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Secui | Day | Sticks and Stones | June?

A large beast plodded through the forest near a pond. He was a big creature in Secui form that made him seem bearlike with his rounded ears and bobbed tail. He also have a broader muzzle than a normal wolf's and a broad chest and shoulders. His bulk was only exaggerated by his thick fur. His legs were a bit longer than one would expect for his species.

His fur was a canvas of tan that dulled in some places and his saddle was a haphazard mess of brown hues. There was no real pattern or organization to the mess of shades. The saddle ended after his ears and his face was also dark brown. He had brown stocking on his legs as well. There was also off-white present on his pelt and it streaked his shoulder, tipped his tail, and splattered his chest.

Iorek sniffed around. He'd gone north to find food. He didn't know where the hunting spots where in this new place. At least he'd managed to find something to eat yesterday so he wasn't starving. Still, he was hungry, though not starving. That was a good thing for the wolfdog. He was just surviving, not thriving.

The brown behemoth managed to catch sight of something that wasn't as good as food, though it was good. Water. He loved swimming and it was getting hot. With a smile on his face, he bounded over to the pond. But as usual, the hybrid beast tripped over something and went head over heels, tumbling into the pond.

The bear-dog sighed for a second before relishing in the cool water. He was a good swimmer due to his water dog genes.

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