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POSTED: Fri Aug 10, 2018 4:27 pm

Dalia took the slab and smiled at Khyren and said,"Thanks, thanks for understanding at least that part of me. You wouldn’t believe how many people don’t see me for who I really am." Dalia cut a small part of the slab off and gave it to Red, who immediately devoured it from her hand before then licked Dalia’s hand clean from any left over blood eagerly. Meanwhile Dalia turned the meat over and over using a stick before she eventually stabbed it with an arrow and took it away to consume herself.

As she ate the slab, Dalia looked to Khyren and smiled at her and said,"I enjoyed this talk we had Khyren, I hope we can meet each other again someday." She then stood up and finished consuming the slab and replied to Khyren as she thanked Dalia,"No thank you, this was the first positive experience I've had with someone else for awhile now. However, well I have to get back to my pack, not really sure how strict they are with us coming and going. I certainly know trespassing is extremely strict when it comes to them, but I may sneak out once or twice to see a friendly face if I have to." Dalia gave a small wave to Khyren as she left and said,"Goodbye, for now at least."

Word count: 238

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