You and I were fireworks that went off too soon

POSTED: Thu Mar 02, 2017 2:05 am

  • Word Count: [500]
  • Place: Outside of Black River Reserve
  • Time: Day (March 1st)
  • Form: Optime (Avi) Secui (Storm)
Avi and Storm are exploring! Join them!

A pair of Luperci walked through the snow.

A female walked in Optime form. She was small, the smallest a Luperci could be. She was skinny, too. There was not much meat on her bones; she was under a hundred pounds. She had a narrow face and a muzzle that didn't taper. She had long ears that dominated her head. Her legs were long and she had a fox-like tail.

The woman was silver, almost as white as snow. She had a silver saddle that ran from her ears to her tail and ended with a white tip of her tail. The saddle had black hairs dotting through it. Black hair was pulled into a ponytail. Her eyes were two different shades of forest greens. She looked like the child of winter but her eyes spoke of the greener months.

The girl was clothed due to her painfully-short fur that was designed for the desert. She wore a dark trench coat that ran down pass her calves. Underneath she wore a long-sleeved shirt; it seemed like a bit too much but it was winter and she was a jackal-dominant hybrid that wasn't made for the cold that Nova Scotia brought, even in late winter. She also wore a pair of leggings under it and a scarf. She also wore a wooden pendant that was carved into the shape of a crescent moon.

Next to her walked a massive wolf in Secui form. He was on the larger end for a halfling, easily as tall as the Optime female. He was built like a tank and he had stormy grey fur. Scars littered his frame as well as bandages. He looked to be twice the weight of the vixen but the wolf didn't seem to be following the female. He had amber eyes but they bore a gentle gaze.

Avinalora and Stormblade had gone north. It was one of the few times she had been up here for a while since the attacks. But she felt safer now with the wolf beside her. She also didn't want to bring back any bad memories or anything of the like. The fox maiden also wanted to show him more of the land that he didn't remember. Black River Reserve would be nice around this time of the year.

"Where are we?" The beast asked in his Irish brogue. He trusted the tiny medic, she had helped him and given him a home. She didn't have to do the things she did for him but she did. And that earned her his trust. The warrior wouldn't admit it, but the jackal mutt reminded him of his mother's sister.

"Black River Reserve." The silver lady replied with a small smile. She didn't know why she felt what she felt for the amber-eyed man. She trusted him and she didn't know why. But it felt like there was something about him that was different. The moon-washed maiden just felt that he was good to have around.

"Somebody make me feel alive and shatter me!

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