The Ocean's Echo In Your Palm

Drifter Bay

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The rushing, roar of the Atlantic ocean kept the witch on edge, even as she enjoyed her meandering walk through the rough sands, bending every now and then in order to pick up a shell or piece of sea glass. There were many unique treasures that could be found along the beaches here, and Renaryn knew she could spend a good chunk of her time collecting trinkets and treasures spat out by the waves. The water gods seemed to favor the white wolfess today, for as she went along, she found more than just broken slivers of creatures once live, now washed out remnants of their former selves. The white female had actually been finding fully formed shells and sand dollars and shimmering stones, rounded and polished to from their former state into their current one. She was happy with the success she was having. She'd have new items to trade if her luck continued.

Overhead seagulls squawked and cried out as she approached. If anyone had been caring to watch her go along, they would notice that Ren kept her distance from the sloshing waters. It was a secret that she held dear, but the woman was terrified of the ocean. As a young one she'd nearly drown in the ocean. She'd gotten her first vision from the goddesses during this near death experience, but the terror of the accident was still something that when it came to mind made the witch pause in fear. So, she kept her space from the ocean's touch. The spray that came off the white caps was enough to dampen the loner's fur. Soon she'd need to head back up into the mainlands in order to dry off and further investigate what she'd collected in her small pouch. She figured just a little while longer before she'd call it a day. The sun wasn't quite setting yet ,and until it did, she'd keep at her task. She had the stamina to spare now for something so seemingly frivolous thankfully. A few good meals was steadily restoring her body, and coat to its former state of healthy. It felt good knowing that things were back on the rise again to good fortune. It seemed River and her had truly lifted her curse. By the gods Renaryn owed that woman so much.... She thought as she picked up another beautiful minty green piece of sead glass with a streak of blue through it that reminded the witch of her only friend, River's bi colored eyes.

This finding would be saved just for her, the wolfess decided. Smiling, the woman held the piece of glass up to the sun, the shimmering colors coming to life brilliantly in the natural light. Little did she know, a gull, flying high above, thought she was holding up something that was food. The bird came swooping down out of nowhere and nipped at the woman's fingers causing the gem to fly free from her hand and into the shallows of the ocean tide. "Nooo! Oh! You stupid bird!" She yelled, growling with anger and sadness after the circling avian and waved her arms about wildly attempting to scare it off. The bird merely squawked and flew higher. Renaryn's heart sank at the loss of the gem, there was no way she'd find it again the mighty waters of the sea had claimed her chosen gift for her dear friend as it's own. Maybe the curse hadn't broken fully after all...

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It was nice to get and spend some alone time away from the Order. She tried to make the trek to Amherst at least once a week to pick up some supplies and resources for the group – any metal she could find, weapons, raw materials and such. The best gems in the city were the wandering traders. Most of the valuables in the cities had all been scavenged years before. There was no hope for finding anything of use unless one was skilled enough to melt it down and make new from the pieces. Too bad wood couldn’t be melted down to make new…

Dystopia had been travelling away from the city for quite a few hours now. She had no real reason to rush back to the Order, so took the land at a slow amble, wrapping her arms around her frame as the winter winds blew their dastardly winds against her. The sun, luckily, was still pretty high in the sky and when the wind didn’t snuff out all the warmth and pleasure in the world, she could feel it’s warm rays on her skin.

She had been nearing the beach as she continued her journey to Seabreeze Brink when she set her eyes on a small figure sifting through the sand below. At first, Dystopia had no intention of joining the woman, only to observe her and keep it moving, but the next turn of events made the young woman stop and wonder at how she could use this situation to her advantage.

The woman’s trinkets – whatever she found on the beach – could certainly be tradable… but what was the thing that the bird dropped into the sea?

Against her better judgment, Dystopia began making her way down to the shore, shielding her eyes from the sun as it reflected brightly against the water’s surface. By the time she had made it, the woman seemed to stand there looking rather distraught and angry. ”There something I can help you with, miss?” she tried in her best innocent and friendly voice. She was still an actress and actresses always needed to brush up on their skills.

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