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It wasn't rare to see the Grim oddity leave the camp. When she wasn't consorting with dark entities, she was searching for her next sacrifice. This time, Kalfou talked her into doing something a little out of character. With her father's camp not far from The Circle's, it made it easy to infiltrate. They all knew her and it was not uncommon to see her around, seeking advise from her father and Lust when she visited. It also wasn't uncommon that Greed left his supplies hitched to Aithon who was a peaceful beast of a horse who also knew River.

With the demon's help, it was easy to sneak through the camp unnoticed and grab one of the flasks from his pack. He was making frequent trips to a bar of some kind which meant more alcohol for River to steal. She liked to think it was one of the things she could have possibly learned from Greed, knowing he had a past full of thievery himself. But, it was simply just a childish game that she couldn't resist playing with Kalfou's nudge in this direction. When the flask was retrieved, River made her swift exit. She was almost discovered by Lukos, but luckily he had his hands full with pups to really engage her.

Bright laughter echoed off the surface of moonstone lakes as she sprinted away from their camp. The darker laughter of her demon accomplice chimed in with her own. Nobody could see the dark shadow slithering along with clawed hands unless he permitted it and they had a likeness for demons.

The stormy girl got quite a bit a ways from both camps, to assure no older canines would foil her fun. Once she was certain she was safe, she flipped the top of the flask and took a drink, scrunching her nose as she did so. The young hybrid still hadn't found her taste for alcohol, not entirely. River picked a nice spot by a stream and sat down on a snow covered log. It was times like this she wished she had companionship, or even her sisters if they found it important enough to come visit and join in on her mischief.
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To rise and shine is so hard to do
When all the light has been taken from you

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It was a bit strange to think about. It had been some time since Kruger made the trip here with his slave. They had both done well to learn of Salsola's existence as well as meet up with the Boss herself, but for there, his advancement had stalled. The whole point of coming here was to work on some trade relations outside of Portland. The major port had much to offer his camp of slaves, but it could only do him so much. Branching out would help to spread the underground word. If he could build relations with this pack, then perhaps he could circulate slaves with them as well as offer them some from his stock in return.

Red gaze shifted over to the slave resting in his bedding, the furs as well as with his precious fur blanket. Certainly more than anyone back in Rabenuhr would have to use for warmth. A soft smile moved over his face at the slave. There was no one more perfect to come with him. Despite all the setbacks, he did have something to help occupy his time.

The pair had set up a home in one of the abandoned buildings in Amherst, which made for easy access to the bar.. provided they didn't get into anymore fights. The first visit caused him to turn Silas on one of the drunken patrons. For as peaceful and submissive his slave might have appeared, give the order to attack, fight, or kill, and he turned into a completely different man. In a manner, it was much the same when it came to selling him off for pleasure. Nothing seemed to bother him at this point. Silas himself brought himself to become numb to many things in order to please his master.

But both of them couldn't be here for too long. There was still much to see, much to learn in Kruger's case. Just because Salsola was in the area didn't mean there would not be others with interests that matched his own. It was just a matter of keeping the act about Silas doing to those who were blind enough to believe him. He was a slave through and through, but there was no reason the entire world needed to know this.

Golden eyed man took the lead as he pressed forward on all fours, turning his nose down to the ground. Something had caught his attention. Hands moved up to the cloaked man behind him, "Silas smells something. Someone was here."

With a nod of his head, the two pressed forward, cautious if anything else. When the two stepped out towards the stream, their eyes trailed over to the woman sitting along the snow covered log. Part of her fur was black as night with the rest diluted more towards the lighter end of the spectrum. She held a flask in hand, eyes seeming focused on the area before her. A small smile moved over the man's face as he stepped out in front now, a soft tone beckoning her ears towards his voice, "What's a nice young lady like yourself enjoying something like that by yourself?"

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