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Optime | Amherst (Biff’s Bar); evening (+771)

  • Frazier: Male, mutt | Short, portly; terrier-like personality, rash, & fiery
  • Duley: Male, low-content coydog | Tall, lanky, hairy; intelligent and plays dirty
  • Cole: Male, wolfdog | Large, thick; more brawn than he is brain

Kamari’s scent is disguised. Marked this Mature for future potty-mouth-ness and probable violence.

It was rare for the Shadow to bring company with her that wasn’t one of Shield or a close acquaintance. She was a creature that worked in a particular way, and her trust in others to not blow her cover were far and few. The past few evenings had been uncharacteristically foggy, and the cooler weather tended to bring more Luperci to linger at the bar. Capable fighter as she was, it was good to have a second set of senses sometimes for the journey back to the Kingdom.

That night, Kamari had asked for the blossoming Merchant Apprentice, Andrew Greygrief, to accompany her. His work with Quartermaster Helena outside the Kingdom led Kamari to believe that he was trustworthy. After all, Helena’s merchant work required quite of bit of interaction with Outsiders. If Helena thought him capable enough to accompany her for her trade ventures, Kamari thought it safe to test him herself with such a mundane trip to the bar.

During the journey over, she had explained to the Apprentice the specifics about her mission that evening; search for any juicy rumors about neighboring packs or noteworthy Loners or incidents in the area. It was a simple task, a good way for the Emissary herself to gauge Andrew’s abilities beyond that of a mere carpenter.

The bar was alive with its usual clamor, and nearly filled to the brim with guests. A large group had come in an hour or so before; all looking tired and in need of some relaxation, a good drink, and warmed food from a long journey on the road. Their attendance there that night helped to add a slew of distractions amongst the other on-goings. Bodies brushed closely, and the overall din of voices—slurred, shouted, or horribly sung—clinking drinks, throwing darts and card games, and music made it ideal for the Queen’s Eyes and Ears to be hiding in plain sight.

Kamari tossed her last dart into the board, purposely missing the bullseye. This earned a victorious hoot from two young men to her left as they realized they’d moved to the next round. “Guess this means I’m out,” she said with a chuckled laugh of defeat. She excused herself, allowing the group to continue on with their little competition without her.

It was time she checked in with Andrew.

Cornflower blue eyes quickly searched the bar, finding the man she was looking for after a momentary delay. She slipped through the crowd easily, dodging and weaving through the various bodies of the other patrons. “This seat taken?” She asked as she came up beside Andrew, a clawed finger tapping on the bar counter.

The bartender, Spud, lifted his eyes up from the mug he had been setting out to dry. With a blink, he turned to fetch her usual drink; something with a low-alcohol content.

On the opposite side of Andrew, three men arrived at the bar counter. The shortest of the three sat down roughly, smacking the palm of his hand against the countertop to catch Spud’s attention. His companions, a tall, lanky, long-haired coydog and a burly wolfdog, remained standing, though, lingered close.

“It’ll be easy,” the portly male reassured as Spud looked up and gave him a nod of acknowledgement.

The skinny one leaned against the bar with one arm. “It’s been foggy almost every night for the past week, Cole,” he agreed, sending an insipid glance at their thick-boned companion, “Frazier has the right idea. If we want to do it, there is no better opportunity.”

Spud returned to Kamari, passing her a small mug before moving over to the trio.

Cole shifted his weight. “It just seems risky, is all. We’ve never done anything this…” His face twisted as he searched for the right word. “…big.”

“I heard that the cider is pretty good tonight?” Frazier asked distractedly to Spud. The pale-furred bartender offered a noncommittal shrug. “We’ll each take one,” he decided with a frown, turning back to his two larger companions. “If Duley thinks it’ll work—” He gestured to the lanky man beside him with an open palm. “—it’ll work. Besides, I’m sure they have plenty to spare. What’s a few missing things here and there?”

Cole’s mouth twisted, still not convinced. “Why not go after that one of the others? The rumors of them don’t sound half as bad as the ones about—” He glanced around before leaning in a little more to his companions, finishing in a loud whisper, “—Salsola.”

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