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I had no idea where I was going with this but here it is . Sorry for the ramble!
Optime | Noon | Berwick | January
Sweater | Red and pendant
Vintage key necklace

Pink Sea glass
Fluorite necklace
| Fancy Red (right)
Cheap Pink (right) Simple red (left) Dazzling pink (left)
| Outfit


NPCs: Riley, Birdflower

Old ref, needs updating

A pair of Luperci padded through the area surrounding an abandoned town. One of them was an enormous Optime male, almost seven and a half feet tall, he towered over the man beside him though his hunched posture and the slight weight he put on his thighs lowered his height a little. He was still a massive creature, tall and broad with a lot of muscle coating his frame. Thick fur also covered his form which made him seem even bigger. He wore some clothing, though it was simple and loose. He wore a light-colored sweater that was a little raggedy at the edges and a pair of loose pants. He also wore a lot of accessories, mainly jewelry. Necklace chains of gold and silver were woven into his thick feral mane as well as feathers from four different birds, mainly magpie with some cardinal and blue jay scattered through and peregrine falcon feathers at the back. He also wore four necklaces around his neck, each with its own place on his neck and its own significance. The small gold and ruby pendant sat the highest on his neck, and then a vintage key necklace, a pink piece of sea glass on a cord, and on his chest was a piece of fluorite sat on his chest. He also wore multiple bracelets, four in total. All of his jewelry had been restrung with leather or string. He also had bandages wrapped around his forearms and carried a satchel and a magpie on his shoulder.

Walking beside the enormous wolfdog was a smaller - well average-sized - jackal. The man was long-legged and had an athletic physique with sinewy muscle that was hidden under his clothing. He looked to be pure jackal though his fur was slightly longer due to his dog blood, though not thick enough to resist the cold winter. He had a long tail and ears with a brown jackal pattern. He wore a lot of clothing, especially because of the cold weather. He wore a black jacket over a red flannel and a white shirt. He also had a pair of jeans on and a black scarf. He also wore fingerless gloves and had a couple of vintage keys on a leather cord. He also wore a pair of leather goggles to keep his bangs out of his face. He wore a couple of leather bracelets: one woven bracelet, a leather band, and a leather band with green sea glass. He also wore a piece of malachite on a cord on his chest. The man was armed with a bow and quiver as well as a couple of knives.

Iorek and Riley were out on one of their many walks. They both liked spending time together and the area near Casa di Cavalieri was an interesting place to walk around since there was still some things to find around here and nice views. The beast also liked scavenging as well and the man thought that his boyfriend looked cute when he was sniffing around for shiny objects and when the wolfdog found jewelry, the expression on his face made the jackal laugh.

The massive medic and the archer walked with their fingers intertwined. And then the hybrid got distracted and was focused on one thing. The brown jackal didn't seem to be bothered by it and then looked where the beast was looking. A grey jay was pecking in the snow. It was cute to see him just staring at the bird but then the beast dropped down to all fours, Birdflower moving to the Cadet's shoulder as the male padded forward, awkward with his legs bent in a way to match his arms. And then the bird fluttered off and the feral nurse just looked disappointed and sat down in the snow. The jackal fighter chuckled at his boyfriend's antics and then said There's always another bird to catch, kitty cat. He said as he walked over.

The brown behemoth was incredibly cat-like which was endearing. But he also had a sense of humor. The giant knocked the speckled fighter onto his back with a nudge on his head after the magpie had fluttered off. He looked a little smug but that smug face turned to an adorable expression. C-Caught y-you. He'd caught his bird and pounced on his "prey". The Cajun male laughed and he brought his hand up to stroke the beast's cheek fur as he crouched over him. Then the chocolate-saddled brute's muzzle lowered and then he hovered over the green-eyed tailor's face until the man leaned up for a kiss.

And then the two came apart and then the scarlet-eyed Sworn rolled off of the malachite-eyed Cadet. The man sat up and saw a perfect opportunity. The beast was on his back and then the warrior moved closer and then his fingers were dancing up and down the beast's ribs, earning laughter from the male. That went on for a couple of seconds before the beast gathered enough strength to surge up to tackle the green-eyed Cadet and begin licking his face as the man giggled as he squirmed underneath the male's tongue. The beast stopped once he was sure that he was done with his revenge and gave a gentle lick and rubbed his head against the Rockateer's head before the crimson-eyed Cavalier laid on his side and then the masked Cadet leaned down for a kiss and was met halfway.

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