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Under the balmy forenoon light, the flower fields looked as if gilded in gold. The pale woman drew in breath, puncturing the stillness with the sound of her exhale. With her free hand, Tekla felt absently at the rosary dangling betwixt the furrow of her collarbones; the smooth wood, the beads and bones of absolution.

The other digits still gripped tightly to Aida's lead, whom had grown restive at her side— pawing at the dewy sod upon which they stood.

The dappled mare had lost some weight since their departure, and the wolf-dog imagined that she hadn't fared much better. She strove to keep up appearances as best she could, donning each day a fresh shift, a combed mane, but this only went to achieve so much.

Tekla felt lost, heavy with fatigue, and the guilt still sprang from fresh pools beneath the concave of her chest. Oddly yet, she could find within herself not a smidgen of regret.

The hybrid worried at her bottom lip, perplexed. Her eyes, feverishly red, watered with the glare of what she could only perceive as blistering daylight. She pulled her hood up over the crown of her head, and finally tugged Aida to motion.

For the meantime, Tekla decided, they’d continue their scoping of the place, till fate would admit them otherwise.

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"Peroxide princess shine like shark teeth"

A small shape walked through the field of flowers that still clung on as winter neared. Her frame looked skinny despite the layer of clothes adorning her body and she was very small for a Luperci. The amount of fur left uncovered on her person was silver and the only appendage without any covering was her long bottle-brush tail. The hybrid was quite different from the coyotes, dogs, wolves, and hybrids in Nova Scotia. Her ears were large and her muzzle was slender but not tapering like a coyote's. She was a jackal, but to most jackals the girl was quite different. The small amount of wolf blood in her lineage gave her the bright fur she wore and could have contributed to her tail. It didn't give her the thick fur that most had and meant that clothing was a necessity. The fox-like woman was dressed in a light silver dress with long sleeves. The garment reached her mid-thigh and was fur-lined and hooded. She also wore a pair of dark pants and carried a satchel. Her mismatched green eyes scanned the area as she stepped.

Avinalora was once again wandering through the neutral lands. Drifter Bay wasn't too far for her and perhaps she would find herbs there. It was already cold for the healer and her sister, Adrian had decided to make her a winter dress to go along with her summer-spring dress. It wasn't winter yet, but she didn't care if the ivory stood out. Her fur was already silver so it didn't make any more difference than her walking in Lupus. The flowers would soon be gone as the cold came, so the vixen should at least enjoy the beauty while it lasted. But her eyesight was pretty much useless; the she-jackal was blind in her left eye and could barely see out of her right. But the blurred image was better than nothing.

The wind shifted and the moon-washed maiden detected the scent of another Luperci and a horse. Her sense of smell was quite keen, as was her hearing which helped her navigate. The stranger was female and no pack-scent- the scent of many individuals sharing a similar scent- was on her which meant that she was a loner. The medic was partial to loners since she had been one for most of her life until she had joined Midnight Shores. The woman's smell didn't arouse any suspicion for her. No smell of another person's blood nor sickness clung to her scent which meant a possibly safe meeting, but there was always the chance that things could go south. The jackal was going to risk it.

"Hello!" The Midnighter called out once she could make out the stranger and her mount's hazy silhouettes from the mess of greens and browns. She had learned a lot from her wandering and the best approach with unknowns was a friendly greeting from afar. Though, the loner probably would have seen the monochrome fox because of her color scheme that was like a white cloud in the middle of a cloudless sky.

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The figure was like an incise of stark pearl in the daylight, but would have likely passed unnoticed had Aida not given a wary snort in her direction. Once apprised, however, Tekla's gaze cut quickly to the object of her mare's agitation.

Bright red eyes narrowed a fraction, but the stranger called out good-naturedly, and the wolf-dog's reservations fell away.

"Hello there!" She responded, wading through flowers and grass-roots as her mount pulled forward down the center of the lea. Tekla paused her advance a few feet from where the jackal stood, and drew back hard on the ropey coil to which her companion was tethered. "I am Tekla, and this muchacha bonita is called Aida."

She grinned, offering the horse a fond pat on the shoulder. Aida nuzzled against her skull in response, and the hood slid back from her browline.

The woman blinked, momentarily whelmed by the light. When the smoldering eased, Tekla found that she could consider the individual before them with heightened clarity; she was quite small, oddly proportioned and— had she been nearer— the wolf-dog might have been intrigued to note the mismatch of her eyes.

"What brings you, stranger?" Tekla inquired, and these words evinced the foreign lilt of her tone.

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The woman's equine companion alerted the woman to Avinalora's presence. The woman offered a friendly greeting and walked towards her. Then, she could taken in the stranger's appearance. Her fur was dust-hued with darker points and she had large red eyes. The watering of the woman's eyes didn't go unnoticed by the healer and it didn't take her long to try to guess why. The fox-like Luperci had heard about how lighter-hued individuals were sensitive to light, and while it wasn't that sunny, it might be harsh on her eyes. That might be the reason that the wolf hybrid wore hooded garments despite her thicker fur. Or perhaps the female was cold and was allergic to grass.

The loner introduced herself as "Tekla" and then said something that referred to the horse and then the name of the creature. The jackal didn't know much about other languages, but that might be something she would want to change. Knowing an extra language would be beneficial to her, but what language would she learn? There were many different tongues and her eye disorder had proved problematic since the Midnighter couldn't read for long. But that thought was pushed to the back of her head when Tekla asked of why she was out here.

The moon-washed maiden took a second to remember why she had journeyed to Drifter Bay. She had a slight idea to observe the scenery and try to grab some herbs. She had already found a few; Arnica, dandielion, coltsofoot, and marigold. Only one of those plants were useful for the cold season since the only plant that treated colds was coltsfoot and the rest were for wounds. But wounds were common and the silver she-jackal should be thankful that she had even found these medicines.

"Just wanting to take in the little scenery I can actually see and a bit of herb gathering." The monochrome medic replied.

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