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Secui | Day | Spring? | Blck River Reserve
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A massive creature padded through the pine forests of Black River Reserve. He seemed to move as if he was very afraid despite his large size. He was almost a giant by many standards. He was in Secui form which made him seem even larger. He was almost bear-like with his large paws, broad chest, rounded ears, and bobbed tail. His legs were a bit longer than normal due to his dog heritage. His snout was a bit broad for a wolf as well.

His fur was a haphazardly colored with many shades of brown. His base was a fawn hue that dulled in some places. His saddle extended from his tail to a bit past his ears and was a jumble of brown hues that had no pattern or anything. It darkened and lightened unpredictably in places. He also had brown stockings that were just as splattered as his saddle. His face was a dark shade of brown. He did have off-white markings on his pelt. A spot on his chest, tipping his tail, and a stroke down his shoulder.

Iorek shambled along his path, sniffing around for something to eat. He wasn't the best hunter because of his size and lack of experience. He did manage to find things to eat, though he was always hungry. The boy wasn't much of a survivor, it seemed. He was just strong, but was unskilled.

The bear boy didn't know where Addison and Jackson went. They came back, though they often left without much warning. And now he was alone. He didn't really know if being alone was bad, though he didn't mind someone to talk to. The youngster hoped that he would find something to eat, and soon.

"Do you have room for one more troubled soul?"
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