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POSTED: Wed May 16, 2018 11:50 am

ooc - I figured we could probably wrap this up with our next couple posts? Thank you for such an amusing thread <3


In response to the Blackrust’s jesting - although Vinny was being quite serious - Asura released a small laugh and gave Vinny a light slap on the shoulder. Undeterred by the Creo’s behavior, Vinny flashed the woman a toothy grin. Oh, it was not in his nature to give up so easily - not just yet. However the dog played nice for a while, allowing Asura to continue her work. At the Blackrust’s boasting, Asura could only raise a skeptical brow. ”Honey, even fighters like me can have an off day once in a while.” Vinny retorted. Though his voice remained smarmy, a defensive note raised it an octave.

As for the Creo’s skeptical reaction towards the amount of cleaning he did, well, what could he say to that? He was the bouncer for fuck’s sake, not Biff’s maid! But the silver medic was right about one thing - his bartending skills were superb. ”Bartending ain’t as easy as it sounds,” Vinny continued, raising a brow ”On really busy days, it’s a shit fest! Orders coming in from all directions, glasses breaking…” The Blackrust trailed off as if he were deep in thought. For some reason, Vinny acted as if bartending were akin to fighting in a war.

And now was the time to make his move - just when Asura thought that he exposed his soul. SO Vinny reached - kept reaching, almost there! And then a hand deftly caught his wrist before he made it to the target. Vinny blinked as steely teal eyes met carmine, and as fingers warningly pinched the sensitive skin of his inner wrist. ”Now, then,” Vinny responded, his lips pulling back into a pout at Asura’s warning. The Blackrust was never one to take rejection well, or handle it in a mature manner.

As Asura released his wrist, Vinny pulled back close to his chest, rubbing the sore spot where Asura pinched his skin. ”No, no,” Vinny insisted at the Creo’s threat, looking up in alarm. The difference this time was, Asura actually had something he wanted - her medical expertise. It wouldn’t go well to piss his medic off even further, not when he was still hurting from his last encounter with a patron.

While the blatant rejection stung more than he would ever admit, Vinny folded his hands neatly in his lap. ”I’m ready, miss,” The Blackrust forced through gritted teeth ”And I’ll be a good boy this time.”

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