[M] I send my Scourge, I send my Sword; Thus saith the Lord!


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Jace Wolfe
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She had never intended for this to turn into a hunting session but the chance opportunity had fallen right into her lap and she was not the type to sit idle as gifts practically fell into her lap. The skeletal deciduous trees whipped by her, their branches sailing above her head as she leaned in close to her horse's neck. Snow was flung from Salvia's hooves as the speedy mare raced across the forest floor, and the wind whipped at her face, sending both the mare's mane and her own rippling out behind them.

Up ahead the deer herd fled with panic in every stride, Jace and Salvia hot on their trail. In the dense closeness of the forest Jace couldn't truly catch up to them but neither could they pull ahead of the duo and her mare had a lot more stamina, with plentiful food and a caretaker, than the half starved deer did. What she was waiting for however, was the one injured one to begin flagging and lag behind.

She had seen the stag limping as they had come across the herd from downwind suddenly and had taken off after them with only a moment's thought. Now they were gaining on the injured stag, who still miraculously possessed of his antlers. It was usually at this time that they dropped them to begin growing next years pair. The end was nigh for him as the herd began to leave him behind as they rocketed into a clearing and put on a burst of speed for the open flat ground.

Salvia too raced faster at Jace's urging, digging in her heels to the equine's flanks. The stag bellowed fearfully and tried to swipe at her with his great twining crown. An eight pointer was nothing to sniff at. She pulled Salvia away, arching about him and bringing him rearing to a standstill abruptly. It was then that she moved to action atop her horse.

She brought up the longbow with arrow already in position and fired at him, hitting him in the throat. He bleated in terror and she fired a second time, catching him in the chest, in a vital area and he went down.

Jace leapt from her mare and with knife drawn darted in to slash his throat, blood splattered her frame in a spray and he finally went limp. The aging woman remained kneeling and brushed the animal's proud, noble head, whispering a few words in her own language.

Shoot to thrill, play to kill
I got my bow at the ready
Gonna fire at will

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Jace Wolfe

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