I would go most anywhere to find where I belong


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It had been nearly one full moon phase since she was asked to leave. This life style where she was free to come and go as she wants was hard for the mud covered female thoughts this was what she wanted all her life. After all, no one to yell at her for waking the pups up if she didn’t pick her paw up high enough. Never once was she hit, she just has always known from as long as she could remember that she was a servant. That was her reason for life, she knew to put her head down, and carry the weight and never look up.
She picked up one paw as she looked though the open lands. It was strange, there was nothing in front of her, but also nothing behind her. This nothingness was supposed to be the key to a new her, a new year, and a new future. However, Trans had never in her life felt so lost, like she was racing uphill only to fall and perish. Her paw went down softly upon the snow, when she pushed her weight down on it, the paw sunk though the snow and hit upon the hard, cold ground. Trans body shook with a chill that came though her whole body. By now she would have rested many of times in her personal den away from the pack den. She would have her job from sun up to sun down so when she hit her den, she was so worn out that she could lay down and fall asleep, but now it seemed as if she was worn out enough to lay down and fall asleep.

She gave a huff, as she looked side to side. Again, there was nothing around that Trans knew to be familiar. She put her nose down to the ground as she pushed around the snow, sniffing around the ground to see if by some chance there was rat of or something like that was stupid enough to get frozen to death. She puffed some warm air out of her nose, pulling her head up, with a shake. Shaking the snow off her maw. Nope, there was no dead animals down there for her to eat before moving on even further on her mission.
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Someone else was a long way from home and though he would not admit it a part of him pined for his past. He padded through the snow and along the line of trees, he peered up their massive trunks to imagine that they were the pines of Deer Mountain back in Ketchikan. This was not the first time the stormy wolf stopped to wonder if he made a mistake in leaving, but the feral soul that lived deep inside his heart told him that no matter how much he missed his family he had made the right choice. He needed to be free, and he needed to create his own family, and if he would not be allowed to do that in his old pack then he would pave the way for a new life to be led.

The stark contrast between living with wolves 24/7 to being alone for days and weeks on end what jarring to the male. Where he once relied on his family to help hunt, to protect, to work together, and even for play, he had no one left. It was another one of those times where he thought he should give it up, tuck tail and go back home. Sometimes he even thought he would crawl back to his old pack on his belly and risk Omega just to be home again, but he already came this far and little did he know he actually crossed a continent to get here and there was so much… promise.

Pointing his black nose into the air he sniffled long and hard to get a taste for the place. Snow, pine, mulch, rodentia, avians, cougar musk, and of course that familiar but offputting scent of canine urine. It was not that the place smelled like a bathroom, but enough wolves and coyotes lived here to leave a lasting impression on the land either buried beneath the snow or soaked up into the bark of a tree, it was enough evidence for Kirin to know he had finally found a place of abundant life. This may be the place where his true life can begin.

Before any life can begin though, food was in order and Kirin was growing hungry. Putting his nose to the snow he found the scent of the muskrat and followed it to a small frozen-over pond. He would have preferred cutting a hole in the ice and dropping a fishing line but right now he did not have any fishing tools with him, so he lay in wait on his belly and soon enough the small brown blob of a rodent went skittering across the ice aimed for a small hole. Kirin seized his chance and ran after it, knowing that if it got too far to the center of the ice he would have to turn back because he would be too heavy for the ice to hold. Then snap! His jaws closed around the creature just as he heard the first crackle of ice. Tucking tail Kirin sprinted with paws slipping to get off the ice, and barely made it to the snow before a large fracture split the ice.

Panting with relief he had something to eat now and planned to find seclusion in the brush to eat his meal and that was when he saw her. He pranced toward the trees when he noticed the brown and gray wolf. Not sure what kind of claim she had on this place the large wolf bristled and his ears tipped back for a minute but he did not come at her with aggression. In fact, she seemed a bit meek and… lost?

Kirin dropped the dead muskrat, licked his chops, then cleared his throat but… what should he say?

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The life of a loner was not something that Transgression had grown up to be, she was trained from the first moments of her life that she could remember to serve, and to love it and accept it. The only time she dared to question, she was told to eat as much as she could and then to leave. She was aging and was starting to ask things that they could not give her, nor would they allow it. The female knew that if she was in front of all the leaders, that stood tall upon two legs’ over her, being told she was excused from the pack after her meal. It was a death sentence. A death sentence she was not going to accept without a fight.

She brought her head up back, the cold air again hit her in the nose, there was a small change in the scent. Just a small one, but it was the smell of the chance, of panic, of death. Fresh death, matter of a fact. She turned her head small head, as she saw the quick bristle of his fur upon his back, and the ears upon his massive head rolled back. She lowered her ears, and quickly shifted away her eyes to the ground. She knew what she needed to do. She needed to let her belly be one with the frozen ground under her. She was nothing, and he was everything. She was not going to risk her head over who own these parts of the lands.

Her eyes looked to the kill that he had laid at his feet to watch her, she licked her lips, as she allowed movement in the very tip of her tail as it gave a friendly wag. She really did not want to start a fight, now with only her first day here in these lands. ”Is these your lands?

Maybe the male in front of her with the kill, fresh kill had a family that was near here, a family that he was hunting for, and trying to protect. She would be more then deserving of the mauling that he would want to punish her with. Or maybe he was the leader of one of these packs that was around here, lord going by the size of him he was more than fit enough to be a leader of a pack.
She closed her eyes, as she lowered her head down to the ground quickly. She messed up bad coming around here, this was clearly his land and she was entering into his makeshift pack lands.
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ooc: Thank you, I truly appreciate that especially stepping into a new "skin" as it were.

When she caught his scent on the breeze the bantam female that he was watching turned to see that he was observing her, and at first sight she gave in to a very natural instinct of survival as she crouched down, making her small body purely diminutive. It was a good instinct to listen to because in that sole act Kirin knew that she posed no threat and did not desire to fight, so the feral wolf inside of him remained calm and appeased, letting the sophisticated part of his intellect reign.

"You don't have to do that for me," he said in a gentle, youthful voice. In fact, the reason she did not have to was because she already did. Had she failed to crouch before him it probably would have resulted in a stand-off between the two to decipher how this impromptu meeting would go.

Slate blue eyes peered at her with appraisal as he cocked his head, finding himself curious about her presence here. With care she asked him a question and he gently shook his head no. "These are no more my lands than they are yours," he explained to her, making the conclusion that she did not live here based on her question to him.

The dark wolf considered her for a moment more before dipping his head and coming back up with the muskrat, and then slowly padded towards her careful not to move too fast lest she bolt. Even though he told her she did not have to cower before him, he still walked naturally with his tail and ears high.

Help. Feed. Defend. Protect. These were the feelings that danced within him as he approached the skittish female. They were natural sensations that dominated any alpha or dominant wolf's consciousness when in the presence of a subordinate. His black nose twitched as he sampled her scent over the scent of the food in his jaws, and then he lowered his head and dropped the muskrat at her forepaws. He backpedaled a few steps and then dropped his haunches into the snow, looking back and forth from the rodent to the female's blue eyes encouraging her to eat.

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There had been one thing she had learned at a very early age, never ever claim you are more then what you are, it was surely a way to lose what life, and that was not on her plan today. Though his words said that it wasn’t needed, the idea and mind set was still engrained in her mind about submission was always needed. His voice was soft enough, she brought her tail under her frame, and sat down. She lowered her head her green flecked eyes flicked between his feet and his face. HE was youthful. She had years upon him, and she could see that by looking at him.

Everything about this male screamed that he was leader, he held his head high, well spoken. She wasn’t sure how he valued other’s lives when put into the foot prints of skill set leader. After all a packer of a skill set was often in charge of all the wolves under that skill set. She kept her crown low as he moved over to where he was standing picking up the kill, she licked her lips watching him, sure she wanted some food in her stomach. However, she was not about to take a handout. She had come this far, and fought hard. No Transgression the slave, and servant of the pups’ den was not about to take a hand out.

With him dropping the muskrat at her paws, ever bit of her wanted to start ripping the fur off the fresh kill and feast. No. She wouldn’t do it. She gave a whine as she stood up and pushed the kill towards him with her nose. ”No. No. Her voice lower pitched, and unsure. She stood up, making this false confidence in her-self, and in her request. ”Old wise tell says that if you give a wolf a kill, you feed them today. But, if you teach me how to hunt then you feed me for life.” She felt like a fool for asking for this, this was a skill set that pups had. She did not have a skill set even close to what a yearling would be if they were pack born. She dropped her head again, ”Teach me to hunt. Please? She asked softly, shamed to announce she did not want everyone to know that she could not hunt for save her life.
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There was pleasure for him when he thought she was going to take the muskrat even though an Alpha wolf would eat first in a normal hunt. He saw her as a starving female who lacked a pack for survival so his inner protective Alpha chose to altruistically offer the food... but she rejected it.

He stared at her in shock when the dead rodent landed in front of his paws. Confused, he cocked his head but she explained before he could question her. In spite of his snort of disbelief he admired her for her words. “You starve but you won't take a handout?” That showed rare strength of character and Kirin admired her for it. Still, “What kind of parents don't teach their kids to hunt?” Though he was brusque and to the point he did not mean to be as rude as he sounded.

Well, Kirin surely was not going to beg her to eat so he lowered himself to the ground and took the muskrat, digging into it and starting to make short work of the meal... he also considered her request as he ate. What harm could there be in teaching her to hunt? It was part of what his wolf wanted to do anyway, to teach others and make them stronger through him. He thought for a moment, licked his bloody chops, and turned his stormy eyes on her. “Alright, I can teach you to hunt, but you'll be in my debt,” he didn't know what he wanted from her yet, but it was always beneficial to know people who owed you favors.

He stood up and used his nose to shove the remainder of the food over to her, only a few bites of fatty flesh and bone left. “But first you have to eat this. I don't want you to make a stupid mistake because you're too hungry and get us both in trouble.” He looked down his snout at her, this was not a request.

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If she was the type of wolf who enjoyed laughing and playing, she would have laughed at him when she refused to eat his kill. It was a very kind act, but it would not help her with the following months, or even years that she had left to live, be it in a pack or be it in the lands alone. If she could find someone willing to teach her, then she needed to use that fact and take the lesson. However, she was not going to just take a handout, it would not help her in life. She had been so used to working all her life, that she was not going to stop working for everything that she has now. That was not the point of a loner.

She gave a nod, as she looked at his befuddled face. While Transgression knew that it sounded very foolish. That she knew if she did not eat should could very well die, however when presented with the offer of a free male. The female would push it away. When it would have been much simpler to say thanks give him a lick upon the check and just eat the meal. ”Pride.” Was all she could say at this point. She knew how stupid this looked. However, she had some pride left in her-self no matter how submissive she was., she had pride.
Parents was a sore subject for her, while it wasn’t something she pines for. She couldn’t help to wonder what life would be life for her if she had a ‘normal’ family. A mother that educated her in all of her life needed skills ”I was a pound of flesh for the pack, gifted by my mother to the pack.” She just blurted out. Not missing a beat. It was a fact, and she was not ashamed of it. After all, if her mother had not given her up at birth alive she been a meal or something even worst for another pack. Mother was in labor, found my pack. Agreed upon a pound of flesh for a safe place to give birth. After she was strong enough she left me with the pack. Pack gave me a wet nurse. Then As soon as other pups when off and learned hunting, fighting, and other skills. I was started my training in taking care of the pups, and the soon to be mothers. I quickly learned my place in the pack as nothing more than a servant.” She explain just how a parent could not teach their child how to hunt, and track. ”in return for a full day work, I was offered a meal. After I ate, I went to my own den away from the pack den and slept till morning or when needed.” That was just how her life was, and it wasn’t something she thought was wrong. She knew her place and knew that was all she was made for was pup sitting work.

Watching him eat the food, it killed her. She wanted it, however she would not just take a free meal. She was not one for taking anything for free. His statement was odd, but it was fair, a price for everything. She knew that was how life worked. She was smart enough to know just how that went around in life. ”Fineee? She gave an unsure answer. She was not sure what the debt would be, not sure if she even would like it. But a favor for a favor. Life for a life. So, sure, if that was he wanted, then she would do it.

The left overs were offered to her, it was still warm, some blood still on it. Her mouth watered. There was a loop hole for her to have her lesson. She had to eat the small meal that was offered to her. Fair enough. Trans licked the meat testing it, and cleaning the remainder of the dead muskrat. It was blissful! It was so warm, and full of flavor. Her stomach felt like it was twisting and was reminding her just how hungry she was. She took a bite of the fat, it was smooth, and was full of flavor. Each bite she made sure to savor. What if she failed as a huntress what would she do?

After she had finished the small meal, she sat up looking at the male, she sat to licking her lips clean. ”What is your debt?” She asked as she then lifted a paw up licking the little bit of remains that was upon each of her paws. While she would do just about anything, she felt like it was at least fair to know what she had to do, to call it even. Never leave a debt unpaid.
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Pride, she explained, was what kept her from taking the handout. What's more, pride is what made her make the bold courageous decision to ask him to train her. Around bites of his meal he nodded. Pride was something he could understand, after all wasn't it what made him leave his pack, his home in Alaska? It was pride in himself that he deserved a mate and he would not be granted permission to mate and breed there so he set out on his own, his pride telling him he was strong enough to make it on his own and find that mate and have the family he desired. The very thought made him chuckle softly. “Pride is the trait of the strong,” he said thoughtfully as he peered at her. The female was small and meek and didn't even know how to hunt, but she still had pride. How? His slate blue eyes looked at her as if studying a subject. He thought for a moment that he could learn something from her.

The muskrat was pinched between his forepaws as he chewed on one of the leg bones as she launched into her story about how she had grown to adulthood without learning how to hunt (this was before he offered her the food) and he chewed and listened intently. She explained that she was a “pound of flesh” left by the mother for the pack she had grown up in and that she was nothing more than a servant, Kirin snorted at that. “Servant? That's what I would call a slave,” but he wasn't speaking to shame her rather he wanted to show his displeasure with the customs of her old pack. “It's shameful for any pack to raise a wolf and not teach them to hunt. Servant, slave, whatever you call it. The shame is on your alpha... and calling him an alpha is being liberal. An alpha lives to serve and protect his pack, not to keep them under a oppressive paw. He shames himself through you.” The wolf flicked an ear of annoyance, it was criminal what some wolves called leadership. The dark wolf sat up and looked away from her for a brief moment as he contemplated this, wondering what the world was coming to. How could his own pack have been one of the only honorable ones left? Were the packs here that he had yet to meet the same?

A moment later she was asking about his conditions, what he wanted as a favor in return and then she was eating her portion of the muskrat kill. Watching her eat he thought it was sad to see how much she enjoyed it. Of course for any wolf a meal wasn't guaranteed but a muskrat was nothing to fawn over, it was just sustenance. If this is what she was like with his left overs imagine how she would feel when she downed her very own black tailed deer... if they had those in these parts. Kirin realized that this was a whole new region he would have to familiarize himself with and the fauna might not be what he was used to.

“My debt...” he muttered and his voice trailed off. He didn't know what he desired in return and that was the point of the deal, to have some kind of favor that he could call in when it suited him. That may not seem fair to the other party but that was the price for his services. Then again she was a fit and healthy female and he had come here to seek a mate, even if it was not an arrangement of love he still wanted to propagate his bloodline and he could do that with her. Her small size and docile demeanor would not be his first choice in breeding stock but if the purpose was served did it truly matter? Well, it would if she made small pups for him. He desired large, strong, capable pups.

Would it be fair to demand that? In his feral way of thinking it was. Breeding didn't have to be about love, it was about the puppies and he would allow her to love whomever she wanted. Teaching her to hunt would be tantamount to saving her life, what better way to repay a lifedebt than by literally giving him life in return? He mulled over the idea as she ate, and she might see the intense thought reflected in his deep gaze but in the end he chose not to speak of that for now. If she spent her life as a slave his request might be likened to turning her back into one and that was the last thing on Kirin's mind.

“You'll owe me until I figure it out,” he explained to her as he landed on indecision. “If my terms don't work for you then you can take your sated belly and be off.” He peered down his muzzle at her, only giving her a moment to decide before he was upon all four paws and trotting past her.

“The prey here is probably different than where I come from, but their habits should mostly be the same,” he explained, excusing himself ahead of time in case something didn't work out as planned. “It would be nice to learn to take down something large, a deer perhaps, but a lone wolf such as yourself without the luxury of a pack doesn't have much hope of pulling that off without getting hurt. Your game will be smaller... rodents, snowshoe... are you fast? And if you're any good with your hands I can teach you to fish.”

He pranced on ahead, she was welcome to join him at his side and he would take that as an acceptance of their deal, or she could turn and tuck tail like she did and leave.

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