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Sex was a very interesting thing. In Walker’s line of work it had always been a useful tool for gathering information, but he also saw it as a sport and way to get a good workout. Of course, it was also a hell of a lot of fun as well. It was only after his escape that he’d been taught about it properly and how to use it. No matter how skilled though, he wasn’t a robot, and always there was the lupus brain, and all it responded to was the signs that Sedona was making clear. The trick was to balance all of that, to walk that fine line of being in the moment, staying in control and losing yourself to everything. It was a game every Luperci eventually lost, the trick was to stay there as long as possible, and it was clear this female was doing her best to make him succumb.

Sedona had made sure that her body rubbed against him, but when their fun stopped abruptly, as Walker teased her, the cowgirl had reached down and taken him gently in her hand. That simple gesture had made him stiffen, his breath hitch in his throat, and before he had time to recover, she had begun rubbing, massaging and stroking. His body had no choice but to respond and Walker slid from his sheath, slowly swelling. The fog of need and desire that her simple action had provoked, was hard to escape from, and Walker realised he was panting. This delicious torture wasn’t over though, she drew his eyes down. Walker, inhaled deeply, which was a mistake, his lupus brain screamed and the southerner mentally felt himself lurch forwards. Walker wasn’t sure how it happened, but there was a moment of time he’d lost, and he realised his head was between Sedona’s thighs, her hand drawing out of his line of view and revealing her swollen sex. Beads of moisture clung to it, and Walker knew how yielding it would be. Showing his muzzle forward, he pressed his nose against her inhaling deeply, and almost oblivious to his actions, his tongue flicked out and Walker tasted her. The act was an intimate one, he had seen her, scented her, but now, he knew the taste of her. It was also perhaps the most ill-conceived idea of the evening, as it nearly overwhelmed Walker.

With the effort the southerner imagined it must have taken to halt a stampede of caribou, he pulled back, doing his best to quickly hide the long strand of drool the had begun to dangle from his mouth.

”Damn it darlin…” Walker began clearly unable to finish what he was going to say. Walker’s tone was breathy, and it had clearly cost him an effort to say even that much.

Instead he used his strength to draw her to him.

”ah…ah need y’ t’ sit on my chest right now!” he growled, almost hauling her there as he was speaking.

For a moment the spell was broken, disappeared in the awkwardness of the repositiong, but as he pushed at Sedona’s rump, drawing her sex closer to him, it reignited once again. There she was, before him, and in a position that meant Walker, even if he lost himself, would be powerless to do anything to end this round to soon. The scent of her was wonderful and Walker’s head swam, his body knew what it wanted and denying it, was causing an exquisite agony. This time the southerner did not lick Sedona, this time, with slow probing, his tongue parted her and slowly began a more intimate taste of the cowgirl.

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Sedona was no stranger to the wiles of sexual comforts. She was a grown woman. But she too was also at the mercy of her instincts and the struggle of remaining logical and just giving in to the carnal desires she felt longing and aching deep within her core. As a a still mostly feral minded creature, the woman found that she made sounds of encouragement and insistence, the noises appearing as whines, growls and huffs like a dog in heat. Except thankfully for the couple, the risk of pups was far off. The cowgirl's season was months away. No this frenzy was simply spurred on by the internal fire that Walker had so expertly lit. What was the point in holding back like he did? She loved to show how much she was enjoying the moment. She didn't care if things moved fast or slow just as long as they didn't stop moving.

Panting softly in excitement, the coydog made sure to give the male a full view of her genitals as they glistened moist and aroused; the product of all the teasing and close, intimate contact. Sedona's body flushed with warmth even as she smirked down her muzzle down at him, placing a hand upon the back of the Southerner's head, entwinging her fingers firmly into the messy tousled hair of her partner and gently pressed his head forward so that his muzzle greeted her sex with a combined mix of a cold, wet nose and hot, heavy breath. The sensation made the Whitesage woman shudder and her tail fluff a bit, curling loosely at her side. With a small growl, Sedona was about to give Walker a command to get to work. "Get to wo----oohhhh..." But the orders came out only half way as more eagerly than she ever expected, the patchwork male's maw parted and his tongue lapped deeply across the pink tender flesh between her legs and she couldn't help but buck her hips, nearly at the same time as she both watched and felt the jerk of Walker's own pelvis thrusting uncontrolled from the act of devotion to his female counterpart.

Sedona could almost palpably feel both of their control slipping. Moaning and pulling slightly on the male's hair some more the horsewoman insisted he continue his endeavor, desperate for more attention from his deft tongue, but before she could so much as attempt to utter another word, Walker sat up clearly with effort, his blue eyes pools of intense need. "Damn it darlin…" He said breathlessly, his voice husky and then he pulled himself up and grabbed her up in his strong arms around the waist. She 'murrrr'ed and gave a small bark of a laugh, panting and feeling the fire in her loins pulsing with her heartbeat. "Ah…ah need y’ t’ sit on my chest right now!" He said rather hurried and Sedona simply smiled, beginning to move into position as he did. "As you wish." She uttered quickly between breaths.

It took a moment to get into the exact seated position upon the topmost part of his torso, her legs spread wide around to either side of his head, parted for his muzzle to dip forward and prob, lap at and devour her slit to his heart's content. Moaning and groaning with anticipation, Sedona drew in a sharp gasp of breath, the muscles of her lower quivering as suddenly she felt Walker's tongue penetrate the first depths of her entrance. She leaned back, arching her back into his muscled, hungry tongue, placing her paws on either side of the Southerner's body, bracing herself from crushing his diaphragm and impeding his ability to breathe. Unable to help herself, the cowgirl rocked her hips slowly in time with the slow undulating motions her partner made between her legs. Every caress and precise flick to the flesh there sent jolts of pleasure up and down Sedona's spine. She knew that getting her to cum before him was the entire goal of Walker's and in this position, she knew that he would succeed and without much retaliation from the woman as she near enthusiastically rode his face, becoming lost in the building sparks of soon to be orgasm. "I'm getting close Walker..." She said with a soft whimper, squirming and trembling atop him, a willing and eager victim of his ravaging.

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All pretence was set aside now. Walker held himself in check only by the merest notion of the word. The taste of her, the heat and scent that enveloped him, all spoke to something deep. They might all stand on two legs and speak, often politely, but there was no defence against what they truly were. As Sedona rocked, pushing herself against his ministrations, the southerner could feel the deep ache of desire and knew, the neither could see it, that he was swollen with need, his tip glittering, eager to explore deeper than a mere tongue could go. His mind was fogged and thoughts, other than the wolf’s unassailable want to be closer to Sedona, to scrape his pelt against her and demonstrate to her what an impressive male he was. Even as his stretched, curled and wriggled within her folds, Walker’s hips bucked, but her words, those words, they brought him back from the brink, if only just. His lips twitched upwards, but the southerner never stopped. In fact, he slid both hands up her inner thighs and gently, oh so carefully, parted her, just a little so she was just a little more open, and redoubled his efforts, feeling the desperation growing inside him again. He could feel Sedona’s frantic pulse through her leg, and then…her breathing stopped and she stiffened, only for an instant before releasing a ragged breath. Walker continued to tease, feeding his own need and desire, but he was interrupted by a hand curling around him. His breath hitched, his chest tightened, as the southerner responded to being touched so intimately. The cowgirl moved from off his chest and Walker’s breathing came back, shallow and fast. Raising herself above him, Sedona began to lower herself. Walker knew that any moment he would feel her and be surrounded by that indescribable warmth. Walker closed his eyes in delicious anticipation. There it was, the tip of him touched the edges of her sex, another agonising instant and…Nothing, Sedona had halted. Walker’s eyes flew open and a growl escaped him, driven by frustration and need for her. His hips bucked, but gracefully she rose with the thrusts of his hips. The southerners ears pinned back and a whine escaped him.

”What’s-“ He wanted to ask a question, but his mind had been temporarily suspended while they enjoyed themselves. Instead, his body bucked again. This time she slid away. Walker began to sit up, intent on kissing her passionately and releasing his feverish desire, but as he sat up, a hot wet tongue licked a stripe across him, ending at his tip. Walker felt that lick all the way up his spine, exploding in his brain and cauising him to lose all strength. He lay back down with a thud, tonelessly as he huffed with pleasure, his body tensing and relaxing in reaction to the cowgirl’s ministrations.

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