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In response to the Blackrust’s jesting - although Vinny was being quite serious - Asura released a small laugh and gave Vinny a light slap on the shoulder. Undeterred by the Creo’s behavior, Vinny flashed the woman a toothy grin. Oh, it was not in his nature to give up so easily - not just yet. However the dog played nice for a while, allowing Asura to continue her work. At the Blackrust’s boasting, Asura could only raise a skeptical brow. ”Honey, even fighters like me can have an off day once in a while.” Vinny retorted. Though his voice remained smarmy, a defensive note raised it an octave.

As for the Creo’s skeptical reaction towards the amount of cleaning he did, well, what could he say to that? He was the bouncer for fuck’s sake, not Biff’s maid! But the silver medic was right about one thing - his bartending skills were superb. ”Bartending ain’t as easy as it sounds,” Vinny continued, raising a brow ”On really busy days, it’s a shit fest! Orders coming in from all directions, glasses breaking…” The Blackrust trailed off as if he were deep in thought. For some reason, Vinny acted as if bartending were akin to fighting in a war.

And now was the time to make his move - just when Asura thought that he exposed his soul. SO Vinny reached - kept reaching, almost there! And then a hand deftly caught his wrist before he made it to the target. Vinny blinked as steely teal eyes met carmine, and as fingers warningly pinched the sensitive skin of his inner wrist. ”Now, then,” Vinny responded, his lips pulling back into a pout at Asura’s warning. The Blackrust was never one to take rejection well, or handle it in a mature manner.

As Asura released his wrist, Vinny pulled back close to his chest, rubbing the sore spot where Asura pinched his skin. ”No, no,” Vinny insisted at the Creo’s threat, looking up in alarm. The difference this time was, Asura actually had something he wanted - her medical expertise. It wouldn’t go well to piss his medic off even further, not when he was still hurting from his last encounter with a patron.

While the blatant rejection stung more than he would ever admit, Vinny folded his hands neatly in his lap. ”I’m ready, miss,” The Blackrust forced through gritted teeth ”And I’ll be a good boy this time.”

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His defensive comment caused the medic to only become more tickled at his expense. Her turquoise eyes were brimming with humor as she rolled them. Vinny seemed quite intent to keep his ego in tact despite the fire that it came under. He was confident to say the least—even if, perhaps, overly so—and his ability to bounce back despite volley after volley from her was commendable. It wouldn’t get him in bed with her, but, commendable.

Vinny was sure to make her know that his role in the bar and his skills with bartending were no laughing matter. She was amused, though, not swayed. Having yet to see the man be able to back up any of his talk, the Creo wasn’t wholly convinced. Her experience with him thus far had been of him pissing off the wrong Luperci, getting decked into the floor, and then him making flirtatious passes at her. Still, she offered him a smirk for his efforts to convince her that he had talents…somewhere.

They certainly wasn’t with capturing respectable women.

He pouted, and she might have laughed at the sight of it had she not just gotten onto him for getting too big for his britches. Vinny caught her message loud and clear, and, for his retreat, she respected him a bit more for it. Her parents and uncle had warned her about some men, and how even an obvious “no” would not deter them from what they wanted. Even for all his advances and attempts to get her to reciprocate, the man appeared to have had some manner of moral upbringing to him.

It was either that, or he thought her too much trouble than it was worth. Asura liked to think kinder of her doggish patient.

Nonetheless, Asura was glad to see Vinny school himself and agree to being “good,” even if how he worded it suggested sarcasm with the remark. “Thank you.” She returned to what she had intended to do from the start; retrieve her salve. After a quick rustle through her satchel, she procured the wooden jar. The Sapien undid the top, a strong scent of medicine wafting from the container as she dipped two fingers into it.

She scooped up a bit of the salve as she turned back to Vinny, her hand poised to apply it to his head. “This should help it heal a little better, perhaps even a little quicker.” The corner of Asura’s lips twisted up in a teasing smile, “So long as you don’t get into another fight before it has done its work.”

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Somehow the humor reflected in the Creo’s teal gaze made her rejection so much worse. Hell, it would have been more soothing to Vinny’s ego if Asura struck him across the face and stormed out, never to be seen again. Then at least the Blackrust could rant and rave about the silver woman as much as he pleased - with her safely out of earshot, of course. But the reality was that the Creo was here to stay, and Vinny’s very life was in her hands. And no, he was not being dramatic at all.

All in all, it appeared that the damage Vinny inflicted trying to cop a feel of his doctor’s ass was nothing that couldn’t be mended. After a moment of decision, the Creo delivered a curt nod in response to Vinny’s half assed apology and set about to patching him up once more. While Vinny often crossed his fingers when making promises, this time he stayed true to his words. Well, relatively. While the stout male kept his hands to himself, his eyes still wandered about lecherously, pausing on less-than-reputable parts of the female anatomy.

Vinny wrinkled his nose as Asura unscrewed the top of a wooden jar - the scent that wafted from its contents were far less than favorable. ”God!” Vinny exclaimed, nearly choking on the stuff ”What is this shit?!” Seemingly ignoring the Blackrust’s complaints, the silver woman dipped two fingers inside the jar, scooping out a hefty amount of the mysterious salve. Vinny shrank back as Asura held her hand over the cut on his forehead. ”Will-will it hurt?” Vinny asked in a piteous whine, bracing himself for the inevitable.

At Asura’s final comment, the Blackrust gave a smirk. ”Can’t make a promise to that, darling,” Vinny sneered ”My job doesn't involve me sitting on my ass.” Of course, that was precisely his job description. Nonetheless, Vinny rolled his shoulders in a dramatic display, practically preening with his nonexistent muscle mass.

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