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OOC: Paloma be out hunting! Hope this starter's ok with you :3 Backdated by a few days (set before the ball)

Plans were underway for a grand event, a night of glamour and revelry that Paloma hoped would see the Court in good stead for the turn into the warmer seasons. Though Palo was aware that they had allies in Casa di Cavalieri, she didn’t know the Cavaliers – beyond knowing that one of them had left his pack to be with Abigail seasons prior. It was good, then, that the knightly pack were being invited; good, too, that the news of a ball was being spread further North to Mistfell Vale. Paloma knew even less of the region’s youngest pack than she did of Casa and she was keen to learn.

But before connections could be made the preparations had to be laid out. The piebald dog was doing her part, of course, in going on a solo hunt which she hoped would bring back some choice small game. The idea that she could quite literally put food on the Court’s table pleased Paloma to no end – so when she walked beyond the borders of her home she moved with a certain pep in her step, tail swinging.

The woman’s eyes remained sharp in spite of her good mood, surveying the fresh-fallen snow in hopes of finding some small tracks. While Paloma detested the snow for its frigidity, she did approve of the way it illuminated the passage of prey.

There were only the tracks of deer passing through the are and it wasn’t deer Paloma was after – not on her own, for she had no long range weapon and certainly lacked the power to bring down any sort of ungulate by herself. That would be a pursuit for another day, when she had Halcón with her to provide some more brute force.

Today Paloma sought rabbit, hare, squirrel – though the latter seemed an unlikely find unless she happened upon one of their hibernation spots. She certainly wasn’t about to go climbing trees to find the bushy-tailed critters.

Pushing on toward a stand of trees and brush, the dog’s nostrils flared. The snow near the bushes was pocked with the marks of tiny paws, though Paloma couldn’t yet see the telltale mounds and dimples of a warren.

“Bueno,” she breathed.

Her head turned sharply as another scent reached her. It was vaguely familiar, though it had no thick aroma of any one pack. A loner, then, and someone she’d met before. The dog’s pale eyes gazed at the bushes a moment longer before she turned on her heel, aiming to catch up to the not-quite-stranger.


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The winter months proved harsh for the group of lone warriors. At least each of them had some hunting skills and could contribute to their cache. Still, they had to ration and all of them had lost some of the fat they boasted during the warmer months. Greed was always lithe, but lately he was more than just that. His ribs pressed against his flesh, revealing themselves when unclothed. Most wouldn't notice, because he dressed in many layers to help fight off the frost during his hunts and missions, but he did. That just meant he'd need to work hard to gain back that weight during the spring.

Today he had his bow and arrow strapped to his back and Enenra hanging from his hip. The small sword proved to be easier to wield with numb hands. Until he found his prey, he kept both hands tucked deep within the confines of patchwork fur lined cloak. This was not the fashion statement he would have hoped to be making during the winter, but the luxuries that came with a pack had gone with it as well. He would surely look like nothing more than a beggar in the disgraceful article of clothing. Greed's nose wrinkled as he tried to pick up the scent of any sort of prey. Though, scent wasn't the most reliable sense when the ground was blanketed in snow.

Realizing this, Greed narrowed honey hues to search the ground for tracks. He walked and walked, but found no evidence of life in this alien world. With a solid huff, Greed rose to full height and sulked for a moment. A large ear spun backwards as he heard the fresh crunch of snow. Then, both eyes narrowed in determination as he drew his bow and knocked an arrow. Surely that could be nothing other than prey awaiting his skillful hand. Greed continued to listen to the crunch, crunch, crunch, of the traveling creature, but soon realized the foot spacing was too far apart to be a four legged vermin and too few to be a deer. Then, he lifted his nose to join him in the puzzle making and when the pieces came together he realized he was right. The bow was returned to its resting place on his back.

His head tilted as he squinted into the distance, beginning to make out the outline of a luperci against the sharp contrast of the snow. A woman. A...not stranger. A friend? He knew whoever it was that came toward him, but could not match a face to the scent. So, he began to walk towards her nonchalantly, wondering if she would start slowing down once she realized he noticed her. Greed placed his all too familiar charming grin on his maw His eyes widened as he began to close in on the woman, someone he had met not too long ago. Paloma! He shouted, risking lifting one of his warm hands into the air to wave towards her.
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