Dry toes

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Annoyance lingered in the lines of the brawler’s face even as the distance grew between them and the nosy pair that had spent a good chunk of their precious time toying with his nerves. Jamie, most likely still feeding off of the attention she had received from the shameless female, remained silent. Somehow she still managed to irk without words, her insolence showing through the extra teeth in her smile or the upbeat rhythm of her gait.

Even after so many years traveling together he still didn’t get it. The only thing he must do to get his daughter to stop tormenting him was to stop making it so damn fun. His distress – and this was an opinion shared by quite a few individuals – was a very amusing thing to witness. To think that he hadn’t yet discovered that these strangers had stolen more than just his peace of mind. Oh how much fun Jamie would be having then.

The breeze shifted and the foreboding scent of incoming rain had the Mexican pausing in his tracks. As much as he wished to hurry onward to conduct his dealings with the shady Kingdom he had to think more like his diplomatic (nerd) brother and consider the kind of impression two soaked travellers would make demanding the attention of the Leadership at the borders under such unfavorable climatic conditions. Unprepared, informal, sloppy.

”We must find a spot to camp.” He said gruffly. His daughter, following his line of thought looked up to the sky. The shade of grey had deepened quickly but luckily no thunders could be heard, suggesting that the incoming rain wouldn't develop into a storm. The bad weather should pass relatively quickly. However with their merchandise in tow even a moderate downpour was worrisome. The spices and the other dry consumables would easily get ruined should water seep into their containers.

She snorted in disdain to their luck and nodded, clutching the mule’s lead to urge it forward.

The buildings in the area were all one or two stories high, likely residences of small families during the era that came before. Inexpensive construction resulted in completely or partially collapsed structures, those still standing likely unstable. ”Be careful, we need a roof but let’s make sure it doesn’t fall on us while we sleep.” He said before they took their separate ways in order to find a suitable shelter more quickly.

Miedoso huffed as he was separated from the other equine, his nervous demeanour easily attributed to the many scents left behind by other luperci travelers, some more recent than others. Mindful of this Rocky kept an ear out for any nearby loners as he approached what remained of an old grocery shop that looked intact enough to be worth checking out

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