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POSTED: Thu Jan 03, 2019 4:08 pm

OOC: Drifter Bay, middle, closer to the foot of the Halcyon Mtns. Nightfall. WC: 717

IC: Renaryn was feeling the lack of sleep by now. It was going on two weeks since she'd had a full night's sleep and napping during the day was rarely very restful, despite her every attempts at making it so. Her night time hours were plagued by shadows, fear and unpleasantness. Nightmares. A curse that haunts one sleep. And the poor witch only wished she knew where she'd picked up the boon. As much as she tried to rationalize it was the head injury she sustained, she just couldn't see how the now healed bump would cause the Shadow demon to enter her dreams when previously it would only darken her days.

It didn't matter ultimately how she'd ended up cursed, what mattered what trying to break it. She was growing more and more sick the less and less sleep she got. She was already suffering the effects of being a loner out in the harsh winter, with scarce prey and less than accommodating conditions. She didn't need anything else impacting her health. Hunger, cold, lack of sleep, these hardships were a recipe for disaster should they continue for long. The white furred woman yawned as the sun sank over the horizon, the distant sound of the ocean a sweet sort of lullaby to accompany the warm glow. The woman wasn't exactly sure where she'd be bedding down for the night but she had her sights set on a cliff face up ahead where she could see a small cavern with a worn old trail leading up to it.

It took her longer than she'd hoped to reach the cliff face, but it was worth the journey. Climbing the twelve foot vertical crumbling wall up to the cavern would prove a little difficult however. Frowning, feeling her body already protesting in exhaustion, Ren shivered in the growing night and prepared to make the climb. Securing her pack of belongings on her back, she began to seek out handholds and footholds in the rock face. She noticed that someone had already made gouges in the stone to make going a little easier, but the climb itself was still nerve wracking. Placing her paws carefully, the woman ascended slowly, being sure not to look down as she went. Her limbs shook from the effort of holding her body weight to the cold rock but she didn't dare stop. Just a little farther.

Just then a chunk of rock slipped out from under her right foot and the large female was left unbalanced in a precarious position. Gasping, she scrambled to keep her grip on her one handhold, but to no avail. She was forced to fall back. Thankfully she wasn't too high up. Clattering backwards and onto her rear, the woman snarled at the jarring impact, hearing a snap as she landed hard upon the ground, falling back against her back. Ears instantly perked at the sound and a panic welled inside the loner's chest. "No... no no no no..." She thought, rushing to her feet and yanking her pack off her back, digging inside a small side pocket. As she reached inside, her heart fell, ears splaying in dismay. Her worst fear had become a reality. The magic wand that had been special made for her by her coven leader had snapped into three pieces from her fall. Without her wand, her biggest source of power was now gone. Destroyed. Her connection to the gods and goddesses was severed.

The witch's chest tightened with mixed emotions; anger, despair, emptiness. She was ruined. How could she ever hope to reach her deities now? Her wand acted like a physical connection to the metaphysical realm. Tears began to blind her golden vision before she had any will to stop them. Cradling the broken pieces of the wand to her chest, once a beautifully crafted creation of oak, leather, wire and a smokey quartz crystal, Renaryn knelt and let a wracking sob escape her maw as she rocked back and forth, letting all her pain flow free from the past few weeks. This was the last straw. She broke down. Being cursed she could handle, going hungry she could handle, but losing her goddesses, her gods? Why was it not she that lay broken into pieces at the foot of this cliff?

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Delfina hated being out of the pack lands after dark. She preferred to stay close to home mostly for the sake of medications being readily at hand. Out in the unclaimed, there was no one to care for her or for her to have around when things ended up going badly. She rarely carried a pack or satchel, as they were incredibly cumbersome to have on her. That and she often found they disrupted the natural flow of her curves. A big lump of a thing on her back was glaringly obvious and ruined the soft lines she tried to display. Not that really was the case, as she was tall and more angular than soft and curvy.

She heard the sound of something large falling off something moderately high off the ground. At first, Delfina figured a pile of snow had fallen from a tree or a branch had snapped from the weight of it, but it was too sharp and the sound of someone making noise caught her attention entirely. She paused on her return home, knowing she ought to just continue and skip out on whatever debacle someone had started. But the sound of crying struck a chord with her.

It was not the kind of chord anyone ought to aim to strike, for it was sour and high pitched, and Delfina did not appreciate it twinging.

She turned toward the sound and found the sobbing mess of a pale woman crying her eyes out over something or other. Her hands cradled something to her chest and as Delfina could not smell blood or motherhood on the woman, she sincerely doubted it was a child that fit into the palms of her hands.

What a pathetic display, sniffed the Confidant, already wishing she had gone on her merry way home, where things were organized, orchestrated, and easy to deal with. Delfina stood with her arms crossed over her chest as she eyed this mess. Have you no shame for such a performance for anyone to see? A woman making a show of it was just embarrassing for the Heiwa woman, something that she could not and would not abide.

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