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POSTED: Sun Sep 23, 2018 5:30 pm

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Muddy hands heaved against the dried planks of wood as Leto pulled them into the cart. He was trying a new system of placing wood down before applying the mudbrick in order to let the clay substance last longer before repair, the only issue was carrying the scrap pieces of wood from where they were drying to where Leto needed them. He'd attempted to carry them himself, hoisting planks over his back and limping towards the half rebuild house only to have his leg stiffen halfway and find the old man buried beneath bits of wood. Sabina hadn't been happy about seeing Leto purposely struggle, and so was insisting he use the cart to carry anything and everything from now on. As much as Leto wanted to argue, he'd fallen over too many times in the last month to really have a leg to stand on in the situation.

The tattered old man huffed to himself, patting his hands together as bits of dried clay dropped from around his bony fingers, and pulled up another bit of the wooden planks left down the road. His two goats watched with vacant expressions, their soft mouths twisting as they chewed on bits of dried grass, waiting for their master to give them the order to pull the small cart back towards the bungalow.

"Esto iría más rápido si ambos ayudaron, ya sabes."

Leto commented at the creatures of burden, giving them a soft smile and a scratch before dropping his load onto the back of the cart.

"Solo un poco más y volveremos, ¿está bien?"

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Having left Biff's Bar behind early in the morning after accidentally left her hat at the counter the night before, Sedona was making her way back to Mistfell Vale after a weekend of fun in Amherst. She hadn't planned on taking so long away from her new home, but she couldn't say she regretted her time spent. Riding upon the back of her Paint mare, Hopi, the cowgirl remained alert through the unfamiliar terrain, keeping watch for anything that might cause her trouble. One could never predict what might come across your path when traveling. She was only mildly hungover; thankfully nothing she couldn't handle. The night's festivities had left her feeling upbeat, and ready for the day rather than sluggish and seeking a nap. She knew that she'd make it home by nightfall if she kept moving provided no distractions came up.

It seemed however that she was due for a late arrival back in the Vale as the sound of what Sedona could only guess was some kind of cart over the uneven ground that was once some humanized track through the area caught her ears. Hopi's ears flicked in the direction of the sound as well and the equine gave a soft snort as an unfamiliar luperci's scent reached her nose. Sedona pulled the mare to a stop just off the track and waited, watching as from the ungrowth came a pale coated, elderly male pushing a cart filled with wooden boards. There were more of these boards on the ground before him and as she watched, the older canid moved to pick up more of the planks. She also noted that behind him two goats followed. She though it a little strange that the male didn't have the two creatures pulling the cart for him, especially considering his age. He looked a bit worse for wear but the colorful adornments and markings upon his person added a splash of youth to his appearance that made Sedona smile. Moving Hopi and herself farther into view she caught the tail end of some words spoken from the man in a language she didn't quite understand but she'd heard here and there spoken by a traveler or two before back home. Spanish she recalled the language was called?

Making sure that the male saw her, she called out amiably. Howdy good sir. Might I be of any assistance t' ya? She asked kindly, tipping her hat in a friendly gesture. Hopi swished her tail and bobbed her head impatiently and Sedona patted her neck to soothe her. 'I know, I know... we'll get home soon...' She thought but wanted to make sure the ivory furred male didn't require any help. After all, she didn't see anyone else around and she was concerned that he was doing such heavy work by himself. The wood planks weren't exactly just laying out to pick up and his cart was nearly full already.

She's probably gonna offend him accidentally patronizing him, lol.[490]



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As much as Leto's back ached, he was glad he was finally doing work at his own pace. If he'd remained in the Villa, no doubt they would have worked the old man to death. Even when he was younger and more able the work load had been unbearable at times. Carrying mud from one place to another, barrels of water from streams or wells, heavy planks of wood piled on the backs of slaves that were forced to work long hours in the blistering sun. It was no surprise many collapsed, some even died. Leto had it hard yes, but perhaps he was lucky that his master preferred the white dog close by to play music for him or see to his needs, rather than send Leto off to do hard labour each and every day.

Although the Villa had taught Leto how to build, he was glad to be finally able to do it his way. To a home that belonged to him, not someone who owned him. The old man flashed his yellow teeth for a moment as he winced, stretching his back out to try and remove some of it's stiffness, sighing in content. Just as Leto moved to grab more wood, he heard a sound that the old man felt would be common place going by his bungalow. The click of hooves on gravel and dirt, as assumingly another traveller was to pass by the old man's homestead. It was nice when they moved on without hassling the old timer, but as Leto's pink eyes looked up he grumbled as this one decided to come closer. His attitude laxed a little when he noticed they were a young female, of similar age to Sabina, similar appearance as well. She spoke out in an accented voice that was hard to translate for the old man, but he caught a summary of her words.

"No help. This is my land, so you help, you trespass." Leto stated simply, feeling the ghost slap of Sabina hitting him on the back of the head for being so offensive. "Also, I do not need help, I am fine sí?" The old man added, and to prove his point he lifted one of the wooden planks into the cart. And at the same moment a muscle in Leto's back decided to cramp, making the old man help and drop his load off to the side of the cart, throwing out some curses in Spanish as he watched the wooden plank clatter to the ground and holding a hand to his lower back.

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