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WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

Optime (Both) | Dampwoods | Day
| NPC: Adrian | | This might become a mature thread with blood and maybe language, is that alright with you? | | Sorry for the wait! | Update! Replaced the table! |

A small creature padded through the forest, her steps muffled because of the pine needle carpets. She was tiny in comparison to most canines because of the large amount of jackal blood running through her veins. Her face was narrow, but not tapering like a coyote's and was dominated by a pair of large ears that were pricked. The Luperci's raven hair was tied back in a ponytail with her bangs covering her left eye which she couldn't see out of and was lighter than her seeing eye that only saw blurs. A bushy tail swayed behind her as the girl walked in a relatively slow pace due to her short stature and leg defect that prevented her from running in an upright form. Her ensemble was consisted of a white and dark grey raglan and black leggings with a small satchel slung over her shoulder.

Avinalora had come with her sister, Adrian to explore the Dampwoods. Her sister had never been there before as she had come from the Miramachi area and stayed at Amherst for a while before heading to Midnight Shores. The ivory vixen had been here before but she was still in unfamiliar territory. The pair had decided to split up and currently the female was just looking for herbs. She wished that she had stayed in her four-legged form as she had gathered herbs often in that form but the form was tiny and if she met a predator, her taller shape would hopefully deter them.

A dark-hued shape moved through the deciduous forest. She was also quite small but she had lean muscle on her bones. Her fur was ebony with storm-hued stockings, chest, underbelly, and a tipped tail. Her tail was like that of a fox and in her Lupus form, the hybrid was the size of a red fox. Her eyes were the same color, amethyst but were two different shades. Her black hair was tied into a braid with a few loose strands scattered around. She wasn't wearing her usual attire and instead she was wearing a dark grey hooded robe with a sash tied around her waist that was the same color as her left eye and was also wearing leggings.

Adrian was wearing her old outfit from when she was an "assassin" for a group known as "Et Sicarios". They were the vigilantes and protectors of their part of London and she felt proud to wear the branding on her wrist. The only things she had to remembered is to not call herself and assassin as that word wasn't the best to use in 'Souls. Her sister had suggested that she should call herself a warrior. The former assassin knew many terms for assassin that were used by the Sicaria. Carnifex, garrotter, apache, desperado, asperser, bane, ninja, rebel, mercenary, and jackal (which she found ironic) were one of the many monikers for a Sicaria. She had many options to choose from but the word "assassin" sounded so much better than those terms.

Avinalora suddenly detected another's presence. She could hear someone moving through the woods and judging by the scent, it definitely wasn't the dark vixen. She tried to remain calm and stood perfectly still and gathered information with her large ears and strong nose. It was a male Luperci, smelled of alcohol, drugs, blood, and several aromas she didn't even want to name. From scent alone, she could tell this was not someone she wanted to meet.

The silver fox silently cursed. Her monochrome hues stood out in the darkness of the forest. She couldn't run from this man and she couldn't fight. The only weapon she had on her was her small blade that wouldn't do much against an assailant. She tried to remember what sorts of moves she had seen her adopted brother, Jarix do but panic had already hit her.

And then, the brute came charging at her. He was a mixture of coyote and wolf and was near her brother's height. His eyes were bloodshot and he wielded blades with a smell that made her gag. Luperci blood was on that knife, he was a killer.

A high pitched scream issued from her throat as she dive out of the way of his first jab with his knife.

"I scream, you scream, we all scream because we're terrified"
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Achaikos Visus
(Achaikos is a loner in this thread.) Yes, pls put a warning!
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Justice was an idea that hadn't plagued Achaikos often in his life. While his family had been domineering and controlling, never had they been truly evil towards him. As he was never victim to overwhelming kindness or violence, he'd stayed somewhere in the middle of the moral field. This truth, however, was undergoing a slight change in this unfamiliar land of Nova Scotia. It wasn't often he came across strangers, but those he did were so different from what he was used to. There had been the kind sailors that had taken him to this land for a fairer price than most, and there had been the occasional feral thief that tried to scavenge of him. Knowing the annoyance and anger that these low lives caused him, Achaikos soon took it upon himself to protect others if he ever came into contact with a problem such as that. Even if it would delay his task of finding Aurel.

And fate put him into that spot today. The male he was pit up against was less than a canine to him, nothing but a unfamiliar predator that, as far as the Visus was concerned, needed to be put down. He reeked of dangerous substances as well as blood. Of course, Achaikos was not an impatient person, it wasn't like he had planned to 'put down' the stranger in terms of death from the beginning. At first, he attempted to reason with him, however unsurprisingly Achaikos found himself attacked by the crazed man. Though when the man saw that not only Achaikos could dodge his lousy attack, but was about to dish out his own, he ran. Frustrated and angered, he chased after the fool, leaving Cassis behind for the time being.

The scream up ahead pierced his ears, and he pushed out of the brush with a loud snarl, eyes focusing on the pair. That lowly idiot was trying uselessly to swipe at a defected female. "I'll—I'll, kill her - don't come any closer, bastard -" The slurred rambling clued Achaikos in on what the addict was trying to do - grab the girl and use her as a meat shield. A chimerical plan given that he couldn't even land a hit on her, in spite of how meek she was on the first glance. "Fool." Was the only insult he uttered in response, imposing form marching closer as he drew his sword, silver eyes as piercing as the blows he would soon deliver. With a yelp of fear, the canine reached out for the small white-furred woman again, but before he could even get close Achaikos was on him, kneeing him in the stomach to knock the wind out of him. The 'fight', if it could even be called that, was over in a matter of moments, the Luperci gurgling up blood from blade wounds as Achaikos stood over him, unfeeling. There was silence afterwards, before he turned to the woman, not speaking as he thought she would probably just flee from the messy situation.

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"Stop stalling, make a name for yourself"

Adrian's ears perked as she heard a screech that was undoubtedly Avinalora's. Without even thinking, she turned on her heel and ran to the source of the cry. She knew that her sister wouldn't make that noise without some sort of reason which spurred the girl to run even faster. She she neared the scene, she drew one of her many throwing knives and was ready to hurl it at the threat.

Avinalora managed to twist out of the way of the knife that was jabbed at her. An then the man reached for her again. She tried to twist away again but managed to off-balanced herself and she fell, managing to tuck and roll. The vixen landed at the roots of a tree and managed to grab a small dagger out of her bag.

The monochrome fox knew that she couldn't run from this man and she couldn't fight him. The only thing that probably was helping her in this fight was the alcohol in her attacker's system. He stunk of the substance and seeing his current state, the medic could tell that he had a lot to drink and was most likely and addict. Her knife was small, only used to cut the herbs she gathered. Maybe she could stab it into his foot? She realized that the drunkard could kick at her, if he had enough coordination to do so.

An uttered word made the silver jackal aware another's presence. He was a dark brown wolf with silver eyes and shocking red hair. He was large and she could discern a marking around his eye. She could tell that the man was a warrior seeing that he had a sword and was clad in leather armor. He carried the familiar smell of a loner as well as a horse. The madman lurched towards the Spica again and then the warrior kneed him in the stomach and then left him bleeding crimson. And then he turned towards her.

Adrian tore into the clearing. She could already smell blood and strangers which made her fear for her sister's life. Her mismatched amethyst eyes took in the sight of a slain man, Avinalora crouching against a tree, and a stranger near her. The man was armed and was larger than a normal wolf. Seeing by the blood on the sword he carried, the chocolate male had obviously killed the man. The former assassin didn't know if he had saved the healer's life or was threatening it.

The dark vixen still decided to hurl her knife at the warrior, purposely missing him and hitting the tree next to him. That was a warning shot. And then the hybrid ran towards her sister.

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