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Virue was walking along a stream, and across stream was a small copse with birds floating to and fro in the branches. Virue watched them intently. Then footsteps, the telltale sign of another for a few seconds as his ears perked sharply, he went to turn around and something hit his backside. Virue slumped over, and a hand grabbed his scruff and dragged him across the stream. He made a struggled yelp, ears folding back into his skull.

“Think you can talk to my sister, you good for nothin’”

“Wha-wha,” the coydog panted, and he was thrown down into the creek bed, his back scraping along the smooth stones down under the rippling water. The cold and damp draining the warmth from his face.

Virue looked up at his attacker, eyes half lidded, burnt out from the threat of danger there with him, alone in a forest. “Wha-man, I d-didn't—” “Shut it!”

Then Virue saw the wood club in his fat fingers, and he leaned down to the boy's level. Brown eyes on a gold-furred face smeared with dirt. “Go back to your sheeps, collie,” the man told Virue, and gave his shoulder a hard shove so his head found stones on the creek bed.

Virue came up out of the water, and blinked back the spinning shapes that came spiralling off from all directions, mouth jittering at the pain that fizzled white hot at the back of his head. “Sheep,” he said, “I-I'm a sh-sheep farmer, n-not a sheeps f-farmer.”

“You seriously want more snowflake?”

“N-not really, n-no,” but he'd decided that he did, because he sprung up from the water and tackled the yellow-haired wolf. Virue was easily shoved aside, and in that next second a fist struck his face. He staggered back and, blinking harshly at the man's face, put up his hands. A few leaves rustled through the grass, and the world moved a mile a minute.

The other guy laughed haughtily. “Can you even see what yer looking at there, bud?” The man shook off his hand.

Virue touched the side of his face, saw three fingers slick with blood. “No,” he replied again, “n-not really.”

A sun-hued woman stepped into view on the shore, off balance, eyes swinging about. She pointed to Virue. “Yep there's that jerk again! Get em Thomas!” She shouted loudly.

“I've n-never seen you in m-my life,” Virue said, eyes still glazed over from the last hit. “You won't see this either you—” and again Virue rammed into the other, this time knocking the man into the stream with him on top. They struggled, grunting bitterly. The blue eyed one growling low as he tried to hold the other off with water purling noisily over the wolf's broad shoulders.

And the not-right woman cheered, and the birds chirped.
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The beast padded through the Dampwoods close to Casa di Cavalieri, heading in a more northern direction than south. He was enormous in his Secui form, outweighing most Luperci in their Optime forms and could rival smaller-sized Optime individuals in height. His fur had grown even thicker over his broad, muscular frame that made him seem even larger than he was with the thick mane stretching over his neck and back that made him seem even taller than he was. Gone were the bandages now that enough time had passed since injury and since the stitches had been removed for scar tissue to build up, though he wasn't fully healed yet as there was still healing to go from this stage. The beast was adorned in only his necklaces that had been tied up and were now barely visible through the fur around his neck and there were only a couple of feathers in his mane. A magpie and a crow perched on the beast's shoulders as he walked, making little sound which was surprising for a beast of his size.

The Dampwoods was no longer safe in Iorek's eyes as he walked through the trees; Lux wasn't dead and that had come as a shock to the beast who had originally held the belief that he had been responsible for the man's death. To see the girl he attacked become something else was shocking to say the least, but there was also another component to everything that had happened since he had allowed himself to leave Casa di Cavalieri to continue his treks, - while keeping close to home as he had been requested - he had found how easily violence became an option for him. He knew that his past self, the one that had arrived at Casa di Cavalieri wouldn't be able to recognize him as he had once disliked violence after discovering the violent side that he possessed, though had learned to use it and control it. But that fight with the demon had been much different as he had fought to kill and maim, using his anger and the fear of dying had become almost a reality with him clinging to life and being out for a week. But now that he knew that the monster could still be out there, it made things different for the wolfdog.

The oversized hybrid was suspicious of every possible noise that suggested that he wasn't alone in these forests, wondering if the demon lurked behind or within each shadow. Casa di Cavalieri was surrounded by the Dampwoods and the beast went out often to scavenge or to find items and resources to bring back to the pack, especially now that he was still cautioned against fighting and doing anything that could be considered "strenuous", though he wasn't all-out banned. The beast moved as quietly as he could, making little noise that would announce his presence, trying to tell himself to trust the companions that would warn him. But he just couldn't stop himself from thinking of how the creature could be lurking behind every shadow - he hadn't died after the battle so anything was possible - and the giant male hoped that it was just his mind playing tricks on him.

The brown behemoth heard something else as he walked along a creek, something that sounded like a confrontation and a voice that sounded familiar. He padded softly through the trees, his dark and light pelt helping him to some degree with the trees still possessing some of their color. He saw a pair of golden-furred wolves and then a familiar brown and cream pelt that he had met once a while ago, but considered an ally regardless; however, he was shocked to see the male was in his Optime form, one he had not been capable of possessing when they had first met. What had happened that caused him to become one of the shifters? And then the beast saw the last half of the confrontation before the feral knight decided to intervene.

The hulking halfling sprang from the forests, choosing to attack the man who seemed like the one who was the most threatening, only because he was armed - something that the beast had to thank Teagan and Riley for teaching him that just because it doesn't have a blade doesn't mean that it's not a weapon - and because he seemed like the more antagonizing one. The beast knocked the wolf off of his opponent, sending him tumbling from the three-hundred pound battering ram that was the chocolate and cream brute, knocking his weapon away from him.

The crimson-eyed Cavalier let out a snarl that sounded deep from his chest, seeming more like a bear every second as he stood in front of the smaller hybrid. Trying for once to do better and give them a chance to run; he had seen how easily he had sprung into violence the last time. But his mind couldn't help but draw the connection of two ganging up on a smaller former non-shifter, the tone in their voices and how random the attack had been on someone who was just passing by, and the entrance that the beast had made wasn't much different from the one he had made not even three moons ago. What if the scarlet-eyed Lionheart hadn't made it there in time?

The yellow wolf scrambled to his feet, shocked and intimidated by the arrival of such an enormous creature, but it was two against one...and a half, right? "Come at me, boy. And we'll show you what happens to punks that interrupt."

And the beast saw red as he sprang.

I whisper truce as the ashes hit the ground.
Hush, love
No, I’m not what you think that I am made of.
Just a hero on a bridge that’s burning down
Can you see my scars?
Can you feel my heart?
This is all of me for all of the world to see

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