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She and Nico sat at the table near the middle. It was hardly prime time for her work and, truth be told, she was hardly in the mood to try very hard that night. Nico even seemed happy that she was not working the room to disappear off with someone else for a portion of time.

He had never quite got over the fact that their whole escape from Italy had arisen in the bosom of their relationship and that it had all ended when they ended up in the cold Nova Scotia wilderness. He certainly seemed to be sour and sulky more often than not, but it had shifted into a brooding sort of silence as he worked as her bodyguard. Not like he had room to complain when she did the hard bit and kept them both well fed when the rest of the Troupe wasn't around to assist. How else would they have made it in Portland?

But that night, she was content sipping at bland wine and he his ale. Precious furs went to fund the night out and Nico did not seem to mind the expense. Adrianna, however, did mind somewhat. What were they going to do when they ran out of tradeable goods and her own work dried up? Nova Scotia was decided less hospitable to her trade than Portland had been. There were no port towns to ply her work. It was the same dismal thing that had been when the duo had last been there. But they were there, with the others, so they had best make it work.

Adrianna sighed loudly. God, if this place had been here last we were here, maybe we never would have gone to Sapient. She rested her cheek on a palm and ran a finger along the edge of the bowl as she stared at Nico. More like glared at him. Were it not for him, she would still be luxuriating in her Roman villa with a prominent marriage lined up and lovers for days and the wealth would last forever. Maybe one day she would bite the bullet and head home, but she was not quite done with her stubbornness.

Did you hear, though? They're all gone, did you know? she said, reiterating for the umpteenth time that the place they sought refuge in the year prior was over and done with. Gone, faster than smoke. Pitiful.

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Optime | Amherst (Biff’s Bar); night | NPCs: Muddy (mentions) (+654)

It had been a few weeks since she had made the trek down to Biff’s Bar, having had to prioritize activities and ventures more than ever since she had fully embraced the life of a Loner. Food needed to be hunted down, firewood needed to be chopped, the animals tended to, and this was not to include her main focus of study with herbs and other medicinal items. In the end, Asura was often kept quite busy on her own, occasionally entertaining another Loner when her skills were needed.

Tonight though, she had made room in her schedule to go to the social spot. She was overdue for an update of what was going on in the world.

She had made the short journey atop her stallion, Muddy, whose powerful stride and taller height could make quick work of the snowbanks that gathered between Bathurst and Amherst. They took the familiar game and trade roads to make time, though, their pace slowed a bit upon entering the town. The old human roads collected ice more easily in some areas, and Asura didn’t want to risk harming her precious horse in the middle of winter.

When they eventually arrived at the bar, it looked like it would be a slow night. Only a few horses were huddled outside, and the establishment itself was lacking in its usual, loud merriment that often spilled out into the streets. Having already made the journey all the way there, Asura was unwilling to turn back and head home, however. She tied up her horse and headed inside.

Warmth greeted and wrapped around her as she came into the bar. Looking around, it looked like it would definitely be one of the bar’s quieter evenings. For now at least. It could all change in an instant, Asura knew. She pulled down her hood and shook out the remaining, frigid grip of the outside from her fur and hair. Procuring a neatly tied parcel from her seal-skin satchel, she made her way over to the bar and set it down. Fresh rabbit meet and cleaned bones.

As the barkeep, Spud, accepted her trade and went to get her usual drink request, Asura let her turquoise eyes shift across the bar patrons, wondering if there were any that she might socialize with or might have rumors or stories of the region to tell that she had not yet heard of. Spud came back a moment later with her drink, and Asura gave the white wolfdog a word of gratitude in response. Her onyx ears flickered as a woman from a nearby table spoke up loudly—or, at least, loud enough that the Creo could overhear her conversation with her male companion—and a name caused Asura to turn her head fully towards the table.

Upon seeing the couple, Asura felt a nagging tug at the edges of her memory. They looked…familiar. But…where…? Her thoughts were franticly searching her inner archives for a reason, and, when it finally came to her, the silver wolfdog found her body turning in its barstool, angling towards the nearby table. “A lot of them couldn’t find a reason to stay after what happened,” Asura interjected. She didn’t move from her seat, unsure of whether her presence would have been welcomed by the couple. Asura’s family had only been with the humanized pack for a few months the last time she had seen them. She wasn’t entirely sure they would remember her yearling self.

“Nico and…Adrian…Adrianna, right? It’s been a while.” The Creo said with a friendly smile. “I’m Skana Creo’s daughter, Asura.” She added just in case. Her mother had played a larger part in the pack then than Asura and her brother, Saleos. The two siblings had been more engrossed with their lessons and exploring their home than being overly social.

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The woman at the bar turned around and spoke to them, directly. Adrianna's back stiffened and straightened in her own seat and she peered out at the woman, who should have been somewhat familiar, and actually was. She tilted her head for a moment as she tapped on her chin with a finger, thinking on who she was. She was definitely someone who had been at Sapient. Right. Nico muttered something as he looked at her, too, before returning to his drink and its much more friendly company.

From what I heard, there was no reason to go back, she added, thoughtfully, slowly, as she waited to figure it out. God, but her brain was like a sieve at that moment, leaking the memories that ought to have remained inside. But mercifully, Asura identified them after a short moment and introduced herself in turn.

I remember, said the man next to her. His accent was far thicker than Adrianna's, mostly because he had learned the language locally rather than under someone's tutelage like Adrianna herself. She had learned at the knee of another, who had taught her enough that she would flourish easily with another locale, but she had the wealth of a noble family to back her education. Nico had been a familial slave. Who would bother teaching a young slave languages not spoken nearby?

Oh, yes, I remember now, she said, smiling finally. She waved her hand toward the woman, beckoning her to join them at the table. We were already at the University when things.. went sour. Were we already in Portland, by then, Nico? She asked the man, who took a moment to properly comprehend, and then shrugged his uncertainty. Adrianna gave a sound of disgust. Some help. Men, she said loudly, but the man who was her bodyguard merely rolled his eyes.

Can you tell us what happened? We only had a vague telling. She batted her eyelashes at Asura, grinning as winningly as she could. Asura was not beholden to answer, especially as Sapient was dead with the worms. Adrianna wanted to know, though, because that would at least explain to her why on earth it had fallen apart so sharply. When she had last been on territory proper, things had been alright.

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