was, the Sadira thought as he narrowly dodged a jab of the sword (and lost a share of black hair in doing so), that Inferni and Salsola alike seemed to know so little about their enemies. Brutality, accused the man from a pack of slavers, to an enemy from a clan of primarily youth, whose first exposure to brutality had been the war itself.

He called Salvador a coward, too. Twice, in fact. A fascinatingly terrible read of character, Sally concluded.

The sword jabbed deep into the flesh of his lower arm, bringing forth a hiss from the Sadira. He stepped back and pretended to write over the very real pain—and in doing so, hunched close enough to the ground to scoop up a handful of unfrozen dirt and splay it into the air at the swordsman’s eyes. Blood streaming from his arms, he then moved to seize the man’s arms and wrench them from their grip on the sword; given too much success, surely the Sadira would have set upon the man with fists to face.

“Can’t,” said Sally in the scrap, through clenched teeth. “Technically, I’m more Salsolan.”

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POSTED: Fri Nov 24, 2017 2:26 pm

Helena Troy Lykoi
With the lights out, it's less dangerous

The relief was a terrible thing even as it soothed her fears it clawed at her throat. Should their ruse be discovered and that kept the panic alive. She knew Eire must have greater skill because Helena was not overly martial in her abilities and the blood eyed woman had been training since she could walk.

Every scheme though needed an element of authenticity behind it, a kernel of truth within the false lies. If they came away with no injuries then questions would be asked and their actions may be called into question. The whisper of breath as Eire spoke confirmed everything and Helena let the punch fall where it intended with a muted nod of her head, wincing for dramatic effect and snapping forwards with her jaws.

She caught purchase just enough to break the skin and give rise to a trickle of blood, a mere scratch in comparison to what might have been tore asunder. She pushed at Eire, dropping her spear in the process and tried to tangle her feet in the other's, to trip her.

"Speech". Thinking.

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