I’ll bring you to the garden where we’d go

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Flower gleam and glow,
let your power shine
See the Light, it's blinding

Sometimes, she woke first, whilst he still laid in repose.

Upon her paws did head rest, only the blue of her eyes moving, and she watched him sleep. Saw the rise and fall of his heavy chest, the twitching of tattered ears and jerks of paws. He dreamed, but of what? She could only wonder and allow her speculation to run wild.

Within sleep, the heavy lines of his face remained relaxed, no scowl or tenseness to hold them stagnant. The years fell from him, in-spite of the greying at his muzzle, across his temples. Nothing held itself at the ready, to respond to threat, whether real or imagined, and it was during such times that Lucia could allow herself to fall into the other reality of what she saw.

Were such things fostered by the restless spirit that hovered atop both of them, one that the woman still remained unaware of, it would continue to be unknown.

Were you a king?

She knew that he was, had been told by... someone. Just as she had known him as a young boy, fresh with life, full of hope. When the moon of his other eye had been bright and yellow.

Lucia knew so much more than she would ever admit, more than she had any right to know.

The pale Amarok felt she could reach and touch those jagged bit of him that did not quite fit, those broken by trauma, damaged in the explosion of youth, and the continued judgement. She did not, for this would cause pain, unnecessary so, not like those wounds she had seared with heat and flame.

Peering down now, at her own self, Lucia turned her own paw, and looked there at the scar across her pad. From the first time he had come to her, with the blood weeping from his leg. The iron of his weapon had cut her, though at the time she had not felt it, and the hot iron had seared it closed forever, branding it into her skin.

The cost was worth this. The price she had paid, was negligible to herself.

Though he slept, and there came no words from herself, the body of herself moved, ears and muscles turning to the right places, and she expressed love to his silent, latent form.

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