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POSTED: Thu Mar 14, 2019 8:13 pm


Finally got around to starting this thread for us. Sorry it took me so long. Let me know if there is anything you want me to change. Ossideal is traveling with Saint, one of Ankh's kids.

Ossideal was growing tired of being stuck in just one place like this with very little coming in to assist with his overall agenda. His sister had been the push that he needed to get going, to find this place that she had taken up residence in. A place that from the looks of things had been better than things were back at home. Brainwashed by their father's mentality, it was something that disgusted him. Women had their set roles in life, and to break them was something deemed unacceptable by all of them.

Not much else was being done, though Saint had been doing enough to pull his weight to continue traveling along with the jackal man. Men were far superior to females, more deemed acceptable to him by his family line. His own mother seemed at least content enough to have accepted her role at his fathers' sides, but that was not good enough for Khael.

Their womb was the only thing that kept the reddish man from making advances on them when he saw fit. His spawn would shape into all the creation god's children, once again giving them a life, one to live and shape on this mortal coil. It was just a matter of finding the right woman.

The hound and jackal had set up a camp just outside of Amherst. There was still some potential for this place to provide some use, at least with what little Saint had brought back to offer to him. News of the bar was nice, a place for wanders to gather would be fitting, especially if they didn't mind him and his joints. Then again, even just those working at a place like that were bound to know something.

Ossideal was thankful for at least one thing. The snow was starting to finally go away. How he missed the sands of his home. There wasn't a speck of white in sight no matter the time of the year. He will never understand what caused him to create such a thing that brought such a chill to his entire being. Spring needed to come much quicker than it was.

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