A lesson in memory

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➧➧ Ausp finds some bear traps
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It was from time to time that Auspicium felt as if he was living in dullsville. He didn't necessarily feel bad for it, he knew it would be physically impossible for him to be excited about training, patrolling, hunting, and watching over Bel's Furnace every single day of his existence. While he felt immensely proud of the progress being made by the other Initiates and him, as well as the hard work of the Proven training them and spreading what The Order stood for, he just needed a slight change of routine.

The wolf, after getting done with his training, decided to go out for a walk to explore the land before his shift taking care of Bel's furnace, he calculated he had enough time for a jog around the forests of the Moonstone Lakes. Not a patrol, but to take some time to stick his nose to the ground and find something interesting to trade, or to keep. He was determined to avoid any canines he detected, as this was time for himself, not for Order work. It was only a matter of time until he found something... interesting he had, at the time, always walked past.

In front of him were a bunch of metal-like, skull-like parts. He carefully got closer to them, something inside him told him he had seen those before...

'They are old metal skulls that will bite you when you get close to them. Do not touch them.'

The voice of her mother rang in his ears. A flash of sadness and remorse went through the wolf's body. But that was besides the point. Of course when his mother had told him about the "metal skulls" he never really believed her. If they were skulls, how come they could still bite? If they were skulls, why were they made of metal and not regular bone? Now that they were in front of him, covered in all sorts of nature's creations, he had the chance to find out what they really were. All he had to do was get closer.

"Speech". Thinking.

How long has it been?

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Theodora was thinking of a myth. It was one her mother had told her a long time ago, and even she hadn’t spent much time on it—strange of a woman who believed in such fanciful things to doubt any story if you ask Theodora—but nevertheless, it was one that stuck in her memory. It had entailed a magical spring, granting everlasting life and youth to those who drank from it; beauty to those who swam in its emerald depths. Theodora had often daydreamed of leading her siblings and father to it, and living happily ever after. Of course, even back then she doubted the veracity of the claims, but when thinking about it, she thought she could understand at least the message beneath. Where there is water, there are plants. Where there are plants, there are creatures. And creatures mean food.

Wellspring of life, indeed, thought the she-wolf, her snout pressing downwards as she followed the scent of a hare. She was feeling improved (and perhaps had Calrian to thank for that), and the wound on her flank was slowly but surely stitching itself back together. The hound considered, optimistically, that she may be able to hunt again. Theodora figured she may as well give it a try. Thus she found herself tracking around the Moonstone Lakes, doing her best impression of a huntsman, only slightly limping on that back leg. To and fro she followed the rabbit’s furtive movements, knowing it was nearby.

Then, she found an even more pressing scent. A wolf.

It was different than the two wolves she had met on this territory before (one aggressive and wild, the other helpful) and with 50/50 odds at this point Theodora considered simply turning around and leaving the area. She even angled her upper body to go right back the way she had come, but something stilled her movements, strengthening what little bravado she had. There was some temptation within her to make this new land her home—there were far more wolves here than she had encountered before from the sounds of it, and as frightening as that was, it was still a bit… tantalizing.

Thus, the purple-eyed coward made her way after the stranger. When she finally found him, he was examining something quite dangerous. Forgotten steel jaws, relics from that extinct species that had once ruled the world. They had been common enough in Minnesota for her father’s pack to know of them, and the way the monochromatic wolf was staring at them, she wondered if perhaps he was not aware. Whereas she would have attempted to stalk him for longer, getting a feel for his intentions, Theodora was now afraid that the other may become harmed in front of her.

“Sir!” The warning call lanced through the air, powered by fear as Theodora began to gallop towards him, best she could on her three good legs. “P-please, leave them be. They will hurt you!” She stalled her progress a bit of distance away, close enough that the other could see the fear on her face, but not so close as to appear threatening. In fact, as she grew closer, the she-wolf naturally adopted submissive posturing. Let this gray-coated wolf know she meant no disrespect in her warnings.
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