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And way down we gO

Clunk. Clunk. Clunk.

With every strike of his knife, Urho grunted and slashed harder, carving out more and more pieces of the broken stump. There was no real point to this other than exerting energy and practicing his strikes, but he didn't really care. Preserving the stump of a fallen tree wasn't high on his list of priorities, especially in a land he had no attachment to. He didn't even need wood for a fire, not even needing a fire at all. So, he just watched the chips fly as he struck over and over until his arm felt too tired, switching to his off hand to make sure his strength was evened out.

A pile of chipped wood had grown around him by the time he felt his arms too fatigued to continue. It wasn't even that late in the day, maybe late afternoon if he could tell right. The sun was far above the horizon, more than he was used to. Back home, the sun often left for months at a time during the winter, only coming back in the spring and summer months. But here, there was sun year round, even during the cold seasons.

With a final chop, Urho struck the khukuri deep into the wood and left it, walking over to his bag and digging out dried, salted meat from a small sealskin pouch. There wasn't much left of it, meaning he would have to go out and hunt some more to prepare and keep for his travels. He decided to finish it off, stuffing the pouch back into the rucksack while he smacked on the remnants of the contents.

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Word Count → 000 :: Simeis (colt), Vela (mare), Cassiopeia (mare)

The female had nowhere to be and nowhere to go. She wasn't expected by anyone, not even the male that she introduced herself as seeking out. Her brother had left before she had and so there was no way for him to know that she had left the place of their birth as well. Or perhaps he may have returned there and so he did know. Either way she didn't truly expect to run into him despite her saying that she was out looking for him. Of course that wasn't the exact truth either. She would take running into him and reuniting with him if it were to be so but she wasn't about to fret if it didn't end up happening.

The woman moved with a trio of horses in an ambling sort of way. It war more the grazing horses that set her destination for her as they roamed while they ate. As there was nothing that demanded her time or her attention then there was no rush to be anywhere or to do anything.

It was only when the sound of another working the in vicinity was brought to her attention did she think to actually lead her party. A sharp bark was used to gain the attention of the mares and foal and had them following as she went to inspect where the sounds were coming from.

By the time she got to the appropriate area the sound had ceased but that hardly mattered for who was causing the noise was now apparent. "I suppose that you wouldn't know anything about a water bearer." Pisces called out as she approached the male. The female was decked out in her usual finery of horse hide and bear fur with her urumi cinched around her waist and her chakram rested around her neck with a pair of chakri about her wrists.

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