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Ethereal Eclipse

POSTED: Sun Jan 06, 2019 5:55 pm

OOC: Ren is in Lupus form to start. WC: 565

Renaryn was suffering. Her choice to remain a lone wolf through the harsh winter months rather than swallow her anxiety and join a pack was turning out to be a bad one. Her large form was becoming malnourished from lack of proper meals, her normally gleaming ivory coat was now dull and almost greying. Lack of sleep had her golden eyes tired and her face almost gaunt in appearance. She was exhausted, sore, and desperate for a break in her misfortune.

It had been another week since her last bit of food. It wasn't much but the frozen leftovers from a deer carcass had sustained her to get her by this long. But her stomach now twisted and turned, grumbling and growling in knots as it needed food again. Puffs of fod billowed before the woman's maw as she panted softly, trotting lightly upon oversized paws over the deep snow banks between trees in Ethereal Eclipse. The forest was filled with downed trees she had to either leap over or skirt round and the weary woman was growing frustrated by her progress continually being halted by the large logs. It was a waste of her energy reserve to have to keep scaling the tangles of trees. She wondered what had caused such a massive destruction to the forest that had once stood proudly and thicker than any forest she'd yet traversed (still some areas she'd already travelled were this way). It must have been something large and catastrophic to create such widespread damage.

As the witch woman went along, growing steadily more and more tired, knowing soon she'd have to rest, quite suddenly she heard a savage growl and the ruckus cawing of crows. Ears perking, the female picked up her pace towards the sound. She knew whatever was up ahead could be either a blessing or another bit of misfortune, but whatever it was she was going to find out. Taking the chance, the woman leapt over one more log and came across a scene of a Wolverine tearing into the corpse of another deer. This one had far more fresh meat left on it. All three species, crow, wolverine and wolf knew an opportunity when they saw one. Renaryn began to drool in spite of herself. The scent of meat on the cool winter's air was enough to drive her into a frenzy. Snarling deep and low in her throat, the woman raised her hackles and stiffed her position, pinning her ears and baring her fangs. She may not be in her best condition for taking on such a notoriously vicious creature as a wolverine, but the wolfess was desperate and hungry. A combination that could be deadly in and of itself.

The wolverine looked up and the crows scattered flapping off into the treetops with loud caws. Now face to face with her opponent, Ren, shifted into her Secui form, larger than the snarling weasel with deadly sharp claws and did her best to intimidate the creature in hopes to avoid an all out fight. The wolverine shuffled forward, hissing and spitting, protecting his meal. Renaryn snarled back and made a warning snap of her teeth into the air. It looked like the stupid creature wasn't going to back down, so things were about to get nasty. Ren prepared to make her move as the snow softly crunched off to her left...

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Tora crept softly through the snow covered oak and aspen trees that blanket the forest, a hunting bow clutched firmly in his hands. A dust of pure white snow stuck to his cowboy hat and heavy buffalo hide robe, contrasting with the varying shades of gray fur that covered his body. Carefully a red gloved hand reached back for his quiver full of arrows, selecting one and readying it for firing. He had been tracking a deer for a full day, alternating between keeping his nose pointed upwards to catch any scent he could and staring at the ground for the cervine's prints.

As he drifted silently through the falling snow he listened intently to the forest, neatly hopping over a small stream that had frozen over. He didn't know if the ice could've supported his weight and he wasn't about to risk falling through. Getting soaked in this weather would be a death sentence. The Luperci landed on the other side with a muffled whumpf and immediately kept walking, dead set on finding his prey. He wouldn't starve if he didn't, he had plenty of dried meat and fish and home. Even if he had been in dire need of sustenance he could rely on his pack to support him. But Tora hated taking handouts and had long grown tired of dried fish and rabbit. He wanted to kill something and eat it fresh! He had originally planned to cook his kill, but now he wasn't sure. Maybe he'd eat it raw, just because he usually didn't. Some variety never hurt anyone.

He made his way between the frost covered trees and stones for another little while, only pausing when he spotted a telltale pile of droppings. The warrior wolf crouched next to the pile, looking at them intently. The dropping were wet and shiny, a good sign. He was here, recently." the hunter thought to himself. Another cursory inspection of the environment confirmed this theory, Tora spying a set of track that had yet to be filled in by the falling snow. He was about to follow when heard the harsh snarl of a wolverine followed by the startled cawing of a murder of a crows. Cursing under his breath, Tora started sprinting the direction of the commotion. He hoped that some other predator hadn't gotten to the deer before he could.

He ran full-tilt for nearly a minute, bursting through the underbrush to find the mangled corpse of his quarry. The culprit, jaws still bloody, was facing off against a shewolf in Lupus form. Tora noted with concern her dull coat and thin frame. She was obviously malnourished, likely a loner suffering through winter alone. He didn't like her odds against a full grown and healthy wolverine. They were foul-tempered little bastards and dangerous prey for people that were in perfect shape, even more so for a scarred and starving loner. The arrow he had saved for the deer was nocked and fired into the neck of the wolverine, the enraged mustelid falling onto its side and letting out a dying gurgle. Tora stepped forward and removed the arrow, turning to face the other wolf.

"He's yours if you want him." Tora said gently, gesturing to the still warm wolverine. "Would you let me keep its skin?" He could still use it to make something. Runner needed a new blanket anyway.

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The primal instincts of a wolf and a wolverine were not so different. Especially when faced by the bleak outlook of the Winter season and being desperately hungry. Both hunters were ready to kill for the scraps of eat left on the deer as they both were on the verge of starvation. Being hungry in the wilds did something funny to your head. There became a certain disregard for one's own wellbeing and safety that made you test your limits, despite the odds that may be stacked against you. Renaryn knew her larger size gave her a minor advantage over the snarling mustelid, but she knew the wolverine's claws were a wicked weapon that she lacked in her arsenal. Baring her wickedly sharp teeth in response to the creature's out hissing and spitting toothy snarl, Renaryn stood stiff legged, hackles raised and took two more steps forward towards the carcass, hoping her display would continue to make the giant, overgrown weasel think again about its efforts.

It wasn't till just then when it looked like neither wolf nor weasel were going to back down that with a soft whoosh and the dying gargle of the Wolverine that Renaryn found herself with an ally. The arrow struck true and the witchy woman found herself blinking and growling at the dead carcass of two animals now. Her lucky day. Spinning on her paws, her ears perked and she stood in front of both kills, aware that she could be next. She kept her posture dominant, aggressive even, until the stranger showed himself from behind a tree. He spoke non threateningly and even lowered his bow to his side as he cautiously approached the more or less feral loner in her secui form. "He's yours if you want him." The male who'd so swiftly eliminated Renaryn's foe offered kindly and the white furred female relaxed visibly. "Thank you..." She spoke, clearing her throat. It was parched from all the postural growling and snarling. She licked her chops and glanced back at the partially consumed doe and the wolverine slumped over it with arrow in head.

"Would you let me keep its skin?" The unknown male asked bringing the hungry wolfess back to his presence and she chuckled. "By all means. After all you killed him. Please, take some of his meat too." She swished her tail and stood back. "I can start on the deer while you skin the beast." She smiled and moved around the kills out of the way to a position where she could eat without disturbing the male. "I appreciate you saving me a fight. To be honest I don't know how well I'd have held up against him." She nodded to the still warm corpse. "He seemed dead set on keeping this deer." She shook her head. "My name is Renaryn by the way. I owe you one sir. Now if you'll please pardon me, I am quite hungry..." The white wolfess smiled up at the male and then without further word ducked her head and began to tear into the remaining haunch of the doe. The nourishing flesh sliding down her gullet was like a little piece of heaven. Soon she found herself tearing into the carcass with gusto, occasionally making a soft grumbles or other noise of satisfaction. This was the first real meal she'd had in far too long. Eating like this was like a banquet meal, even if the doe was a day or two frozen. The Wolverine, once properly prepared, would serve as extra food for her to hopefully carry with her and sustain her in her continued journey through the wilds.

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Tora watched the white she-wolf carefully, noticing her aggressive demeanor and doing his best to keep from antagonizing her into attacking him. He wasn't looking for a fight, especially not with a starving loner desperate for food. The grey furred Vidame smiled when she relaxed, waving away her thanks. "It's not a problem in the least." he said graciously. "Wolverines can be dangerous under the best of circumstances, and it didn't seem like you were in any condition to fight."

That wasn't necessarily true. Starvation often had the same effect on people as cornering them: some people gave up and died and others just became that much more vicious. Luckily, the stranger wouldn't have to find out what type of person she was today. He smiled when he was given access to the pelt, producing a skinning knife and going to work. He shrugged when she mentioned her uncertainty over who would've one the fight. "I'm just glad I showed up in time to make sure that you didn't have to learn who was stronger." he said with a laugh.


It was a pretty name, and certainly unique. Tora was almost certain he had never met anyone with one like it. Then again, his own name was quite foreign to this land as well. My name is Toraberā Tanaka, but most people just call me Tora. A pleasure to meet you. He moved aside so that she could eat, focusing on removing the wolverine's pelt from it's body. It was kind of cute hearing her obvious little grunts of satisfaction. Tora had never been seriously hungry in his, had never had to experience the threat of starvation when he had been a lone wolf wandering a strange land. He had found help at nearly every stage of his long journey, it would be wrong of him to offer any assistance to someone who needed it.

Tora kept quiet for a few minutes as he worked, allowing Renaryn to eat in peace. When he had finished butchering the corpse and tucked away its pelt he spoke up again, gazing down at the Lupus formed wolf. So, what brings you out here? Are you from this land, or are you a fellow foreigner?" His heavy accent certainly made it clear that he wasn't a native.

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