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Biff + any bar crew

POSTED: Sun Feb 25, 2018 4:13 pm

WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

Word Count → 215 :: Out of Character text
Tossing the last of his cigarette to the ground (after stumping the thing out first, that is), hand roamed over his hair, slicking it back as he took in the exterior of the bar with a lazy, critical eye: it wasn’t exactly what he’d been expecting, yet at the same time it was exactly as he’d pictured it. The place suited Biff, that was for sure and he’d been hardly surprised to hear that his cousin had claimed some run down place and was now working it.

With a yawn he stepped forward, shoving the door open and not bothering to close it behind him; sometimes, he just couldn’t help doing the little things to see who out of his family would react. Unlike the rest, he wasn’t for grand gestures and loud, boisterous words – that required a level of energy expenditure he just couldn’t be motivated for, at least not on a consistent level like they were.

No, he was much, much more relaxed than that lot.

Fixing a lazy grin on his face, he sauntered over to the bar, hopping on a stool, before allowing his toothy smile to stretch just a little more.

“Well, this place is a right shit hole, now ain't it. The owner should be utterly ashamed of himself.”

POSTED: Tue Feb 27, 2018 4:02 pm

ooc - FRISCO


Man, he’d fucking kill for a cigarette right about now

Vinny’s fingers drummed impatiently on the bar countertop, legs swinging from his perched position upon a stool. It was a mistake to have lifted that joint off that poor sucker who found himself completely inebriated a couple nights ago in Biff’s joint. That fool had been so smashed Vinny didn’t have to use any of his tactics to swipe the cig, he had been able to fish it from the bloke’s back pocket without him registering the act.

So the Blackrust would have to settle for alcohol in efforts to drown out his nicotine craving. A few mere moments after he placed his order, a frothing mug of mead slid its way over to Vinny’s spot. From pure reflex the tri colored male caught the glass mug before it went its merry way past him, sailing over the counter to smash onto the bar floor below (that happened a few times before Vinny knew to act quickly). Without ceremony Vinny tilted his head back and guzzled, the amber liquid trickling a pleasantly warm path down his throat. More than half the glass was empty before the tri colored male resurfaced for air, wiping the corners of his mouth with the back of his hand in a fit of proper etiquette.

Vinny would have finished the glass had his pity party not been interrupted by a familiar voice echoing through the bar space. From the gust of cold air that blew on his back, the Blackrust had known that a newcomer entered the space. But it wasn’t until the scathing comment reached his ears did Vinny care enough to spin around, looking the newcomer up and down.

”FRISCO!” Vinny roared, his unfinished cup of mead forgotten as he hit the bar floor running. ”You crazy bastard, when’d you get here?!” The tri colored male hollered, not caring if a scene was made. Had his brother been shorter than he, Vinny would have enjoyed rubbing his knuckles into his brother’s thick skull of his. But as Vinny was vertically challenged, he settled for a quick punch in the ribs, chuckling as he did so. ”It’s about fucking time!

Wait a second. Vinny leaned forward, taking another inhale of the man’s breath. God fucking dammit… ”You fucking bastard, you jus’ had a cig!” Vinny accused, crossing his arms in a huff. Because if Vinny was jonesing for a cigarette, then it was a crime for anyone else to enjoy one in his presence. How dare he?!

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POSTED: Mon Apr 02, 2018 6:17 pm

Word Count → 274 :: Out of Character text
Swiping his thumb across his lips, an easy, almost dazed smile lit up his face as he inhaled the scents, took in the sounds and then, then his peaceful happy moment was so rudely interrupted by a guy who he called brother… Unfortunately.

“Volume down a few notches, you fucking imbecile,” biting back, he shook his head, his words drowned out by his siblings excitement; at least it was clear he’d been missed, even if his ears were subsequently going to be ringing for a few days – luckily it seemed that Vinny was content with just being loud and not invading his personal space to give him an abusive greeting, a fact he was very appreciative of… and then, of course, he got punched in the ribs, his breath knocked out of him for a second.

“You fucking shit, really? Was that really necessary?” grumbling, he scowled at his brother before shrugging it off, in too much of a good mood to really keep up the pretense of being annoyed. Spinning on his stool, he turned his back to the bar, lifting a brow at his sibling who paused, before once more going off on one.

“Oh yeah baby, mmm. And it was so, sooo good. So good in fact, I might have to go for another. Would have shared one with you man, but my ribs aren’t that fond of you right now,” tilting his head back, he allowed for a slow, shit eating grin to spread across his face, waiting for the bomb he’d just set to go off.

Ah siblings. Annoying as they were, they were great fun to wind up.

POSTED: Thu Apr 12, 2018 10:24 pm


Vinny barked in laughter as Frisco’s breath rattled from the Blackrust’s quick punch to the ribs. Different time, different place, but the fucking greaser was the same as ever. Still, Vinny took a strange sort of comfort in this familiar charade, finding some nostalgia stirred up from their shared childhood. ”What, you tellin’ me you can’t take a classic Blackrust welcome?” Vinny roared, his voice raising a few octaves just because his brother asked him to use his inside voice. Well, fuck that! ”You’ve been going soft without me around!”

However one whiff of Frisco’s breath was all it took for a classic scowl to return to Vinny’s features. As the greaser spun around languidly on the bar stool - the jackass was already making himself at home - Vinny stewed and simmered….until it all came out in a rush. He’d give the bastard a good piece of his mind, hell, he’d shove his piece down his fucking throat! Typical sibling rivalry…at least in the Blackrust clan.

As Frisco mocked him from atop his stool, Vinny stood there gawping soundlessly, much like a river trout out of water. ”Th-the audacity!” Vinny choked out in a strangled shriek once he found voice, steam practically spewing from his ears. How could Frisco just stroll in out of the blue and…mock him? A nicotine craving was nothing to joke of! Oh, he would just love to knock that stupid beanie off of Frisco’s head and tear him a new one…

So Vinny stood there, eye twitching uncontrollably as his rage consumed him. Threats began rolling from his tongue, but his mind worked faster than his jaws ever did, and they became jumbled in one hilarious mess. Once the shrieking subsided, all that pent up rage left Vinny a very tired man. So the tri colored Blackrust turned his carmine eyes pleadingly upon his brother’s, eager to play a different tact.

”Oh please just give me a cig!” Vinny whined piteously, hands clasped in front of his chest ”Oh! I’ll get you a drink, man. Whatever you want, on the house!” Hopefully his brother wouldn’t know that in Biff’s bar, the first drink was always free.

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POSTED: Mon May 07, 2018 9:24 pm

Word Count → 245 :: Out of Character text
“Pretty sure there is nothing classic or classy about you punching me man. And I’m not soft, that’s just my winter pelt,” tilting his nose up, arms wrapped around the small stomach he’d grown for the winter to keep him ‘warm’, he sniffed indignantly, attempting to keep a straight face as he feigned taking some higher ground and conducting himself of a higher class – he wasn’t delusional, he was just as dirty and rough around the edges as the rest of his family, which is how he liked it. The act though, the act was fun and he did ever so much enjoy the show his conduct caused at times.

Life did get so dull at times, so it was only natural to try and spice it up.

Poking a finger in his ear, he sighed at his brother’s shriek, barely resisting the urge to snicker when he watched as the male worked himself up more and more… looking over his shoulder, he was hoping to find some snacks lying around, something to munch on whilst he enjoyed the sheer rage her brother was working up… only it was short-lived, all that bluster only for his simple brother to resort to begging.

“Oh Vinny, how easy you make this. Already begging?” slipping his hand into his pocket, he pulled out two rolled cigarettes, shaking them before Vinny before snatching them away at the last second.

“You’re going to have to barter better than that”

POSTED: Sun May 20, 2018 11:43 am

ooc - this could quickly escalate to a "hot cocoa break"


Oh, how he hated his brother sometimes. Vinny couldn’t stand how high and mighty Frisco acted sometimes, turning his nose up anytime he either did or said anything remotely vulgar. Who the hell was he trying to fool, everybody could goddamn tell that Frisco was as much of a lowlife as the rest of their brethren! Sadly, Vinny’s temper tantrum did not have the desired effect. Frisco merely poked his fingers in his ears to block out the sound of his brother’s screeching, sparing himself the ear pain.

So Vinny switched gears. Putting on his best puppy dog eyes - and this wasn’t easy, mind you - Vinny resorted to begging and pleading his way to getting what he wanted. But his brother remained undeterred, an amused smirk on his expression. Once Vinny finished his spiel, he watched eagerly as Frisco reached in his back pocket….”Oh hell yes! Frisco, you’re the-” Vinny eagerly reached for the rolled up cigarette his brother procured - only for it to be snatched away in a heartbeat.

Vinny’s eyes narrowed dangerously, his ferocious glare meeting Frisco’s smug expression. Then, an eerie calm overcame the stouter Blackrust. Barter?” Vinny spoke it as if it were a statement rather than a question ”Oh yes, of course. I wouldn’t ask for one, otherwise….” Vinny smiled serenely at Frisco - too serenely. His toothy grin plastered on his face, Vinny’s eyes scanned the countertop for something, anything.

Eventually the dog spotted an abandoned, half finished glass of booze perched on the countertop edge, ripe for the taking.

In a deft motion, Vinny grabbed the collar of Frisco’s stupid, fucking shirt and with his free hand, snatched the glass. ”How about this for a barter, you fuck?” The familiar, snarling edge of a man who was about to lose it returned to Vinny’s voice as he threatened Frisco ”You give me the fucking cig, and I won’t smash this fucking drink up your nose?” Vinny pulled the drink back, ready to throw it in Frisco’s face at any moment. Desperate times drove a man to do desperate things.

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POSTED: Fri Jun 01, 2018 5:39 am

Word Count → 248 :: Out of Character text
Smile stretching to reveal teeth, his eyes light up at the way Vinny switched gears, his pleading and cheerful nature cutting off abruptly into an eerie like calm, a clear sign that he was indeed succeeding in pushing his sibling’s buttons and that the male was close to breaking point. Only a maniac would get between a Blackrust and whatever their latest fix was, but of course, was there such a thing as a perfectly sane Blackrust?

Snapping out, Vinny snatched his shirt, crumpling the material and yanking him forward, all the while the shit eating grin remained firmly fixed upon Frisco's mug – this was exactly what he wanted, a little bit of excitement to break the monotone his recent days had been. Dropping his eyes, he looked from where his favorite top was so rudely crumbled in his sibling's hand to the drink that he was threatening him with.

“No suh! You did not just… You ruin my top, you tool and I will dedicate an unholy amount of time to making your life a living hell,” he responded sweetly, a brow lifting as a touch of cold determination broke through his expression – he really did like that top.

“Now lemme go you igit, if you want your fucking cigarette,” letting a growl to fill his words, his lip tugged back in a show of teeth, making his displeasure clear.

“And you better damn well have some good gossip to give me in repayment, you worthless skeezah.”

POSTED: Tue Jun 19, 2018 9:45 am


The dumb bastard’s expression didn’t change even as Vinny grabbed his brother by the collar, his shit eating grin merely bobbing as he jerked him down to his level. It was almost as if Frisco wanted this to happen - as always if Vinny left a chain hanging, Frisco would be swinging around on the other end. When it came to these two, it was evident that distance did not make the heart grow fonder.

”What! You think I won’t do it?!” Vinny barked, staring right at the white gleam of his brother’s teeth. When pressed, at the very least Vinny would throw the backwash in his fucking face. Or rather…. ”What, this?” Vinny sneered, pulling experimentally at Frisco’s crisp white collar ”It’s a nice color...yeah. Be a shame if something were to spill on it.” Evidently threats of violence did not work on the dog, but maybe he would cave once the state of his shirt was put on the line.

When Frisco spoke, the grin did not waver - however there was a cold not behind his voice. Confident that he had gotten his way, Vinny released Frisco’s collar at his demand - however he held onto the abandoned drink for insurance. Just in case. ”Very well.” Vinny had since calmed down, grinning at Frisco’s rumbling growl. Victorious, Vinny scooted up on the open stool besides his brother. ”Now, how ‘bout that cig?”

”Before I tell ya anything,” Vinny raised an eyebrow ” Tell me why it took you so fucking long to get your ass up here! Man, even Roxy beat you to it!” The tri colored man laughed racousley at this.

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POSTED: Mon Aug 06, 2018 7:28 pm

Word Count → 248 :: Out of Character text
“Fucking brothers! Don’t need them, don’t want them. Can all just go and die, rot in a shallow grave,” mumbling under his breath, he handed over the cig with a look that was fully intended to kill, lips hitching up to reveal ivory teeth, his disdain for his sibling clear for any overlookers to see: not that any of the shits had bothered to step in to help him, so screw it, he was going to make his displeasure known one way or another. No point in the gentleman façade to actually make a good impression when those around him were clearly not worthy of him on his best behavior.

Pulling another out of a pocket, he took a moment to get it lit up, before settling next to his brother with an annoyed huff and eye roll, because apparently it had been a race to get here and no one had informed him.

“Took a detour to England to get some culture, unlike you ruffians; I’ve now got fucking class. Headed back this way with Benny; he done fucked up and is running from his home, tail between his legs,” just remembering that train wreck had him chuckling quite heartedly, the Blackrust only ceasing to laugh when he needed another draw from his cig.

“Should be here in ‘bout a day or two. Had things he needed to do. So, that’s my beans, now spill yours.”

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