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Till/Spartacus, Greed | Drifter Bay/Halcyon Mountain Foothills

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Scout Group 2 Prompt : THE UNDERHILL CAMP

The Erilaz has enlisted you in one of two scouting parties heading east from Salsola's border. There have been a few reports of strange Outsider activity in the area, and something about O'Riley's intense - borderline fanatic - energy has suggested to you that this scouting assignment is not as simple as it seems.

Inquisitor Kamari is leading your expedition. Beside a large, strange formation of grey granite boulders, your party uncovers a camp of what appears to be somewhere between 4 and 6 loners. Over the course of your stakeout, you and your companions will notice the following:

  • The fog is very thick here, making it difficult to see. It seems to move quickly around the camp, as though it is being stirred by a breeze you cannot feel.
  • One of the boulders has rolled - or been rolled - away from the main cluster. There is a dark red stain on top of it. At its base is a gathering of small bones. They appear to have come from multiple foxes, or some other small canids. There are teeth scrape-marks on them.
  • The Outsiders do not light a fire in their camp. They do not wear clothing, and they sleep in the open. At one point they come together for a slovenly meal - you cannot see what they are eating, but whatever it is, they eat it raw, and bicker violently among themselves for the scraps. It smells rancid.

Make sure to remain hidden. When you have seen enough, report back to the kingdom with great haste.

Optime | Drifter Bay | Backdated: October 31st; night (+578)

[SL] Curse of the Sanctum: Plot Stage III

Scouting party. Most of this is just setup and background information. Here’s some scene imagery of where we’ll be headed: here (huge boulders forming a general “rim,” high vantage points, a random, obviously moved, bloody boulder near one of the sides, thick fog, etc. etc.)

Kamari’s scent is disguised.

The plains of Drifter Bay were empty that night. Not a soul could be spotted for miles, not even the horse herds that were under the Kingdom’s claim. The temperatures were chilly, and the stiff breeze that managed to flit by every so often only served as a reminder of the winter season to come. The dried, yellowed grass blades gently waved under this caress, creating a soft, rustling sound in an otherwise silent world. Under the small sliver of moonlight in the velvet sky, the night was perfect for a scouting mission best suited for sneaky Salsolans.

Kamari let her cornflower blue eyes shift to the various locations of her male companions that had been assigned to her for the sortie that evening. They would have not been her first choice; a new male she did not know or trust, and the patriarch—and his young son—of the Ulrichs who hated every fiber of her lowborn blood. The assignment had made her briefly wonder if she had managed to anger O’Riley in some way. Given how uncharacteristically unstable his aura had been lately though, she’d easily dismissed the matter in general.

What mattered now was the task at hand. Personal feelings or grievances held no place on a mission. Though, Kamari would be sure to watch her own back just in case.

Upon returning from the Summit, patrols had continued, and that night would be no different. They would patrol out beyond the eastern borders, would scour the plains, would search for any questionable Luperci that might have had something to do with what had put the Queen and her Second on edge. If anything was found, they would investigate. Engagement was not an option unless it was a last resort.

As team leader, she set their general direction, allowing the men to choose their placement amongst the fan formation for their sweep. One to the left, another to the right, and one pulling up the rear. Being spaced apart meant they wouldn’t all fall prey to a single trap or ambushed attack, but, they were also close enough that they could quickly regroup if something of interest was found.

She had dressed in her usual clothing for outings beyond the Kingdom; her dark, hooded cloak that covered her equally dark tunic and pants beneath it. Furred, leather bracers were worn over each forearm, and her knife was secured in the small of her back. She carried her bow rather than shouldering it, and she ensured the arrows of her hip quiver only gave the faintest of rattles with her stealthy gait.

Her tall ears stuck out from her hood, listening attentively for anything amiss in the dark world that surrounded the group. Kamari’s thin muzzle tilted to the bitter breeze that flowed softly by, and, on it, she caught the first sign that they were not alone out on that chilly, late-autumn night. She paused, taking a deeper sniff to ensure she hadn’t smelt wrong. Cornflower blue eyes scrutinized the direction from which the breeze had come, spotting a distant formation of large boulders that decorated an incline. Thick fog lingered in and around the area.

With a soft yap, she ensured she gathered the attention of the males. A wordless jut of her nose indicated for them to change direction towards the rocks, for, surely, they’d caught the foreign scent of Outsiders on the wind too.

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Apprentice: Till Van Ulrich
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Till hadn't particularly been up to much of anything when he had been approached and told that he was going to be going on a special scouting mission. He had spent his morning readying himself to go out of Salsola, and when he had finally been ready, he shifted down into his halfling form. While O'Riley's tone had been dark but energetic about this scouting mission had not been particularly simple, or easy - the lower form of the coyote had been much easier to hide in the thick fog, as well as that he did not have to deal with his long hair getting in the way of his duty. Additionally, he was smaller and closer to the ground, in case he needed to high-tail it out of the area that they ended up in.

He had shown up to the rendezvous area to be greeted with the ever so excited face of the Inquisitor that he disliked possibly the most, but the Secui did not show his detest of the woman, and instead, he greeted her with an all too wide grin that was tense, especially on his halfling form, but he also wagged his tail in a friendly way, as if to silently signal that he didn't want to have any issues. He truly did not want to have an issue with her, and even in his greeting, he had been silent and submissive, with his large ears turned back on his head and his tail lowered. Once he had made sure that she knew that he was not meaning any harm, and that he was going to "play nice", he looked to the other companions, consisting of Greed and then his younger son, Spartacus. Till wondered if this had been done purposely, but did not question it. Maybe the Erilaz had heard of Spartacus' blooming into an interesting young man and he could let the youth tag along.

The wide grin did not leave Till's face as he traveled along with his comfortable companions (with the exception of Kamari, whom stuck out like a sore thumb in regards of the male's easy-going relationships with one another) and he easily trotted to the right of Kamari, choosing to stay pretty close, but not within reach of the woman, should she decide to lash out at the Apprentice for being "too close", or something else that was ridiculous that his mind had made up. He slowed his pace a few times, so that he could take in the scents that were around, and once he felt himself falling too far behind, he trotted back up and glanced at his companions. Scouting, honestly was not his most favorite thing to do, but he was asked to do it, and to accompany the Emissary, and he didn't think he had a choice to decline.

Till's ears twitched as his ink nose caught the scents of loners, and the concern welling within his chest had made his hackles raise on his back, and even though his wide grin did not fade, he did tense up quite a bit. He felt a small growl come from his maw before a soft woof had called him towards Kamari. His gait was tense as he moved towards her to keep himself closer to her and he ducked behind a large rock as they got closer and closer to the gathering of loners.

"Speech". Thinking.

October 31 || Night || Secui | Word Count: 577
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Crimson eyes like dying roses peered as the man who assigned him the task walked away. Spartacus wondered why he had been amongst the chosen to accompany not only his father, but the Emissary, and a man of his same rank. It was not a mission for only the higher ranked, for Spartacus knew that he would not have been involved, nor would the other male with earth tones to his fur. He contemplated the choices of the Erilaz, and he had not come to any solid conclusion, and instead, his father had snapped a few times in front of his face to get him to seemingly "wake up" from his deep thought.

As the night had come upon them, they were to set out on their mission, and once the deep fog set in, Spartacus found himself becoming nervous for the mission, and restless. His long tail flicked behind him as he tried to get ready, but once his father had shifted down into the halfling form, Spartacus knew that he should too. He was silent as he shifted down and then followed behind his father and to the rendezvous point. Spartacus gave a bow to all of the older beasts around him, for he knew that youth was damning in most cases. While Spartacus wanted to act the fool, he was in the presence of his father, and it seemed as if Till had tensed up a bit once they had found themselves in the presence of the others. He looked at the way that his father looked at the jackal, and he didn't quite understand what exactly had made Till tense about her, but he knew that if his father had a tenseness about him, then something was not quite right.

Spartacus did not hold the same racism that his father had, nor did he know about Till's dislike of jackals, mostly because it had never been a subject of conversation, and he had very little interaction with jackals in general. There were still many things that the youth did not understand about his father, but still Spartacus was loyal to his father, as he would be, forever, he assumed.

Spartacus was largely silent, like his father, but once the woman had them fan out, Spartacus found himself leading up the back of the pack of canines, with his nose to the ground and his steps careful, for he did not want to fall into any traps as they exited Salsola's safety and found themselves in the Land of the Wilds. Spartacus lolled his tongue from his coal-dipped maw as he kept a pace behind them and every once in awhile he would put his nose to the earth to take in the stench of Outsiders. His large ears caught the yip of the woman, and then the low growl of his father, and this made the rose-eyed male's fur stand on edge. His ears fanned back on his head and his head and neck were held parallel to the ground as he slunk his large body close to the woman and his father, but in between them, as if to keep them separated.

Why are they so close to Salsola? he asked his father in a hushed tone that was barely audible, and it was only greeted with a sharp look by the cosmic eyes of the Patriarch. Spartacus looked away from his father and to the jackal woman, as if to silently ask her what they were supposed to do.

Were they going to run them off? Why bother watching them when they had more than enough wolves to scare them off?Spartacus' ears lay flat on his head as he looked over the rock to try and make out what the luperci were doing in the thick fog that surrounded the area.

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Hello! o/

It was brought to his attention from the moment he entered the Thistle Kingdom that there was a dark tension brewing. Lithia was sure to keep him informed on the entirety of the situation. Now, he had been summoned on a scouting trip, a result of the knew knowledge coming to light that related directly to this darkness. Greed was quick to agree for this was yet another chance for him to prove himself to the Queen and everyone else who sat above him in rank.

One of those being Kamari, who lead the mission. She lead himself, Till, and the Ranger Apprentice's son Spartacus. Greed was lucky to have been enlisted to a group he was somewhat familiar with, aside from their leader. The thing was, it was clear there was a tension between the Ranger and the Emmisary, one that Greed would be certain not to escalate. A mission such as this relied heavily on efficient communication and teamwork. One slip up could mean danger for them all.

Greed was sure to properly introduce himself politely to the Kaiser woman and greet Till as his superior as well. He dressed for the occasion, having a large enough wardrobe to do so now. He wore an army green cloak with brown sleeves, allowing him to blend into most terrains with ease. His scent was cloaked, assuring he would not be noticed even if the breeze were to carry his musk towards their enemies. Other than that, he had little on him. Enenra, the Wakizashi, hung at his side, surely missing the presence of Onryo. Together, they made much too much noise and in delicate situations needed to be separated. Still, his hand rested on the weapon as they walked to assure no noise was created.

The terrain was very different here. The brush was dark, and had it not been quite chilly he would have blended in suitably without the help of clothing. He kept himself low. The fog also provided the perfect cover for them as they moved along, slowly, for they could barely see a few feet in front of them either. Greed remained to the left of Kamari while Till moved on her right side with Spartacus between them.

Greed picked up the scent of the strangers just as Kamari quietly alerted them. Honey hues watched her motion, and then follow to the group of boulders they were silently creeping towards. The scent drifted from that direction, which meant they were close. His gaze narrowed and muzzle wrinkled lightly in distaste for the Outsiders. They were in foreign waters now.

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Halcyon Mountains (foothills) (+667)

Reference to what the tNPCs will look like: here.
Visual reference of location: here.

More background/scene-setting. I set up the scene for them to investigate the second bullet point - the blood stains and critter bones. I tried to have Kamari interact with all characters so y’all have hopefully a little more to reply to/get into the depth of the thread<3

Their attentions gathered, the group altered their heading with little delay or fuss. Their party tightened as they drew closer to their destination, and the yearling, Spartacus, broke formation in order to sate a curiosity that he could no longer keep to himself. She flicked one of her large ears when she heard his whispered voice, and only spared him a glance when she felt his crimson gaze upon her a beat later. It appeared his father was unwilling to answer, and, so, he seemed to look to her for what he sought.

Flicking her cold gaze forward once more, she answered in similarly hushed tones, if only to keep the Family member from possibly acting out brashly from being ignored. He was young, and, of the three, likely the one with the least experience judging by the fact he had asked the question at all. “That’s what we’re here to find out. We observe, and we report back. We are not to engage.” Her words were clipped, to the point, with her tone indicating that there would be no argument otherwise. Their mission’s success rode on their ability to remain unnoticed.

The fog grew thicker, slowly engulfing the scouting party until they disappeared completely within it from the outside world. They could still see each other, however, anything more than fifteen or twenty feet became difficult to see with their only light being the that of the moon and stars. The fog curled and moved by an unseen force, creating an eerie sort of atmosphere that would have made a lesser Luperci turn tail.

The terrain inclined gradually upwards and became littered with varying-sized slabs of granite that had fallen from the mountains many centuries before. Some were small, others were like boulders, and others still were so large that they had firmly become one with the earth once more. Dried grasses and hardy bushes blanketed the grounds. Lichen crawled across many of the rocky surfaces, cushioning the scrap of stealthy claws as Kamari led the group on a winding route away from what looked like a main pathway.

The foriegn scents grew stronger the further up they went, and it became quite clear that the Outsiders were not simply in the area for just the night. Urine markers indicated they’d been in the area for some amount of time, though, nothing as long-lasting as a Loner band or pack might have been. The group scent that lingered smelled strongly of wolf and dog, though, there was an outlier that was coyote.

Kamari brought the group to a halt as they came upon a small area of relatively level ground. There were large, heavy boulders of granite that seemed to line the area, though, one of them looked to be clearly displaced. Her nose flared at the scent of old blood, and she made eye contact with the men, wordlessly gesturing them to fan out and investigate the immediate area.

She let the fingers of her draw hand caress the fletching of her arrows as she cautiously stalked forward with her teammates. Her ears listened for any sign of trouble, and her cornflower blue gaze scrutinized every shadow. Nothing stood out though, and, wherever the Outsiders were, it was not there. When the area was secured, they all convened near the misplaced boulder.

Even in the pale moonlight, the dark stain that covered the rock’s surface stood out. Kamari knelt down, fingers grazing the stone while she took a sniff to confirm suspicions. Dried blood. Her eyes flicking to the various bones that decorated the base, she asked Till in quiet tones, “Does this look like witchcraft to you?” A non-believer of the supernatural and one without faith in a superior being, she deferred to his expertise in the matter.

Her gaze shifted to the Family member, Greed, next. “Anything catch your eye either?” Anything about he’d seen or smelt thus far? Anything he noticed of importance?

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