blind as night that finds us all

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Setting Notes Location
  • Location: Drifter Bay, near mountain foothills
  • Date: Mid-November
  • Weather: Cloudy, cold
  • Time: Evening

-- ugh this sucks bc i forced it out but hopefully it's okay enough D;

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Four black shapes dotted the overcast sky, whirling in a loose group or circling individually out over the hills and marshland of northern Drifter Bay. One raven swiveled its head as it flapped out in front of the others, uttering a solitary caw that dropped without an echo in the cold air, and the others seemed to scatter -- until one plunged and flew lower over a thicket, shouting an accented Boss!

Vesper woofed and slipped between brambly bushes, smoothly overcoming her recent limp. She sat until the other young birds, noticing that she'd been found, flew back around and croaked between themselves. Quinn, sleek and bright-eyed at the head, landed on the bent branch of a short tree then fussed as the others settled on either side of him.

Amused, Vesper watched them. It took a few hortatory threats to coax the ravens from their copse in the cold evening, but a good Ravenmaster was nothing if not persuasive. Training the occasionally unfocused juveniles was good use of her time -- since most of that was spent dwelling on darker things. She glanced at them then croaked softly, and the young birds took off again, playing and squabbing in the air while Quinn flew low near her side.

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Great white nortH

It was as if fate refused to let Urho mingle with the fauna of nature. He could cut down wood, handle fire, and slay beasts of all kinds, but should he try to tame them, all hell breaks loose. Horses hated his presence and anything else that one could consider a pet or beast of burden was usually food to him.

It was his blood, he always cursed. Cursed to slay and never befriend. At least, anything other than what he considered humanoid. Not that any being was exempt from the blade, but he at least didn't think about it first before trying to strike up a conversation. He was a gleeful man at heart, it was hard for him to want to strike first and ask questions later.

Birds were an interesting thing to him, considering that they had more freedom than any other creature, especially ones built like the Finn. He was almost jealous of the ability, but figured it would be useful to harness if he could ever get close enough without getting his eyes pecked out. It seemed that others came into this skill easy, such as the coyote Urho noticed travelling among the crows he'd often seen in Drifter Bay. He walked this area a few times over, thankfully, and it was already starting to feel more and more familiar every time he passed through.

You're not from Salsola, he reminded himself, trying to think about the practices of the Family. It was best not to tip others off, he remembered. Cover your scent, despite it being new. Act boring. To everyone else, you're just a bumbling fat fool in the countryside.

At least he played the part well. He lived it for months on end.

A short bark was sounded to warn the coyote of his presence, as if his large body didn't do that on its own.

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