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[IF] Coyote Migration Horse Roundup: In one last petty act against Salsola, Vicira decides that some of the Drifter Bay horses should come with us, too. ;)

A temporary corral has been set up close to Inferni territory at the edge of the Smoke herd's range. It's time to herd as many as we can into the corral! Inferni is capturing 4 adults and 2 foals: the perlino stallion, Catin + her new gray buckskin foal, Oriana + her new perlino foal, and the white-socked flaxen chestnut mare who's wandered from the Ghost herd. Once captured into the corral, the horses need brought back to Inferni -- hopefully quickly and quietly!

There is a 48 hour reply window before you are skipped, but this thread should be loose and fun, so don't worry too much. :> I've set up a group chat for us.


Tigana crested a hill and looked down at the band of horses, pawing at the earth until a whisper from Vicira refocused her. The mare wanted to chase her brethren, wanted to run and cut and turn as she hadn’t been able to since the birth of her foal. With Riselka weaned, Vici was able to give her first mount more care – and this task, that of herding, was one she excelled at.

Beside her, seated on Maelysa, Sinech chuckled softly and shook her head. “Is everyone ready?” she asked. “Those kids gonna do their jobs, or are you ’n’ me ’n’ Shikoba gonna do all the work?”

The new Aquila shrugged in answer; she didn’t know but wasn’t worried. She looked back down at the horses to see the dominant mare walk onward. One by one, other mares picked up their heads and followed, some nudging lanky little foals. Unbranded two-year-olds galloped past, and Vicira tutted softly at the waste. They hadn’t collaborated with Salsola since Myrika led. Would they have warred under Myrika?

She couldn’t stop to consider what-ifs. The stallion, a pale perlino, spotted them and trumpeted a warning before following the mares. He stopped every so often to watch them. Sinech muttered a remark about him being the most trouble, but Vici didn’t hear her. She kicked Tigana’s flanks and rode down into the yellow grass that had served as a battlefield weeks ago.

Blood had been shed here, in defense of the clan, in defense of the herds – but this time, Inferni were the poachers.
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Optime | Drifter Bay (Smoke Herd) | NPC: Wind on the Prairie (+619)

Shikoba has brought a long coil of rope to use for lassoing.

When Vicira had asked for a few volunteers to help with a last-minute project before the entirety of the Clan crossed over the mountains, Shikoba had been curious as to what the ashen woman had had in mind. Horses had been the reason for it, particularly, the ones that called the Bay home. Before the war, the Kingdom and the Clan had both had equal share over the horse herds, with the decline in their relationship and Inferni leaving for a new home, it meant leaving access to the supply of new blood to add to the Clan’s diminished herd. Finding out she wanted to take some of the Bay horses with them, he had grinned.

Even though she had surrendered on Inferni’s behalf to the Kingdom, Shikoba was happy to see that the feisty woman had not grown soft. What were a handful of horses to the entirety of the three herds that were to be left behind? Surely Salsola was not that greedy.

Scuttle had begged to come along, eager as always to help, however, the Sciens had advised the coydog to remain with the others and keep Kore and Eidolon company in their current homelessness. In reality, inexperienced as she was, Shikoba didn’t want to risk the liability of the girl getting caught underneath a horse’s hooves.

Mounted and geared up for the task, Shikoba had ridden his mustang out to meet with the others. Shikoba had been thankful that someone had had the forethought to save Wind’s saddle amongst the chaos of that night. The mare herself had suffered a few minor burns from the Mansion’s fire, however, in the nearly month span it took for the Clan to accept their fate and foster the idea of new beginnings, she had healed quite nicely with the help of a medic’s eye and her rider’s doting.

Upon arrival, the painted mare had grumbled at the sight of her Nova Scotia look-alike that had beat her in the race the first time they had met, but, thankfully, that had been all that had come from her. Vicira led them out, and, soon, they had come across the Smoke herd.

Sinech made a jab at the younger members of their party, and Shikoba couldn’t help but smirk. He didn’t speak, not wanting to butt into the conversation between the horse handler and the Chief. His eyes wandered instead to look down at the two younger Infernians; both under two years of age.

“Oiiii,” he drawled, a feral grin on his lips. “Y’all be sure to keep your eyes—” The Sciens’ gaze flicked to Nazario, “—errr, eye in your case, kiddo—peeled for them hooves. They’ll break your back or put a dent in your empty noggin’ if ya’ ain’t watchin’ your surroundin’s.” He figured they were old enough to know better, but, it didn’t hurt to make sure they knew the risks. While he, Vicira, and Sinech were on horseback, they were vulnerable on the ground and at perfect height to get a kick to the face.

Beneath him, Wind rumbled and pawed anxiously at the ground. Turning his gaze, he noticed the herd’s stallion staring at them from across the distance as a horse towards the front—likely the lead mare—led the herd away from the group of Infernians on the hill. His ears flickered to Sinech’s comment about the stallion, and he hoped for their roundup that such was not the case.

Vicira moved then without much warning, and, after quickly glancing to the rest of the group, he urged Wind down the hill after Tigana.

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my heart was flawed, i knew my weakness

Vicira had roused him early that morning to prepare for a round up - something that he still hadn't much idea what entailed, but Nazario was happy to be included again, seizing the opportunity to learn under her mentorship as he had before - whatever percieved neglect he felt in the wake of her child-rearing and adoption of that leader role had been wiped away clean off the slate. He was more than ready as he raced up the hill after those on horseback, and peered with that gold eye down to the shapes of horses meandering through the waves of dried gold. Sinech spoke something snide, and the youthful del Bosque boy titter-tottered his head, rolling that gold eye to disregard her comment, only for the tawny man who had accompanied them to pipe up, more directly regarding the younger party with careful instruction. Eyes were mentioned and Nazario shot a pointed, flat look his way. "Ha ha," he stated on a sarcastic drawl. "Empty noggin' - My noggin' ain't empty, don't know where he got that damn assumption."

As soon as the swear tripped off the edges of his teeth, his gaze shot a darting and quick, if not slightly alarmed look over towards Vicira, hoping his mutterings were not considered vulgar, and considered if he had been spending too much time with Diego.

The horses started down that hill, and Nazario looked over to Magpie, throwing a gentle and playful punch into her shoulder. "Let's go cause a ruckus, huh?"

And with that he trotted down the hill after the others.

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Magpie didn't know how to ride a horse. In fact, Magpie barely even liked horses, but the idea that they could take something with them that was from their home – the home they were forced to leave now – was satisfying. They used to share these horses with Salsola, and now Salsola was the enemy. Theft was something Magpie understood well, and as she followed after the others on four oversized Secui feet, it satisfied her mind to think they were committing some kind of crime against the people who had taken so much from them.

It was strange for the dark Trouillefou to be on four legs instead of two, wearing none of her shiny trinkets – she was in mourning, but she wouldn't let anyone else know that, refusing to discuss the death of her father with anyone, except her brother. Instead, she just refused to put effort into her shine, and popped off at the mouth more aggressively when spoken to. She listened to the snide remarks from the older coyote, and when Nazario punched her in his amicable way, she just grunted.

Just make sure you don't get kicked in the face. You're already missing one eye, she quipped, trotting (not unlike a horse) after the others. She was ready to run. She was ready to chase. She half-hoped one of them did kick her.

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OOC: I’m a terrible example. ;( Shikoba can rope the stallion and be fancy? :O Most of the actual “capturing” will be sorting the animals — we can have them try to catch the separated mother of a captured foal or something similar. Idk, ideas!


Tigana ran into the tall grass, and the others followed — slowly pursuing the horses, which picked up their pace and began to canter in the direction of the makeshift corral. Handy members of the clan had constructed it near one of the streams that cut through the moorland, at the edge of Inferni territory, and Vicira knew from watching the herds that they would head that way even without the coyotes dogging them.

But it didn’t hurt to pick up the pace. The wild animals ran as a group with the canines in pursuit, and Vicira was already watching their movements with keen eyes.

The corral grew closer. A chestnut mare ran into it, and a few others followed — but the dominant mare, experienced enough to avoid these things, whinnied and wheeled around. Vicira cursed and rode Tigana closer, and the stock mare’s sharp turns cut off a palomino who stopped up short and flattened her ears. With bared teeth Tigana advanced, and they pressured the pinto animal into the pen with the others.

Sinech dismounted and gestured at the kids. “Get that fella!” she said, pointing to one of the yearlings trying to leave the corral, while Vicira said, “Leave him—” then fixed eyes on the shimmering stallion who, too, was trying to cut loose.

“Heyyyy Shikoba!”
she yapped, grinning as Tigana herded another horse into the pen. “I want that stallion and you owe me!” She doubted that he would see her batting eyelashes from across the several horses milling around, but the intent was there.
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Again, sorry for the wait, y’all! @___@ This post: Songbird doesn’t know horses and bases this off of would-be logic and cowboy Hollywood. Sorry Shikoba didn’t interact with Magpie/Nazario at all Dx Didn’t know what they’d be doing so I kept things super vague. Also, feel free to skip Shikoba in the next round because he’ll just be holding the stallion on a rope xDD

TL;DR: Shikoba got the stallion.

They chased the new Aquila down the hill and the wild horses reacted in turn to their pursuers. It had been too long since Shikoba and Wind had worked in such a way with others, driving animals and coursing them to take the paths they wanted of them. Nizhoni had seemed like a lifetime ago, but the fond memories and feelings bubbled up readily to the surface as the two youngsters ran out, and their two horseback companions provided a much larger, physical obstacle to keep the wild horses together.

Their teamwork guided the horses steadily towards the temporary corral, some, even doing them the pleasure of moving into the fenced area. A few of the herd tried to break away, some wiser, others spooked or following the uncooperative horses in an attempt to safety. The quick work of their group ensured that the strays didn’t get far though. Vicira and Tigana coursed the stragglers into the pen, and Sinech dismounted from her horse, likely to close off the corral once all of the horses were collected.

Commands were given, Shikoba in the midst of urging Wind to position herself towards the entrance when Vicira suddenly hailed him. Ever attuned to the woman, his ears pricked and wasabi eyes found her easily enough. The stallion? His gaze shifted to the lightly-colored horse attempting to break free from the Infernian’s combined effort to corral all the horses.

If Sinech’s earlier observation had been true, he and Wind would have their work cut out for them. He yanked the mustang’s reins to shift their pursuit. “On it, Chief!” He yelled back to the ash-furred female, making a mocking, pained face at the task she had given him. The Nizhoni pair split through the chaos, aiming to separate the stallion from the rest of the group. It worked, as the less aggressive mares easily parted and tried to escape from around Wind as she bulldozed through.

The stallion turned and kicked, but Shikoba’s mare had seen and been in enough fights to see it coming and stopped in time to avoid the male’s deadly hooves. Realizing it hadn’t made contact, the stallion tried to run instead. Little did it know the reason for Wind’s name. Shikoba urged his horse to pursue, and she easily caught up to the stallion.

Running alongside the male, the Whiplash grabbed rope that had been hung off of Wind’s saddle horn. He kicked his heels into the mustang’s side, coaxing her to move faster than their quarry. She realized what she wanted quickly enough, and gradually positioned herself to course the stallion to make a wide turn back towards the corrals. The older stallion managed to read into their plan though, stopping and changing course.

Shikoba returned his grip to Wind’s reins, pulling for her to follow after their escaping prey. She did so readily, however, in her attempt to make the stallion stop, she accidentally cut the male horse off too close and he reared, strong hooves threatening to come down on her or her rider. The Whiplash was forced to hang on to his horse when she instinctively kicked out with her back feet at the threat.

Her hooves missed, but, it was enough to deter the stallion from attacking again. It came down and moved to run away once more. Once Wind had leveled out, Shikoba urged her to give chase. This time, he began to twirl the lassoed end of his rope coil as they gained ground onto the older horse. Wind sped a little ways ahead of their mark once more, and, when the wind, distance, and speed all lined up perfectly, Shikoba let the twirled loop fly.

It came around the stallion’s neck beautifully, and the Sciens pulled the end tight to secure it, quickly tying it to Wind’s saddle horn. A hand on the reins and the other feeling the newly thrown line for tension, Shikoba wordlessly asked for Wind to drop their speed. The stallion, as expected, threw a fit at being lassoed. It bucked and pulled, tossed its head and made a right ruckus in protest.

Wind pulled against the mad stallion, keeping the line tight. Her rider watched the wild horse, trying to predict if it might do something rash or anything that might break the rope that had been thrown over it. He let it throw its tantrum, and, when it appeared that the stallion finally realized that it could not get rid of the line or the intelligent mare at the end of it that kept thwarting its attempts to break free, Shikoba urged Wind to start their trek back towards the corral.

The stallion followed—having no choice—however, it occasionally attempted to catch its captors off guard. Wind dug her hooves in though, and knew how to position herself to make sure the male didn’t get the best of her. Eventually, the Nizhoni pair and the stallion made it back to the corral where the others were working.

Oiiii! Chief-y! I got yer horse!” Shikoba called out, bringing Wind and the tethered stallion to a halt a safe distance away so that the trapped animal wouldn’t give or get any ideas from the corralled mares.

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