[m] The road to El Dorado

POSTED: Tue May 15, 2018 10:16 pm

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The Magnificent

He left Ronnie in that shit-hole he'd dubbed 'Whorestown'. Whole place was crawling with some thirsty bitches looking for a quick lay and a free drink. Well he was all about the quick lay but hell if they were getting any free shit from him. Thunder rumbled in the distance over the mountains and Johnathan sneered in its direction, fuck that shit.

He'd turned south and was out of the rain's path for now, however long that would be.

The goats were bleating again, the stupid fucks. He sighed and rubbed at his temples. At least the mule wasn't...- well never fucking mind. The mule let out a loud bray and John wished that the ground would swallow him up right then and there. Why hadn't he just sold them at the town.

Out of the mountain's grasp there was less chance of extreme weather changes but also.. where was this fucking coyote clan. His nose brushed the ground and - yes, there was some scent that had been a boundary at one point.

No one came to his yapping call and after a while of waiting John pressed on with the mule and the two goats following.

A once structure that had been burned to the ground was all he found. Around him was the wreckage of something and... no clan... and no Andrew. The dumbass mule brayed again,

"Son of a BITCH!" John shouted at the uncaring sky.

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