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Word Count → 259 :: For my darling Song <3
Hands dragging down his face, he sighed, slipping off the countertop and catching Rami's eye, before waving a hand to indicate that he was going to head out for a bit, snorting as he went, dust irritating his nose, threatening to send him off into another sneezing fit: their home was forever a cesspit of dirt. Each day he cleaned and each day the dirt and dust accumulated all over again.

That wasn't why he was heading out through – no. It was the ever-present noise: voices, banging, life going on around him that had him leaving the depths of the dim store and out onto the streets. Strange that after years of being surrounded by a sanctimonious family that he still struggled to deal with the abundance of noise: most of the time it didn't bother him that much, but out of the blue everything seemed to suddenly snap into focus, becoming impossible to ignore and he just needed a break from it all.

Taking to the silent streets was more than enough to meet his need for solitude and peace – he wouldn't go far, knowing that Shakir was likely to wreak havoc if he wandered too far and too long. Filling his lungs with cleaner air, he exhaled slowly, shaking out stiff muscles and picking up the pace. Amherst was rarely a quiet area and there was usually some form of entertainment to be found and if not, well, stretching his legs had been his intended purpose for leaving in the first place.

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