[M] Tonight, Foxes Hunt The Hounds

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"With foxes, we must play the fox"
Word Count: 1,180
OOC: Optime | Sticks and Stones | Mid August

Fox rescue one!

Along a well trodden path, two Luperci walked. The one at the front was large and his dark fur blended in with the shadowy forest. The female behind him had shocking silver fur that contrasted greatly. She was also quite small compared to the male at the lead. Behind the tiny girl was a large dapple grey pony that followed her without any reins. Perched on his back was a grey and black tabby with bright cyan eyes and next to the feline perched a large corvus and above them, a large barn owl flew.

Jarix had dragged them out today to visit a fur trader. In one of Jasper's saddlebags were furs that the trapper was hoping to trade. He also carried a sack of some traps and items he had wittled. Avinalora also had a smaller bag that she was carrying with herbs and some smaller traps. Her brother also wanted to visit some other merchants as well on this trip. She honestly thought that he should have been a trader, too.

The vixen could tell that they were nearing the trader as she could smell horses and could faintly hear them pawing the ground and snorting. Her crepuscular brother sped his pace, forgetting about the crew behind him and he soon left her range of vison, blending in with the mess of dark hues.

Finally, the Pollux caught up with the Caelum who was now talking with the trader. "Forgetting someone?" She asked loudly. Her coal-colored male gave her a guilty look and the she-jackal just glared at him. After commanding the pony to stay, she made her way over to the wagon which was had a covering made of a ribcage of sticks with hide stretched between them. The dark jackal hybrid returned to his conversation with a tall coywolf and the medic took this as an invitation to start looking around.

As the ravenette walked towards the cart, someone jumped down from the back and came around to greet her. He was a yearling with a dog-like look. He had floppy ears and his snout wasn't a wolf's His fur was chocolate brown with black splotches and a sweeping tail. He was dressed in a leather vest and pants and had a peculiar hat on his head that looked to be raccoon fur, and was that a coon tail hanging from the back?

"Hello there, Miss. Declan Merca at your service. Looking for anything in particular?" Declan asked as he straightened his hat. The girl thought for a second before replying. "I'm just browsing. The Midnighter did want to look for some items but she wasn't sure what she wanted. "Well then, no problem. Follow me!" The Merca boy said as he led her to the back of the wagon. One could enter the wagon via some sort of wooden stairs. She managed to climb the steps, refusing help from the yearling. He opened the door for her and beckoned her in.

The foxlike female was surprised by how the caravan looked. There were shelves with pelts displayed on one side, and on the other there were shelves of leather and cloth. Between the shelves was a space wide enough for a Luperci.

"Amazed, right? The dog asked and the moon-washed maiden nodded. "Da-I mean Kaufer spent a lot of time working on her. He fixed this up and made it awesome! Yeah it is a bit heavy, but at least we have five horses!" The boy rambled as the she-jackal inspected the wares.

The mist-hued girl scented something that drew her attention to the corner of the covered-wagon. She could smell traces of milk and a smell that she couldn't place. As inconspicuously as she could, the raven-haired girl made her way towards that corner. There was a pelt draped over something that looked boxy. Then, her pricked ears heard something that made her immediatly reach for the fur and yanked it off, a squeaky whine. Underneath was a cage with two young fox kits curled inside, staring up at her with wide eyes. Then, Kaufer walked in leading her night-hued brother. She fixed him in her bi-hued glare and shouted, "What are these kits doing in a cage? She hated seeing anything without freedom and the fact that they were only babies made her anger soar.

"And here-What are you doing?" The coyote trader asked as he saw the scene. He glared at the boy and yelled, "Didn't I tell you specifically to hide them!" The wide-eyed Luperci looked between the jackal woman and his father before blubbering, "I did! She found them!"

The monochrome belle could see her brother trying to talk to the trader. "I forgot to mention that my sister has very keen senses." The black-furred man said with a stronger British accent that indicated that he was upset. "You better put them down, girl The coyote-dog snarled. The light grey girl suddenly spoke in a calm voice. "Oh look, trader Kaufer is threatening his customers. If I told everyone about such bad customer service, nobody in 'Souls will trade with you. I mean word does travel fast around here." Kaufer's eyes widened as he to negotiate. "No, no, no. Lets try to be reasonable." A smirk graced her features as she said, "I'll take the foxes." The trader tried offering something else but the medic wouldn't be swayed. Finally, he agreed and then the jackal mutt slyly smiled before saying, "A pleasure doing business with you." And then she moved past the traders and left the wagon. No one noticed the jackal mutt had a few extra items in her sack, having grabbed them during the argument.

Her teal-eyed brother opened his mouth to try to say sorry, but nothing came out. He regarded both with a nod before scuttling out with his bags in tow. The ivory female had called the horse to follow them. The darkling noticed that the sack that his sister carried seemed to have more stuff in it. Still in silence, he tapped his sister on the back and she turned around. Then, he pointed at the bag. She smirked and said "Figured the merchant could learn a lesson." and then handed it to her brother to look in. Inside the bag was silver cloth, green cloth, and some black and brown leather. The male's jaw dropped.

Once away from the traders, the heterochromia-afflicted girl set the cage very gently onto the ground before opening it.The first one to step out of the cage was a male with darker grey fur and more vibrant orange markings and dark blue eyes. The next one to step out was a female with light grey fur and light markings and lilac colored eyes. "Hello, I'm Avinalora" She said softly. The blue eyed male smiled and said, "Thanks for helping us!" His sister just nodded and smiled. "You're welcome. What are you're names? The male grew confused the female responded "He never gave us any." The silvery jackal frowned slightly before saying "Don't worry, we'll give you names,"

[M] for Blood!
Lupus | After fox rescue 1 | Alcrest Shore

Time had passed since Avinalora had adopted the two fox kits. Once Jarix had gotten over the shock, they had a conversation in which he had accepted them. Now they were named. The male was named Garrett Ash and the female was named Luna Mist. After a bit of research she determined that they were a bit over two months old and figured out their species which was a grey fox and she learned that they could climb and were omnivorous like the medic.

They had brought the foxes back to their home and got them situated. They had a small room that they had turned into their bedroom. Luna was starting to learn how to read and was interested in learning about herbs. Garrett was being taught by Eclipse how to hunt and often came with the darkling male on trap-checking. It was at this time that the moon-washed maiden felt comfortable enough to go to the mainland. She was going to teach her pupil about finding herbs.

The two healers had boarded the ferry in the morning, the silver vixen in Lupus form so that she could teach the Mist girl easier. Flying above them was Onyx, a large raven-crow. He was coming along in case of an emergency and he was carrying her satchel. The healer-in-training handled the boat trip quite well considering as this was her first time, though she seem calmer once they were on dry land. Once they had gotten to dry land, the avian decided to fly off but she knew that he would be within calling distance.

Avinalora was now showing Luna a small marigold bush. "What is marigold good for? She asked. The grey fox took a moment to remember before responding with "For wounds! The kit responded and the monochrome female nodded with a smile. Her new protégé had a good mind for herbs and would make an excellent healer. "Now you're going to learn how to harvest it." She said and then poked her muzzle near one of the stems. "Make sure to leave a few stalks behind so that the plant doesn't die and don't take off the stems with flowers or bulbs." The medic instructed and then demonstrated by nipping off one of the shoot. Then she stepped back and beckoned her student to try.

Luna walked cautiously over towards the bush and after a bit of investigating on one of the lower stalks, with a quick bite she bit off a bine. She pranced back to the moon-washed maiden with the marigold in her mouth. She was about to say something when a loud squawk interrupted her. The corvus flew through the trees and landed between them.

The raven was in a frenzy as he explained in Low-Speech that there was a bloody pup with a dead mother. The foxlike Luperci asked of the pup's condition and he replied with a shrug. "What did Onyx tell you? What's wrong?" The light grey fox asked. She was still learning Low-Speech and didn't understand a chirp of what he said. "Someone is injured and I need to go and help them. You need to hide there until Onyx or I get you." The Midnighter said and pointed at a hollow in one of the tree roots. The fox kit nodded and then bounded into the hole. She then told the crow to lead her to the pup. She was lucky that she was in Lupus form and could run fast.

Her crow companion led her upon a bloody scene and the ivory female was lucky that she chose to leave the young fox behind. The slain body of a red fox lay in the middle of a small clearing, crimson staining the grass around her. Only a few paces from the mother fox was a tunnel under the roots of a strong oak. She had evidently tried to defend her den from an intruder. The former loner scented the air and woven in the stench of blood was the smell of a young cougar.

Onyx led her to the entrance of the den and bi-hued eyes could make out the form of a young fox who's fur was dark smoke and his tail, legs, and snout dipped in ink. She rushed towards the kit who was still breathing and was out cold. She thought that he had minor wounds; a shallow scratch on his side and a bleeding ear until she saw his face. Where his left eye should have been was nothing but a large gash.

The she-jackal snatched the satchel from the bird with her teeth and then started rummaging through the bag. She yanked out a bundle of cobwebs and started applying it to the fox's wounds. Once the bandages were secure and were stopping the bleeding she told the raven that they had to move the kit since the gory scene outside would draw predators. He pointed out the fact that the pup was half her size and offered to help carry him. The belle nodded and said that once they were out of the den, she would shift into Optime so that she could carry him back. The bird gently grasped the smoke-furred fox's scruff and she pushed her head under his rump and the pair awkwardly carried him out of the den.

Once they had moved the grey and black fox, they gently set him on the ground and the argent female started to shift. Her legs and arms lengthened and popped, her front paws becoming hands, her body grew and black flowing hair blossomed from her head. Soon, she was in Optime form. Looking through her satchel, she pulled out a folded garment. It was a new dress she had made for herself from the items she had stolen from the trader. The top half was silver and once it was at her hips it was soft, black leather that went down almost to her knees. The argent female had spent a long time making the outfit and was happy to see that it folded easily into her satchel.

Once the female was ready, she gently picked up the fox kit and walked as quickly as she could back to where she had left Luna. Onyx had flown ahead and made a small nest of moss and leaves. She placed the pup onto the bed and the grey fox raced out of the tunnel and stopped, almost skidding when she saw the kit.

Avinalora gave her no time to ask questions. "Get as much marigold as you can! She barked and the Mist female nodded and ran to complete the task. She told the crow-raven to grab cobwebs and he obliged. The young vixen raced back with as much marigold as she could carry and the healer thanked her before grabbing a mortar and pestle from her satchel and made a poultice. Then, she carefully removed the cobwebs and applied the poultice to the injured fox kit's wounds. Then, her avian companioned returned with a beakful of cobwebs which the medic placed onto the wounds. Then, she took her student and bird aside to explain to them about something.

"He may not remember what happened to him when he wakes up." The Pollux explained carefully, both in High-Speech and then in Low-Speech. "Why? The healer trainee asked with the raven echoing her. "Because when something really bad happens to someone, their brain protects them by hiding the memories." She answered and then translating it for the corvus. They both nodded understandingly and then they went back to their patient.

After an hour, the kit woke up. The Midnighter had reverted to her Lupus form as she thought her Optime form would scare him and now sat in front of the pup. They had moved him into another tree hollow and Luna and Onyx were waiting outside the make-shift den. A silvery-grey eye opened and a soft, quivering voice asked, "Where am I? What happened?" The silver vixen responded in a calm voice, "What do you think happened?" The kit's eye darted towards her before saying, "I don't know. Who am I?" He asked. The argent Luperci was both relieved and scared. The kit's memory was totally gone. Perhaps he had hit his head and it wiped his memory? Or did the shock of losing his mother cause his brain to hide every single memory of his mother. "We don't know but we'll figure that out." She replied. The kit then asked another question, "What happened to my eye?" The belle thought for a second before saying, "There was an accident, but you're fine. She didn't want to confuse him with a long-winded explanation and didn't want to somehow trigger those memories.

Word Count: 1,469

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  • Word Count: 449
  • Date: A week after Fox Rescue 2
  • Time: Noon
  • Form: Lupus

A week had passed since they had found the kit, now named Spencer Twilight. He seemed to have adjusted well to the change in life and got along well with the other household members. Still, Avinalora worried about him suddenly remembering his past and being traumatized, but she knew the memories would come back some day.

The group had decided to stay inside today because of the rain. The moon-washed maiden was in her Lupus form so that she could try to figure out how to make things easier for the kits who would never be able to assume as bipedal stance as they were incapable of becoming Luperci. She felt slightly saddened by this as they would be surrounded by Luperci but never be able to do things that they could do.

The silvery vixen was making her way around the house and checking on everyone. Their home was modest and they were lucky to have found it. They had a good-sized central room where the door was. There was also a small kitchen to the left and a hallway leading to the jackal sibling's rooms. There was also another room that became the foxes' bedroom and a small room that became the bird's roost. Additionally, in each of the bedrooms had a small room connected to it. The healer used hers as a place to store poultices and herbs. The trapper used his to store all of his extra traps.

The petite female found Eclipse sleeping on the table. Tyler was sleeping in his nest on a shelf. Onyx was perched on the window sill and watching the rain outside. Jarix was sitting on his bed and reading a book. Luna was in the herb room sorting herbs while mumbling to herself. Garrett was practicing his stalking and pouncing on a scrap of leather. And Spencer was lying in his nest and staring out the window. Once the monochrome female had finished her rounds, she leaped onto her bed and curled up into a ball.

The Pollux was thinking about the foxes she had taken in. Did she consider them to be her children? The foxlike Luperci would never be able to bear offspring but she felt that they were something else to her. Younger siblings? That was close enough to what she thought of them. The ivory female thought of it as she and the darkling were guardians to the juvenile foxes. They were addressed by name or sometimes a nickname by their wards so Avinalora knew that they didn't think of her as a mother which she was fine with.

Once finished with that train of thought, heterochromia-afflicted eyes closed as she soon fell asleep.

"We are not your ordinary family"

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