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IC: The visions had been particularly bad the past while. "The Shadow" as she'd began to call the manifestation, plagued her wakeful hours, and even in sleep now. Renaryn was convinced by this time that she'd been cursed. It wasn't the head injury she'd taken, no, some dark forces were at work here. Somehow she'd angered the gods and goddesses and this was her punishment. Some wrong she'd done in her past was catching up to her, or some wrong she was doing now was finally eating away, taking its payment for her transgression. Whatever it was, it was definitely exacting its pound of flesh. Quite literally.

Renaryn had been unsuccessful in bringing in anything for sustenance, nor had she been able to get a good night's rest in longer than she could recall. It was showing in the gauntness of her face and the narrowing of her normally wide and large figure. The woman was suffering the fate of most loners in Winter, sure, but the sleep deprivation wasn't helping. And being of larger stature catching enough prey to keep her bulk was difficult. Without proper care of herself, the loner witch was slowly succumbing to malnutrition. It made her journeying slow and tiresome. But still she went, never giving in to the bitter cold that wanted to drag her down. Never did she give in to the voices that nagged and jeered for her to quit. Never did she let the nightmares she woke from every night crying out loud from stop her. Never did she let herself get so low that she lost faith. As long as the world beneath her feet lived, so would she. She would keep going, she would find purpose. But she had to admit, without her coven, the days were blurring together. And she was growing weary of the loneliness. Enduring the pain, hunger and fear alone was never something she wanted.

Sighing, Renaryn set another log on the fire that she'd lit in the mouth of one of the large caverns in the sides of the mountain. The one she'd chosen was mostly sheltered from the howling winds and freshly falling snow. Her whirling thoughts and tending the fire that kept her warm kept her occupied and distracted from the winter storm rolling through the area for the third night in a row. The fresh scars upon her side and her stomach ached, but the heaviness in her heart ached more. She wondered if she'd ever be reunited with the sisters and brothers she'd once called family. She wondered where they were now, and if they ever thought of her. Gazing up at the sad, cloudy sky, the woman flicked at ear at the sound of the howling deep within the cave she sheltered in. At least with the singing ghostly voices here, it wouldn't seem so lonely.

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WC: 521

Again, the spirits of Anathema called her back to their once home. They sung lullabies that only she would find soothing and ever so often she would venture back here. Everything she ever stood for was here. She grew up here, she found a new family here, she was part of a war, and she was part of the pack's demise. It was all so bitter sweet, but it was the bitter sweet things in life she seemed to take the most joy in.

With a sweet smile on her lips, River sauntered through Anathema's old lands. She swore she could remember where the corpses lay, where the blood splattered the trees and ground. She could remember the sounds, the expression, the smells so clearly it was as if were happening in real time. She knew it was just the spirits, forcing their emotions out towards her. They were so frustrated, sad, lost, defeated, and they wanted someone to share in that pain. She wished she couldn't, but indeed she could. She was also sad, lost, lonely, and defeated. It was a sour feeling, but she only felt that way because now, she fought against what was previously trying to consume her.

Every once in a while, a familiar spirit would pass by. She would guess it was Aeron, who was no doubt the guardian of these lands. She imagined the once leader waged war with Kentaro. It was a battle of good against evil. But, a battle of spirits was barely a battle at all.

River walked past the ruins of Helios temple, where she once sought solace in Maelyx's fire and the comfort the temple itself offered. Surely there was little more than dust left within its walls. A sigh graced her lips and she paused. Here was where she found her one true ally. Abaddon was a wonder of this world and her curiosity for him never seemed to fade.

River continued onward until the scent of fire caught her attention. It was strong in contrast to the clean palette of winter which offered little more than the scent of trees and nearby creatures. Curiosity tore her in that direction and when she got closer she realized a familiar scent of a real canine wafted into her nose. Ren. She and the white witch had become fast friends. With a smile on her face, River crunched through the snow and towards the caverns. She didn't hesitate coming in to stand before a fire and the friendly witch woman. Her smile quickly turned to worry as she noted the different in her appearance since the last time they met. It was as if they'd traded placed.

As soon as she realized that, Kalfou's spirit pushed against her back, laughing haughtily in her ears. What a weak, pathetic, mirror image she is of you. Sad creatures. Ignoring him, River came to kneel next to Ren. Renaryn? Are you alright? What are you doing here, in Anathema's old territory? River was genuinely concerned. It was a feeling she had for very few people.
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WC: 692

It felt like the entire world was against her. The weight of her failure in finding a place to belong, her misery in lacking restful sleep, her loneliness without her coven, her hunger without a decent meal for so long, all weighed heavy upon the witch as she sat huddled in a tight ball, arms wrapped around her legs, shivering beside the fire. Despite the blanket and furs wrapped around her she was cold. The cold sank into her bones, and it wasn't just from the winter's bite she realized. She must be growing ill. It was usually the first sign of illness, a fever. She couldn't afford sickness now, she'd need to find an herbalist if possible to ward off anything she might have picked up. The lonely female hoped that her chills were simply just nerves. Laying her head upon her knees the white wolfess sighed forlornly. She had been called to these once occupied lands by the equally miserable and unfortunate restless spirits that roamed the metaphysical realm. She felt their pain and confusion, but she could not make out much more than what her empathic senses told her. Renaryn knew not of Anathema or it's bloody end. She was oblivious to the scene of murder she had chosen to take her night's rest in.

All she knew was she'd set her head down and was staring into the flames, watching them dance and twist, licking at the air, before disappearing into the darkness above and must have dozed off, for the next thing she knew, the witch woman was being shaken awake gently by a familiar face. "Renaryn?" Her name so close to her ear startled her awake. The beautiful bi-color eyed female knelt beside her, gaze filled with concern. "R-River! When did you get here? H-How long was I out?" She asked bewildered, looking around, almost at first doubting the physical presence of the other woman but feeling her paw firmly upon her shoulder (the blankets had slipped off her and were sliding down her back now) the reality of her company became obvious. The wolfess' heart beat faster with relief and excitement at the sight of her friend. Memories of their first meeting under the full moon flashing through her mind almost like an aphrodisiac, causing a small amused smile to find its way to her face, only to fall away into a frown at River's next questions "Are you alright? What are you doing here, in Anathema's old territory?".

Ren looked away, self-conscious all of a sudden. She knew that she looked like absolute hell compared to the last time they met. "No. I'm not alright. I've...not exactly fared well through the heart of winter. I came here because I felt the spirits call me." She confided in her friend. " I... I think I am cursed. She began, hugging her legs tighter to her body. "I can't sleep restfully. I keep having these awful nightmares. My wand snapped, I have been having the worst of luck catching prey and I..." She paused, folding her ears. "You were right. That shadow that's following me... only got worse. It's manifested. And I'm...I'm losing memory, River. I've done things without realizing it, only to come back to my senses to find out what I've done..." She spilled the truth about everything she'd been through all in quick succession. "I feel so lost...weak, powerless." She growled. "Like half of myself." She said her voice filled with despair and anger.

Ren looked to River with a sad but determined look in her golden eyes. Even though she was greatly troubled, that wasn't going to keep her from fighting to survive. "You look well, though. How have you been since we last met?" Ren forced a smile and wagged her tail. "Despite my circumstances, there really is nobody else I'd rather be with right now...I'm glad you're here." River was probably the only real friend Renaryn had made out in the wilds as a loner, and she was someone she treasured greatly. At her lowest, there was nobody but her cherished friends she'd rather have near to help her recover.

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WC: 652

It became more obvious that Renaryn was not in the best condition when River had to physically wake her by rocking her from side to side with her arm. The white woman came to and River's hand settled on her shoulder, dainty digits firmly grasping her in hopes to comfort her. River offered the woman a warm smile as a shiver ran down her spine and then quaked her form. The fire felt nice against her fur, even through the fur line cloak that was draped over her figure.

River ran her thumb against Renaryn's fur, soothing her like she might do a child or a lover during a hard time. Questions came. It was clear the other had not meant to drift off. It reminded her of herself, when Kalfou and other demons feasted upon her dreams leaving her with only nightmares. It was a time when she slept little. Her eyes had constant rings underneath them and her features had been sunken in. She resembled a nocturnal vermin, sick and ragged in appearance. It made an easy feeling swell in her gut seeing her new friend in such bad shape. I just got here, moments ago. I'm not sure how long you were out, but I'm guessing not very long because your fire is still well lit. Thankfully. River sat herself down next to Renaryn and held her hands out to the flames that lapped at the cold air around them.

Renaryn mentioned she came here because the spirits called her. They called me too. She saw why now. They were loud when vulnerable energy was near, quarreling over who might prey upon the fresh blood. Kentaro's spirit was particularly famished. No meal of negative energy would appease his voracious appetite. Though, Aeron seemed to linger close by, acting as a guide whenever River traveled through these lands. There were few good spirits that remained here, after the war took place.

The other woman continued, explaining how she thought she was cursed. River's mismatched hues narrowed as she spoke of a spirit and the awful luck she'd been having. Kalfou continued laughing, growling in her ears. He was amused by this a great deal, and it was souring River's mood. I understand all of that. It sounds like you're in a rough spot. Here. River said as she stuck her hand into her cloak to remove a chunk of dried meat that Greed left for her the night before. She handed it over to Renaryn. Eat. Get some strength back. Its important you keep your energy level up, so that spirit, or whatever it may be has more trouble gaining hold of you. You are not lost. Because I'm here and I know of these things you speak about. I'd say its pretty lucky we met each other when we did. River wrapped her arm around Ren if she would allow it. The witch was possibly the first friend she had in a long time.

She continued to cast a warm smile over at the other witch, her nose wrinkling in delight as Renaryn said there was nobody else she'd rather be with. I'm doing much better. Finding you, that night, was what I needed to help steer me in the right direction. Thank you. My demon still lurks, but he has less power over me. Kalfou scoffed audibly in her ear. It was clear she was becoming much too cocky for his taste. River's hand disappeared into her cloak again, this time pulling out a bundle of sage. She held it to the fire to light it and waved it around slowly to disperse its smoke. If your spirit is here now, this will hold him off. Kal's hisses filled her ears, so much so that they pinned against her head until he vanished.
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