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The night was cool and clear, but in and around the bar flaming braziers kept the worst of the cold at bay. Luperci packed the bar and spilled outside, talking, laughing and even trying to sing along with the tunes being played. Walker moved easily amongst the crowd, his smile a permanent feature, and always ready with a compliment or quick quip. He’d been entertaining small groups with magic. He was dressed in the usual faded denim shorts and a lose fitting, unbleached linen shirt. Around his neck he wore his only nod to jewellery, a silver crucifix on a leather cord. Walker was no warrior, oh he’d been in his share of brawls, but it wasn’t the same. In this gathering though, he was in his element. The southerner moved with grace and poise, his eyes taking it all in, and his ears doing the same. Whoever he stopped to speak to seemed to have his full attention. He flirted outrageously, with both the males and the females. Conversation flowed through the air and the southerner absorbed as much of it as he could. As he listened his eyes scanned for marks, finding plenty of them. As he passed a large brown and black male, Walker’s hands brushed passed the stranger, and that’s all it took. Walker’s quick hands lifted a number of valuables, without even a pause in stride or a pause in his conversation. His awareness brought him the info that something might be wrong. Casually doing a one eighty, he saw her watching him, not just glancing, but he was pretty sure the stranger had seen him. Without the slightest hint of shame he touched a finger to his forehead in greeting, winked and brought his fingers down to his lips. He hated to blow his own trumpet, but Walker was damn good at what he did, and for someone to notice him, especially in this crowd, well the southerner had to meet that person. It also helped that the female was easy on the eyes. She had a wonderful multi-tonal coat that gleamed enticingly in the light of the braziers. The flare of red around her neck in the form of her bandana, drew Walker’s eyes irresistibly to her breasts, but he made sure his gaze didn’t linger there. Finally, the flow of the crowd brought him to her. Her scent was light and intoxicating, rain, dust, horses and the underlying it all the sweet scent of apples.

”Howdy ma’am, it is a genuine pleasure to meet y’. Would y’ be kind ‘nough t’ let me get y’ a drink?”

Well it would probably be more accurate to ask if the brown and black male that was looking bewildered could get her a drink. The southerner’s smile never wavered, it was easy going relaxed and gave him the air of one who was completely at ease, despite the fact that this stranger could easily alert that aggrieved party and make a hell of a lot of trouble for him.

”Name’s Walker.”

His eyebrows quirked slightly, asking silently for her name.

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688 OOC — Walker is the best, omg. XD

Sedona had at last gotten settled in within Mistfell Vale. Her home was still in need of some work, but after a week of doing heavy repairs, she'd guessed she'd earned a bit of time off. She loved putting her all into her tasks, but thankfully she had others around her to remind her not to burn herself out when she got into duty mode. Back home on the family ranch, she'd often be found late into the night still out checking fences and tending the herds. Her brothers usually were the ones sent out to retrieve her, much to her complaint. Smiling softly to herself as she reminisced on the memories of her younger life, she watched the bustling bar crowds sway and sing and joyfully enjoy the night's activity. She'd heard many a good thing about this particular establishment. Biff's Bar. It was highly recommended that she visit and so she'd taken it upon herself to take a specific beeline ride into Amherst and seek out the place. So far, she'd not been lead astray.

She'd left Hopi, her Paint mare, stabled nearby in a small local stable and joined the raucous gathered luperci in the bar. She'd only ordered one Whiskey so far, and had mostly finished it by now but was starting to feel the alcohol kick in. She was still gauging her bearings when she spied a handsome male making his way amiably through the crowd. She watched him for a time, admiring his patterned coat and noting the glimmering silver cross around his neck. He seemed kindly enough. She'd been approached a couple times by a few other men but none of them had truly sparked her interest and so she'd turned them down. But this guy...he intrigued her. It was just then that she caught him pickpocketing one of the patrons. Immediately her warm gaze fell stony. Her lips curved downward in a disapproving frown and she stared pointedly at him from across the room. People milled between them and she considered calling attention to the petty thief, but there was no need. He'd spotted her as well.

Hackles raising ever so slightly, she huffed as he approached, his charming smile making her heart skip a beat against her will. 'Keep yer head on girl. This one's shady.' She reminded herself as he stopped in front of her. She gave him a mild up and down look as he began to address her. His voice had a smooth southern drawl that made her folded ears perk slightly. Gods damn that didn't do anything to help her keep her guard up. He was good... Almost too good. "Howdy ma’am, it is a genuine pleasure to meet y’. Would y’ be kind ‘nough t’ let me get y’ a drink?" He asked politely and introduced himself. "Name's Walker." Sedona scoffed softly, flicking her tail. If ya really think buyin' me 'nother round is gonna get ya anything from my person you'd be mistaken, Walker. I don't have anything interesting to your tastes. She said her tone guarded but not entirely unfriendly. He was trying to be nice, and it wasn't like she wasn't surrounded by a ton of other people who could take care of him if he tried anything stupid. However... She added. If y' tell me why you feel the need t' steal from innocent party goers, I might take ya up on yer offer... She quirked a brow at him, making sure her tone was soft enough not to alert anyone, but loud enough for him to hear. She may not approve, but she never turned down an opportunity to give people a chance to be honest. He did seem genuinely interested in her, but after what she'd seen she couldn't just outright trust him. She thought for a second before deciding to give him her name. I'm Sedona. Sedona Whitesage. ...I...shall reserve my first impressions. She told him with a mild glimmer of humor in her green and yellow flecked eyes and a slight smirk. The alcohol made it hard to keep that part of her nature at bay.



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”Well Sedona Whitesage, it’s mighty fine meetin’ y’.”

If Walker was aware of the suspicion in her tone, he seemed not to notice, or perhaps merely unphased by it. The southerner went to great pains to be likeable to make sure he wasn’t threatening, he exuded good humour and the desire for nothing more than a good conversation.

”You ain’ got nothin’ interesting t’ me aye?”

He tapped his muzzle conspiratorially.

He held up his empty palms in a gesture of surrender.

”If y’ don’ mind.”

With his open palm he reached behind Sedona’s ear and came back holding a diamond.

”ah’m always interested in shiny things.”

He held it out on his palm before her, the small gem glittering in the yellow light of the flames. He closed his fist, and opened it again, the gem had disappeared. He showed her the back of his hand, the stone had vanished.

”As for innocent party goers, what if ah were t’ tell y’ that fella was gonna go to a slave market tomorrow and now he’s got less funds to spend on buying folk?”

He put his back to the bar, leaning against it, seemingly oblivious to the others who were trying to get to it. Despite the bustle it seemed that when Walker got cross looks, he would nod and smile, moving to let them move forward and get the bartenders attention.

”Can I help y’ with those first impressions? Ah don’ drink liquor, ah like poker, ah enjoy the company o’ males and females and…”

He paused and leaned forward conspiratorially.

”ah’m a little bit magic, but y’ gotta promise t’ keep that t’ y’self.”

He leant back again.

”Now, ah need a drink an’ it smells like y’ drinkin’ scotch…neat?”

Walker had noticed her green and yellow eyes, they were incredibly striking and obvious even across the other side of the bar. Walker was a pretty private person, but he always loved meeting folk who seemed out of the ordinary, and this female had lured him to her.

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Sedona Whitesage
Word Count → 690 :: OOC HERE

Sedona couldn't help but feel her stiff demeanor slip. Walker was too charming to feel ill will towards. "You ain’ got nothin’ interesting t’ me aye?" As he reached forward and behind one of her ears, that ear twitched as his fingers brushed it softly and he pulled a small, sparkling diamond from behind it, causing her to blink in surprise. She'd heard of those who could do tricks like this. Magic some would call it. He definitely had her full attention now. "...ah’m always interested in shiny things." As if he didn't already have her attention, it was as if it was just the two of them now. Well, I'll b'damned... She said softly and smiled a little. He then proceeded to make the gem disappear from his palm right before her eyes. She gasped softly. Woah! How'd ya do that!? She asked startled, grasping his hand and flipping it around, curious. Realizing what she'd done impulsively she glanced up at him and quickly dropped his paw in embarrassment. Thankfully, he'd switched the subject to something more serious again. She shook her head and tried to focus. She cleared her throat, feeling the heat rising in her face from the whiskey. Her head was buzzing a little but not unpleasantly.

"As for innocent party goers, what if ah were t’ tell y’ that fella was gonna go to a slave market tomorrow and now he’s got less funds to spend on buying folk?" Sedona's face fell and she contemplated his words. Then I suppose I'd have t'let ya off the hook... She told him as he leaned against the bar and offered to help her with her impressions of him that were swiftly changing with every moment that passed. She chuckled softly, removing her cowgirl hat then and ruffling the back of her head, her hair loosing from her pony tail ever so slightly and falling about her features without her really noticing. The heat from the booze was starting to get to her. "...ah’m a little bit magic, but y’ gotta promise t’ keep that t’ y’self. He leaned in to finish his words and his scent caught her nose, causing her to feel even warmer. He was pretty much everything she liked in a male. She blushed and her tail curled around her leg. Y'know ...you're a real smooth talker, Walker. She smirked at the rhyme. I think I might like t'get to know you a bit better... You'll definitely have t' show me more of yer magic... She replaced the hat back upon her head. Do you always disarm those who catch you in the act or have you ever gotten in trouble before, Walker? I know playing vigilante can be a dangerous game... She teased as he examined her drink.

"Now, ah need a drink an’ it smells like y’ drinkin’ scotch…neat?" Sedona grinned at him. Aye, Whiskey. I prefer it over anythin' else. My father use' to drink it around the fire back home. But honestly, once I finish this 'n I'll be set. Y' can owe me a drink some other time. She explained with a wink, just as a bunch of loud laughter broke out, almost obliterating her words. She pinned hear ears at the sudden sound. D'ya maybe wanna move outside? It's hard to hear over the crowd. She offered and began to stand from her seat at the bar. I know we just met 'n all, but I can't help but find you...intriguing, to say the least. You've definitely helped to turn my first impressions into something far more positive. She said with a swish of her tail, beginning to lead the way towards the door, weaving between bodies, her red bandana the only visual marking her person amidst the crowd. Comin'? She glanced back. Maybe it was the drink, but as Sedona moved away from the male, she felt a rising lust in her core. She really hoped that Walker would continue to take an interest in her this night. What were the chances that she of all people would happen to catch the eye of someone so lovely?

Here I am, it's just me and you, tonight we make our dreams come true

Table by Kitty, image by Bas de Korte.



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Walker had been playing this game too long not to notice the signs that Sedona was interested. Her ear had twitched when he’d stroked it, her tail had curled to her leg and when she’d taken his hand he’d felt the quickening of her pulse through her fingers. Perhaps it was the alcohol, or perhaps it was the atmosphere of the party, it might even just be the two had met the right place and the right time. Whatever it was, Walker found it best never to question it, just keep smiling, stay relaxed and let the time flow about him. Sedona removed her hat and shook out her hair, Walker watching her carefully, and making sure he gave her his undivided attention. He listened quietly to her questions, opening his mouth to answer, but not getting the chance before she moved to the next question. The abrupt laughter threatened to break the spell that was being woven at the party. Luckily it seemed, Sedona had forgiven him for pilfering and suggested they step outside. Without waiting for his reply, she started walking away from him. Walker might be good at a party, but he had the distinct impression that Sedona wasn’t a novice at it either. For a moment he watched her lithe form walking away from him, and saw the glances of members of the crowd following her. It was as she turned around and beckoned him, that Walker pushed himself off of the bar and followed after her, a little bit of his poise lost in the intrigue this female posed, he even managed to collide with someone. Even at this awkward moment, Walker smoothly kept going, with a sincere, and brief apology.

As the pair exited the bar, the crowds still surrounded, but the energy out here was different, a little more relaxed. The sound of the crackling braziers underlay the susurration of conversation. For an instant Walker had a thought of Finlay, the silvery pelted male still appeared in his dreams, but tonight was a night to have fun, to talk and to enjoy himself. Walker and the female with the amazing eyes stood on the fringes of the party, the warmth from the flames only just managing to keep the chill of the night at bay.

”Ah’m a smooth talker her? Ah’m thinkin’ that y’ the one who got me alone and outside. ‘ere ah am, on my lonesome with a strange female.”

He leant forward and plucked her hat from her grasp, placing it on his head.

”So you tell me Sedona, ‘ave ah been caught? Ah’m ah in trouble?”

He held up a finger as he looked to one side and took a step towards her.

”An’ ‘efore y’ answer that, let me show y’ one more piece o’ magic.”

Waiting only a heartbeat, he leaned forward and kissed her. The kiss was gentle, it wasn’t chased, but there was no forceful lust in it. It was tender, almost sweet, a guy kissing a girl, beneath a sky full of stars. Walker didn’t let the kiss linger to long, and he ended it softly.

”Thing ‘bout us smooth talkers, we’re pretty smart about when we should shut up as well.”

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She couldn't help but keep a small, amused smile upon her lips as she lead Walker outside and milled between the other bodies who were crowded closer to the door and around the braziers that were blazing brightly illuminating the entrance. She lead them a little farther from the main crowd so they'd have a little more privacy, but wouldn't be completely excluded. Finding an unoccupied fire, she turned then to face the male whom she was quickly taking a great attraction to. She flicked her tail and leaned against a low stone wall beside it, warming her paws in the flickering flames one at a time as she was still holding a quarter full cup of whiskey. In the contrasting light, her pelt glimmered, becoming more orange and warm like the fire before her. She fixed her new companion with a small smirk as he joined her continuing their conversation from inside. "Ah’m a smooth talker her? Ah’m thinkin’ that y’ the one who got me alone and outside. ‘ere ah am, on my lonesome with a strange female." He said and Sedona blushed and chuckled. It's mutual...As I'm alone with a strange male out here where there's less pryin' eyes as well... She teased back, ears perking from their half flopped position as suddenly her hat was lifted from her head and placed upon his. She grinned. The hat didn't look half bad upon the male. In fact they complimented his already handsome features quite well. It just added to his southern charm. Looks good on ya, partner... She admitted quietly.

Normally the Whitesage woman would be a more protective of her hat, but seeing as tonight she was here to let loose and have some fun, she figured allowing him to wear it for a little couldn't hurt. Glancing down, Sedona let a soft rumble of approval rise in her throat as he spoke again. "So you tell me Sedona, ‘ave ah been caught? Ah’m ah in trouble?" Her eyes rose to meet his again. She chuckled and gave a soft playful growl and flick of her tail. The cowgirl felt the heat within her breast rising again at his teasing. He really knew how to push her buttons. The flush within her matched the heat from the brazier that kept the night's chill from sinking through to her bones. She was about to respond, muzzle opening, when he held up a finger, glancing side to side in a conspiring manner. She closed her mouth and gave him a quizzical look. "An’ ‘efore y’ answer that, let me show y’ one more piece o’ magic." The cowgirl only had time to give him one raised brow before he leaned in and place his muzzle to hers in a gentle kiss that sent a raging inferno through her veins.

Sedona drew in sharp breath through her nose, momentarily surprised, but quickly leaned into the kiss, eyes fluttering closed a moment, her body drawn to his a she stepped in even closer, closing the distance between them, fur mingling for a few tantalizing seconds. A single paw reached up and stroked along his jawline, memorizing the curve of it. She wanted to taste him, know everything about him. The whiskey only fueled this desire. But she knew she couldn't just jump right in with wild abandon. After what felt like many minutes, she pulled back slowly and exhaled with a shiver and an impassioned grin, blushing, heart racing. Now that... She began, trying to organize her thoughts and pull her senses back in check. Is quite some powerful magic indeed Walker... Her voice wavered slightly and was husky from lust as she reached up to retrieve her hat from his head But...I'm afraid the spell ain't gonna hold...Not yet anyway. She told him softly, not unkindly but insinuating there was more she wanted first before she was ready to give in.

Turning to the fire she dumped the last of her alcohol into the flames, causing them to roar to life and forcing her to step back so as not to get flash burned. Ya ain't in trouble, no. But I do have a few questions for a guy like yerself first. She smiled and folded her ears, gesturing to the low wall she'd been leaning on, inviting him to sit with her for a time. Like, where yer from for example? She swished her tail and leaned against the wall, replacing her hat upon her head. You intrigue me, Walker and I want t'learn 'bout whatever ya feel comfortable sharin' with me before we just ah, ...jump straight into the flames. She winked and gave a nod at the crackling brazier licking her lips, the impression of his kiss stil weighing heavily upon her memory. If ya get my meanin'. Yes, she wanted more of where that came from, but she needed to know she wasn't getting into trouble herself first.




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The roughness of her pad as it slowly stroked down his jaw gave the kiss a touching intimacy, which conjured an image of Finlay. As they parted, the southerner exhaled slowly, a playful smile on his face.

”Ain’ much to tell.”

He said moving over to the wall, facing in the opposite direction to the one Sedona was, so that he looked out into the darkness, the stars giving shape to buildings and outlines of trees.

”Ah’m a pack fella, Krokar’s ma home, but ah like playin’ cards, ma guitar and talking to interesting folk.”

He said, his heard turning to look at Sedona as he finished his explanation. The southerner had never been one to talk too much about himself, he’d figured from a very early age that others were all too keen to talk about themselves, you just had to ask the write questions.

”How ‘bout y’ fine self? Y’ scent’s a pretty one, y’ live in an orchard? A dusty one? What brings y’ t’ a place like this? Whisky is good her ah’m told, but don’ seem a good ‘nough reason for a southern gal like y’self to be up all this way.”

Walker had taken the hint, Sedona wanted to slow it down, and he respected that decision, he didn’t attempt to crowd her, didn’t try to take hold of her hand or press his thigh against hers. The male wit the steely blue eyes stayed close, but was respectful. Walker was an outrageous flirt, but his demeanour suggested he knew when to cool it.

”O’course ah’m glad y’ made the trip when y’ did, t’ think ah was almost tempted t’ call it a night. Ah’m jus’ feelin’ nosy.”

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WC: 800

Her queries slowed down the heated passion that rose in her breast, helping to somewhat keep the cowgirl's head more level even through the mild haze of the alcohol. She wasn't trying to spoil the obvious magic between them, but she didn't want to just go all the way with someone she barely knew anything about. What if she really liked him? Wanted to find him again? She at least needed to know where he was from. She smiled and focused on the pale Southerner's face even as he gazed out into the dark and answered her. God damn he sure was a handsome fellow.

'Ah’m a pack fella, Krokar’s ma home, but ah like playin’ cards, ma guitar and talking to interesting folk.' He spoke revealing some facts about himself that made her ears perk. Sedona had always loved the musical arts, especially the guitar. She gave a soft 'churr' of approval and delight at the mention of the stringed instrument. "I'd love to hear ya play sometime." She said with a hint of admiration. "My pa used t' play." she told him wistfully. "He'd always play songs he'd make up around a campfire on long Autumn nights, not too different than this one when we were bringing the cattle in back home. ...I miss it sometimes. She admitted. It was hard at times to be without the closeness and familiarity of her family back in Arizona, but since leaving, journeying across country and becoming part of Mistfell Vale, she was learning to love her new life. It felt good to talk about home, but Sedona was unused to being so open so quickly. The cowgirl couldn't help but wonder if Walker was this smooth with other women...and men as he'd mentioned before.

Damn gal, get your head outta the southend!" She thought with slight embarrassment trying to keep herself focused on the topics at hand. Her self restraint seemed not quite necessary with Walker's next line of questions however. 'How ‘bout y’ fine self? Y’ scent’s a pretty one, y’ live in an orchard? A dusty one? What brings y’ t’ a place like this? Whisky is good her ah’m told, but don’ seem a good ‘nough reason for a southern gal like y’self to be up all this way.' Shifting slightly so her legs were now dangling off the wall lightly, the coydog hybrid smiled when he asked about her scent making her glance down a bit shyly. So he'd been paying attention to her scent hm? Interesting indeed. Smirking she curled her tail teasingly around his ankle. Slowing down was only temporary. She was definitely still interested if he was. She shrugged as she responded. "I'm from Mistfell Vale. And I needed a break from my work." SHe grinned. "Krokar's not too far from us I believe. We're pretty much neighbors!" She chuckled. It was nice to know her companion wasn't that far away should they wish to meet again. She enjoyed his company and once more, she found her heart skipping a beat at the thought of maybe taking things father than just conversation. "I live near the orchards in Mistfell. I tend to the livestock and am currently helpin' to restore some of the town buildings." It was a passion for her to work with her hands. She loved to build and put her all into her tasks. Her duties explained why her scent was so clearly of dust, apples and horses.

'O’course ah’m glad y’ made the trip when y’ did, t’ think ah was almost tempted t’ call it a night. Ah’m jus’ feelin’ nosy.' Sedona smirked again. Placing a paw on his knee, fingers stroking upwards gently along his leg a low growl rose in her throat as her sparkling green-yellow eyes moved up to meet his steely blue ones again. "I don' mind nosy... I am certainly glad I came tonight as well. Otherwise I wouldn'ta met such a charmin', attractive man like yerself." She said, shamelessly flirting. "What d'ya say to slippin' away from this noisy party and headin' somewhere a little...more private?" She had a place in mind that she knew they'd not be disturbed where they could further 'get to know each other'. "Promise ya it's not far." She winked, removing her paw from his thigh and trying to hide a small shiver of excitement. "Just down the road." she gestured with her head, watching the male's face for any sign of discomfort with her sudden forwardness. Seeing none, she rose to her paws, taking his paw in hers, brushing her pelt against his as she did with a soft chuckle and began to saunter her way ahead of him towards the stables where she knew there was a small, dark, alcove behind the barn they could take advantage of.


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Walker felt her tail curl around his leg and he wondered if Sedona was conscious of what she’d done, but he said nothing Walker had always enjoyed closeness. As it turned out she didn’t live too far from Krokar. It made things a little trickier of course, if he’d still been travelling from place to place, then the two of them could have had fun, and Walker could have left. The answer to his problems would have been to lie, but the southerner never made any attempt to conceal his scent and every pack member had a certain scent. He supposed the only thing to do was make sure that tonight didn’t go badly.

There was a lot he could have said, but Sedona was telling him about herself, and Walker was nothing if not a good listener. While there were plenty of folk who thought of him as nothing more than a manipulative thief, there was a genuine interest, it was impossible to fake that, while he was with his companions’, he gave them his full attention.

”Well if y’ come ‘ere again ah’ll make sure t’ bring my guitar next time.”

Was all he managed to say before she placed a hand on his thigh, lightly stroking it upwards. The warmth of the touch through the faded denim of his jeans was wonderful. As their eyes met he knew she was flirting with him, and he was glad. Walker was always forward, but he never pushed, he wasn’t one of those guys. As Sedona took his hand, he allowed himself to be led by the hand, the touch of her pelt against his shirt sending delicious tingles down his spine.

”ah’m shocked ma’am, d’ y’ think y’ flattery is gonna get y’ into my pants? Ah mean, y’ haven’t even bought me dinner.”

He said in a tone of mock affrontery.

As the pair entered the stable, Walker’s eyes closed a moment and he inhaled deeply. As he did so, he seemed to relax. Walker had to pretend a lot, but horses, they were his weakness. He’d always had a way with them, perhaps because he could whisper quietly into their ears and confide his most intimate of secrets and never worry that they would betray his trust or leave him. Somewhere in the gloom was his beloved conker coloured mare Lady. The sound of even breathing and swishing tails sounded so familiar. Sedona’s green and yellow eyes brought him back from his reverie.

”Plenty o’ folk like a good roll in the hay. Y’ brought me here to see an empty stall?”

He said, his easy smile never flickering.

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OOC:Apologies for the delay! WC: 571

Promises of more good things to come, both still during this current night, and more nights in the future had Sedona's heart beating rapidly with anticipation. It was difficult not to feel such elation when with someone that she hit it off so well with. Walker was the kind of stranger that could captivate with his charm, and with his hint of mystery too. As she lead him to the stables, the cowgirl couldn't help the smirk that remained plastered to her maw. The male was far too much fun. Still flushed from the alcohol, and feeling a rush from the cool night's air now that they'd left the warmth of the braziers by Biff's, the Whitesage woman was eager to be warm again, and the touches she'd placed upon her company's body, and they way he'd responded, only told her, he too was seeking warmth as well.

Finally making it to the barn, Sedona chuckled at the playful words her new found companion decided to tease her with. "Plenty o’ folk like a good roll in the hay. Y’ brought me here to see an empty stall?” He smiled at her and she gave a low, playful growl, clicking her teeth. She was at home here amidst the animals and the hay and the scent of all things barnyard. But she wasn't one to get to rollin' with just about anyone. She had a rule, one that she tried to abide by if the opportunity was given. It was one she and her father had made when she was young. Never trust another enough to give yourself away if your horse doesn't give you the go ahead first. Horses had a funny way of sensing people. And Sedona's mare, Hopi had never steered her wrong about people before. It wasn't so much that she didn't believe in her own instincts that Walker was a good fellow, even if he was a petty thief, she just trusted the bond between her and her horse even more. She just needed to know that Hopi would take as much of a liking to him as she had.

"Nope. I came here to show ya off t' my horse. Mmm...and then maybe seduce you into a pile of hay." She gave a low churr of sound in her throat before quite suddenly pressing her muzzle to his in a deep, slow kiss. Meanwhile, she slowly leaned her body into him, backing him towards the stall which held the mustang Paint mare whom gave a loud whinny, breaking the woman's lustful, hungry kisses and pulling her back to her senses, before her deft fingers could fully undo the buttons of Walker's shirt and reach for the pale fur beneath. Releasing a pent up sigh, the woman shook free a shiver that threatened to course through her entire body before smirking up at the male. "Oops...My bad...almost got carried away..." She said softly, curling her tail again around her own leg, before gesturing to Hopi where she peered alert over her stall at the lighter pelted male with her owner. The equine was eager to get to know who was getting cozy with the one and only woman she trusted to care for and love her with everything she was. Reaching up to stroke the large animal's muzzle, Sedona smiled warmly. "This, is my girl, Hopi." She introduced the mare and nodded for Walker to approach.


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