signs of life


POSTED: Thu Dec 01, 2016 1:06 pm

In Person:
reserved for: Avinalora
setting: westernmost area of Wentworth, close to Colchester Quarter
time of day: noonish
weather: overcast, cold

In Character:
Avigail sat hunched atop a bowed tree that had been forced to bend beneath another larger fallen tree. She looked out into the forest from her high perch and quietly hoped for signs of life to spring from the dead Autumn leaves. Something, anything.., a juicy little mouse, a scavenging squirrel, or perhaps an unwitting bird. But alas she was hungry and alone, or so she thought.
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POSTED: Fri Dec 09, 2016 8:49 pm

Before it gets better, the darkness gets bigger

A pair of creatures walked through the trees of Wentworth Valley. A feline and canine walked side by side. The canid was slightly taller than the cat by almost three inches but seemed like she weighed less as she was skinny and was short furred with most of her fur concentrated in her fox-like tail. The female was silver with a darker flecked saddle and had a narrow face with large ears. Her eyes were mismatched shades of green but it was very subtle. A small silver cloak covered the tiny creature and she walked on three legs, the fourth held off the ground.

The feline was a beautiful grey and black tabby with a semi-foreign build. Her fur was semi-short and she had a plumed tail. She walked with a cheetah gait and the tip of her ear was missing. Bright blue eyes shone from the monochromic background of her pelt as she looked around.

Avinalora and Eclipse were taking a needed break from their brood of foxes. Garrett, Luna, and Spencer were left in the care of the jackal's sister, Adrian. The kits had changed their lives a lot. The tabby had taught them how to hunt and climb and the kits taught her how to speak high-speech. The she-cat was a quick learner and was almost fluent. The vixen had learned how to be a mother, but she never called herself that. She was their guardian and the foxes were her wards.

And then the monochrome fox scented a new scent. Through the smells of autumn she scented a cat. She wasn't smelling the blue-eyed queen since her smell smelled like foxes. The stranger cat did share a simillar scent, one that the nearly-blind Luperci identified as female.

"Do you smell that?" The moon-washed medic asked her feline friend. She knew that cats did have slightly weaker sense of smell than canines but maybe the cat detected the newcomer.

"Faintly." The she-cat said after tasting the air. She called out a greeting in her own tongue.

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More info on Eclipse can be found here!
FormLocationTimeWord Count
LupusWentworth ValleyDay, November 30th339
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POSTED: Fri Dec 30, 2016 10:05 pm

In Person:
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In Character:
Finally, signs of life emerged from the labyrinth of dead foliage. She heard multiple sets of paw steps, and found herself instinctively honing in like a carbon steel blade slicing straight through to the source of sound. In the not-too-far distance she made out two smaller beings approaching. One appeared catlike and the other, slightly larger, a wild dog of some sort. When the feline called out, she knew she had been smelled out, and she decided to make herself more visible by standing and stretching from her perch high in the tree. She shouted across the way, her normally soft voice barely filling the gap between them, "Good day to the both of you!" She spoke in her own tongue, assuming a canine travelling with a feline would be able to understand just as well.
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